The Top 10 Wheel & Tire Questions

The Top 10 Wheel & Tire Questions

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customer service jobs can be a bit rough. If you work in customer service, I am so sorry, okay? You pick up the phone and you answer the same question; you rinse-repeat you try just not to cry. I’m Alex, at Alex.FI on Instagram and today ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to be bringing you the answers to the top 10 most-common questions about wheels and tires. Because some of them
are actually hilarious. And we get way too many phone calls and it just seems like a fun time. Okay, let’s go. And if you’re looking for
after-market wheels, tires, or suspension, be sure to check out,
where we have it all You can go on the gallery, look at stuff. You can see what fits, You can look at tire size. You can pretty much
answer your own questions. Pretty exciting stuff, okay. You still probably might
have a question or two, but hopefully, this video answers it. And if you haven’t yet,
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bangin’ videos like this. Question number one: I’m gonna play, I’m
gonna role play with you as a customer, get your
head out of the gutter. “I want an 18 x 8 and a half plus 35 with a deep lip, and in bronze. Do you have anything for that?” That question roughly translates to “I want a deep lip on stock
fenders or suspension.” And the answer is that wheels
don’t really work like that. Wheel width and offset are
what determine your depth or lip, to a wheel. To keep it simple, if
you have an 18 x 9 wheel, with a 35 offset, then that
means that the mounting surface, what actually goes up against the car, and you put the little
lug-nuts or bolts in, is pushed 35 millimeters
forward, from the center of the wheel. Higher offset generally means less lip. And more of a flat-designed wheel. So when you’re looking for a lipped wheel or something with more
concavity, you want to aim for the widest and lowest
offset you can get away with while staying within the fitment range with what
we have on the ol’ site. Especially depending on if you have stock suspension or stock fenders and things like that. Now, Number Two: “What
size tire should I go with in X size wide wheel?” Now, this is where it gets really tricky because everybody wants
us to answer a question on what tire they should pick, but it depends on your preference. If you want a stretched set-up, you should go down one tire-size than normal. If you want a standard set-up, then go with the recommended tire size. And if you want to go meaty, you would go up a section width,
that’s your second number. With either a 35 or 40 series sidewall. We did a video on how to
calculate stretch tires right here, if that’s what you want. But otherwise a good point of
reference is the following: If you want a perfect
set-up with no stretch, just straight up and
down, you’re looking at a 255-35 on an 18 by 10. That’s gonna give you that
perfect up and down look with no stretch. Then, if you watch the video
that I just referenced before, it’ll talk about how to get a meatier look or get a stretched look,
using those numbers. Some standard stretch options, though, are a 205-40 tire on an
eight and a half wide wheel, a 215-35 on a nine and a half wheel, or a 225-40 on a 10 and a half wide wheel. You can use our gallery if you want to see exactly what the tire size looks like on a certain size wheel. And of course if you’re
going super-stretch, you know, what have you,
you do you, boo-boo. That’s your own thing,
we’re not going to get in the middle of that. Question Number 3: “Is ceramic
coating actually worth it?” This is a question that gets asked way too many times, and the answer is just “yes”. Because here’s why: Especially on the more
intricate wheel designs it helps so, so, so much with cleaning. If you’re getting into
multi-piece wheels as well, it’s highly recommended. If you’ve ever had a
floating spoke wheel before, or something that was a mesh-design wheel you know how painful it is,
and how much your fingers hurt when you try to
clean all the crevices and lines, and trying to
get underneath the spokes it’s just terrible. When you ceramic-coat, you can
wash, it rinses super-easy. Question Number Four: “Should
I worry about my brake clearance on my car?” The answer to that is:
“Only if you have some sort of good old big brakes on your car.” Like AMG brakes, so kinda big. Or Brembos like how they come on STI. There are wheel companies
that specialize in making wheels that fit those specs exactly. Pro-tip here is that if
you’re getting a big brake-kit you’re gonna want to have
to look for wheels that have more lip, and the deep pocket-center. That means that the
spokes are flat, but then it goes all they way in so
that the mounting surface is pushed far away from the spokes. You know, those are gonna
have a tendency to have more brake clearance space. Wheels like Konig, Cosmis,
and E-S-R-R-F’s are good examples of what I’m talking about. If you’re looking at anything,
you’re probably looking at those bendy-spoke style wheel designs. Anything that’s going to
get the spoke away from the inside of the wheel. Question number five: “I want a wheel with a lot of concavity, how do I get that?” Now this might seem
like a simple question. But wider wheels with
lower offsets and spokes or legs that go all the way
