The Toyo Tire Lineup: Which One Is The Best?

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Fuller here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube, and today we are bringing
you the Toyo Tire line-up. Now the tires that I have here, obviously this isn’t a representative of every single tire that Toyo makes, but they are some of the more popular ones that we see people buying on the website. So, we’re gonna kinda start over here and go from the least
aggressive all the way up to the most aggressive, explain the benefits and
features of each one, and introduce to you guys a new tire that you probably haven’t heard of before, the Toyo Open Country CT. We’ll dig into that later. So starting then on the far right, this is the Toyo Proxes S/T so, there’s a couple different
variations of the Proxes this is the S/T just keep that in mind. So what you’ll see here is
this is a directional tire. Meaning that it’s made and
mounted in a certain direction, you can see the V pattern here. It’s got some really
deep siping in the middle and then there’s just a lot of rubber here so this is gonna be more of a sticky tire. Something that’s gonna get
you good grip in the summer but not necessarily in the rain, and definitely not
something that you’d want to run in the winter, just cause how wide this tread pattern is. Basically, there’s very small separation in the blocks of tread that you do see. There is some siping but no zig zag patterns or anything like that. It’s very directional, very
much so this just V pattern which is very evident for you to see. So again, something that
is gonna be like a summer performance tire, not
something that you’re gonna run in inclement weather. They do make this in a variety of sizes. You’re gonna see it in metric sizes. This particular one is 305/50R20. They also make it for a
22 so if you’re looking for a lower profile street
tire for a lowered truck or if you’re going for
that street truck look, or the race truck look, I’ve
had people call if before, this is gonna be something that you’re gonna want to look into. There are some people that
are stretching this tire. Obviously we can’t recommend
stretching for legal purposes but I’ve seen people
do it so, that is that. This is a 420 tread
wear so what that means, obviously on the scale,
the lower the number the stickier it is. So this is 8/420, just so
you can keep that in mind. Also with this tire there is no warranty and that’s because you guys are just gonna do burnouts on it so
they can’t give you warranty. Moving to the next one, this is the Toyo Open Country A/T II. So this is a super popular tire, you’ve seen this on a ton of vehicles and that’s because you get really good mileage out of this. So this actually has
a 65,000 mile warranty which is crazy cause
that is a ton of miles to put on a tire. You’ll see it is a relatively
aggressive tread pattern but again, nothing super spread out. So they just leave spaces
in here that if you were to pick up rocks they’re
gonna get it back, they’re gonna thrown out. And if you’re driving it through the snow you won’t have anything packing in here filling in all these spaces to turn this basically into a slick. You will notice that the
siping here is in a Z pattern. So typically when you
see that that’s something that’s gonna be better
for inclement weather or for using in snow. So this tire’s actually
a pretty good all season. Now, general rule of
thumb, with me personally, if it’s a good all season
that means it’s not great in any season but if you’re
looking for an all around tire that’s gonna get you the best
performance in each season but not be particularly good at one, this is gonna be a good tire for ya. This is a good (inaudible) replacement too if you’re not looking
for something crazy big, you can always go with this to replace the tires on your stock vehicle as well. Moving to this one, this is
the Toyo Open Country C/T. Now this is one that a lot of people probably haven’t heard of. It’s not necessarily new to the market but there’s just not as
many people running it, and it actually comes as
kind of surprise to me because I think snow
tires are super important. So that’s what the C/T is,
this is specifically designed to be used in snow. So our friends up in Canada, or the people that live
where we live in Wisconsin, where we get crazy winters
or even upstate New York, Maine, those people
they get crazy winters, this might be a tire that
you want to look into. Whether it be something that you swap out and only use for part of the season, or if you live in a
really snowy environment this might be something
that you wanna look at. So you’ll see again it has
those really big Z patterns, so it pulls some of the styling from here, also uses them on the C/T. Again, tread is separated
a pretty decent amount so that you do have plenty of evacuation for snow, rocks, mud, anything
that’s getting in there but it’s not quite as aggressive
as some of these tires up here which we’ll dive into later. So you will notice that on this tire too there’s these circles
and if you are unfamiliar with what that is, those are basically pre-drilled holes for studs. So you are able to put
studs into these tires if you live in a place
where they allow that. I know here in Wisconsin they don’t allow studded tires so we can’t run those, but there are plenty of
places that do allow that. Or if you’re gonna go ice
