The Top 10 Casters in Esports

The Top 10 Casters in Esports

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  1. I thought there would be at least one CIS caster. Sadly you don't have attached them. I think some of Russian/Ukrainian casters are better then part of people who were in this video.

  2. I really like Kobe but Deman and Joe Miller deserved this spot more. They used to be the best LoL shoutcasters out there and commentated some of the biggest games to date.

  3. This is just incorrect, we all know G2 Fabian is the best esports caster. Not only is he a far superior caster than Parker "Interro" whatever his last name is, he is also far more handsome and gorgeous and godlike.

  4. Glad the casting Archon was number one. They're the OG duo cast. I do think you had a bit of a blunder in not including Day9 though.

  5. It's a sin not to have Deman not on here. Hes casted everything, brings a lot energy with a great voice but isn't annoying or overhypes moments. Very professional and jelled with any caster, especially Joe Miller.

    And it's sad but LoL and CSGO by far the best casters. Never played CSGO but I watch it a lot just because I like the casting.

  6. Not a single female caster?? I expected there to be that female British CS:GO caster with her iconic voice. You know who I am talking about.

  7. They should have just had all the league of legends casters as one number. The league of legends crew are just so damn professional. I love LCS for how high the production value is all around

  8. Sttarcraft is no doubt the hardest game to cast so far, and honestly I do not know the criteria you picked by, but dificulty, complexity and knowlage requierement wise, the list will be mostly Starcraft. and at least half asian… ^^ Screaming on mic after a nice kill is not a skill to master. 😀 😀 RIP Incontrol… my hero. :'(

  9. James Chen? Are you guys serious? Clearly James has been casting for years but he's considered one of the lamest, cringiest, lackluster casters by the average FGC community member. This is more like a list of people you guys are cool with, GTFO

  10. Где Вилат? (Как минимум за ЛГД пушат, и "нет, друг, я не оправдываюсь")

  11. I'd like to nominate the Oh My Days twins – Ketchup and Mustard, who both cast for NRS games (Injustice and Mortal Kombat). They were my first real introduction to professional fighting games way back in the MKX pro league hosted by ESL, and have all the personality, passion, and knowledge necessary to shine. And when they cast together, you add in the good old fashioned teasing and ribbing that goes on between siblings.

    I think the only others I can think of would be Phreak, Joe Miller, Redeye, MrAquaman, and Deman. Truly great casters all around.

    Need a top 20 list or something to fit everyone in. 😀

  12. CourageJD, iget that he would make the list because he doesnt really cast much anymore, but he deserves an honorable mention… he was (and still would be) the most popular cod caster, and is the most popular fortnite caster…

  13. SC is just super boring to watch without Artosis and Tasteless. They so so so sick. Calm, funny, good voice, analytical, great timing, they dont talk in the mouth of eachother, they are just themself, even on the biggest stage, they don't care 😀 GeeeeeGeeeeee!!!

  14. So glad Semmler made this list. I just met him at Overwatch League Grand Finals and he’s such a genuinely nice guy. I was standing by the Bud Light Payload by myself and he just came over and started up a conversation with me. There’s been rumors that he’ll go back to CS, and if he does, I’ll be watching CS as well. He completely won me over with his kindness.

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