out to the end of the wheels, that’s how you’re going to get that. That’s how you’re gonna get more concavity without having to jump
on the old multi-piece wheel-gang train. Good example of wheels
that do this would be brands like Rohana, Ferrada, and Vossen. They are a little higher
price, but the finishes and quality and size options that you get are pretty gnarly. Remember, concavity is just about how much the mounting surface is
pushed in to, essentially, the lip of the wheel on one-piece wheels. “Can I buy wheels first and tires second? I just want to make sure my wheels fit.” That’s a really good question too, and back in the day, I know this used to be super-common. But with most set-up’s,
actually being on a gallery like our own now, you
really shouldn’t need to. Plus, you’re gonna end up losing money when you buy them separately,
versus buying them together due to M.A.P and such,
and how package pricing and all that stuff works, and it’s kind of a pain, especially if
you end up trying to run a stretch-tire set-up
because you’re going to go to a place that’s gonna
try to mount those tires, they’re going to look
at you like you’re dumb. And then you’re going
to cry, because you have to find a place that’s
actually going to mount those stretchy-boy tires and really you could have just got them
sent to you like that. I don’t want to go into
the whole nine yards of it, but it’s a big pain. I can see how it’s needed. But if you’re running a
good old flush fitment, you’ll end up buying
wheels and tires together and rolling fenders regardless. You don’t need to make it too many steps otherwise it’s just
never going to get done. It may be a little bit of a confusing part to really dial in fitment,
if you’re looking for a super-tight fitment, or
something that’s one of one. But even then, I would
argue that you probably can get them done together. Number seven: “Can I get a sponsorship?” I dunno, if you got a social
media, a YouTube or something, maybe let’s collab first. You don’t just go for home-run
on your first date, right? It just seems weird. Just sayin’. We’re a bunch of people, too, over here. “Why don’t my OEM lugs fit
on my aftermarket wheels?” That’s a good one, buddy. Because after-market wheels companies make their lug-holes super teeny-tiny, yellow-polka-dot-bikini small because they just do, all right? With higher-end wheels,
the smaller holes give more of a focus on the design. With others, the deep pockets
where you mount the wheel needs to be as thin as possible where the spokes meet
the center of the wheel so that it can be strong
enough to handle the road. 99.9999 % of the time,
you’ll need aftermarket lug-nuts or bolts of some kind. If you’re gonna be getting a large, rotary-forged, V.I.P.-style wheel, like Rohana or Ferrada,
you’re likely going to need a thin spine, as
their holes are super-tiny. So the answer is yes. A lot of times, it just is,
I would highly recommend getting them on the first
shot because if you’re trying to rush to get them on for a car show, and then they get shipped to you, and you try putting your OEM lugs on, you’re gonna have a bad time. Question number nine:
“What’s the difference between matte, satin, and gloss?” Matte is a non-glossy finish. It shines, but it doesn’t really reflect. This is like the flattest of the three. It’s decent at covering
imperfections as well. Satin is silky and has a
pearl-like sheen when it’s dry. It’s like a semi-gloss. It’s more reflective,
but still not as crazy as just normal gloss. Problem with satin is
that the touch-ups stand out a ton, so you gotta
make sure that you’re taking a little bit more care of them. Gloss, on the other hand,
is the super-shiny kind. It works great, until you
take a chunk out of the lip then it’s pretty easy to see. And number 10: “What sort
of wheels should I buy?” This is like the most common question we probably get, mostly because we’re an indecisive group of
people, which is fine. But ultimately this decision is up to you and not really up to somebody on a phone. You can look at the
gallery to see what others are running on your car,
and all of that jazz. But what I like may not be what you like. Have you seen me? Have you seen what I drive? It’s not normal, okay? It’s not even, it’s not even real. It’s just not something that I would say other people should do
because I have a terrible choice in everything that I do. I’m not normal, everyone’s
a bit different. Find something you truly
enjoy, and check it out on the gallery and then, you know, snatch it up. You probably won’t regret it. If you want to know
what’s the most popular, that’s a different
question, and just going on to the website will tell you
what is the most popular, if that’s what you’re looking to do, bud. If you think we missed
one, let us know below, and of course if you’re looking for aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension, be sure to hit us up at Because we have just about everything. Including a gallery where
you can actually look at all this stuff. You can look at cars
on aftermarket wheels, tires, and suspensions,
so you don’t have to stare at a stock image of a
wheel and make a decision because that is lame. It’s pretty neat, this gallery. I’m Alex, from Fitment Industries. And we will see you later, peace!

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