race your truck or something like Banker did, you could do these. So something to keep in
mind then if you’re looking at the Open Country C/T is that there is no mileage
warranty but they do still offer, obviously, the
manufacture warranty, so any defects or anything like that they’re gonna get you taken care of. Moving to the Toyo Open Country R/T I would say this is
probably by far the most popular tire that we sell from Toyo. And what they’ve done
here is they basically take a mix of your A/T and your M/T and they make this hybrid tire, the R/T. This is a 33/12.5 and as you can see, as you get more and more aggressive, they leave more and more
space between the lugs so that if you are going
through mud or rough terrain or in a low traction environment this tire will allow
everything to basically not get stuck in here, and
again, create that slick tire. So it all gets thrown out of there. The sidewall is pretty
straight up and down. There’s no extended tread
over onto the sidewall that you’ll see, but overall
just a really good tire. This also does have a 45,000 mile warranty which is something that you don’t see from a lot of these more aggressive tires. So if you’re looking for something that you get decent mileage out
of, it’s not super loud, but you still get that aggressive look, the R/T is gonna be the tire for you. If you wanna go more aggressive than that, this is a Toyo Open Country M/T. And while there is no
mileage warranty on this one, it’s the same thing. They do have a manufactures
warranty against defects and whatnot. So, this has the most
spread apart tread pattern, you can see it’s big, chunky
blocks of rubber on this and again, huge gaps between there so any rocks or whatnot
are all gonna get flung out and they’re not gonna
be staying in this tire. As far as siping goes again, these are pretty straight cuts now. You kinda go away from the Z cut that you saw in the previous tire, so not the greatest in the snow
or the greatest in the rain, but a lot of people are using these really in a mud or low traction
environment anyway, cause half the people that run them are running them on just the
truck that they daily drive. So you will notice these
are a little bit louder and that’s because of these big gaps but nothing too crazy. It’s not like running
the Nito Mud Grapplers. And Nito and Toyo are
basically like this so, if you need something
more aggressive than this you’d have to go to the Nito
brand to get the Mud Grapplers. But, this is still a pretty decent tire. You will notice on the sidewall that’s more aggressive
than any of the other tires that you’ve saw previously today and it does have, what they call, I think, over the shoulder protection. So the tread basically extends
over to the side a little bit and you do get some side lugs. So if you’re going through
rocks, or anything like that, you don’t end up banging up your wheels unless you’re stretching these too. These side lugs are also designed so that if you were going through any deep mud or anything like that, you
still get some forward momentum cause they will just kinda
push you through that if you’re not getting any grip from the main section of the tread here. So before I took down the entire setup I did wanna show you two
things comparing these tires. So this is the Open Country M/T, and this is the Open Country A/T II. Now this a big deal because although these tires
are both the same size, they’re not the same size. So what I mean by that is this tire, as you can probably tell on camera, is actually a little bit
smaller than the M/T. So, this plays a big role in your fitment because there might be somebody out there with say, a six inch lift and they’re running the
35/12.5 and says it fits. And then you put on your 35/12.5 and you run into major problems
with rubbing and trimming. So, the Open Country A/T II, 35/12.5. If you actually go and measure
it out, which I just did, it measures about 34 tall. If you measure this one out, it actually measures bigger than the A/T and it’s about 34.5 inches,
give or take, it all depends. Once you get these
inflated you will notice that the inflated size is probably a little bit different also so obviously these aren’t mounted and
they don’t have air in them. So you’ll see that there is
some, little bit of a crown when you inflate these, and that’s gonna getcha the
35 face down on the dot. This one obviously you’ll probably come up about the same half an inch but still won’t be quite 35 tall. For the width it’s
basically all also the same, same kind of story. If I just kind of eyeball it, to the widest point to the widest point. This one measures out exactly 12.5 inches just like you’d expect. The A/T however, if you measure
widest point to widest point just eyeballing it, it’s about 12 inches so, those fall a little bit short there. And now that’s not something that’s bad and that’s not Toyo
misrepresenting, it’s just how tires are made. YOu’re not gonna find tires that are the exact dimensions of what they say they are so just something to keep in mind too that these, although
they are the same size, they’re not the same size. So that basically rounds
out the popular tires that we offer from Toyo. If you want to see more
of them you can check out any of the tires we have
on We have a bagillion brands,
bagillion is a real number, you’ll wanna look into that. So whether it’s Toyo’s or anything else, check us out, (intense music)

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