The Swing Bike

The Swing Bike

This is a swing bike, and it’s every bit
as fun as it looks. The fun part about this bike is the extra pivot near the seat tube
that lets you steer both the front and rear ends independently. The swing bike takes a little practice to
mount, but it’s surprisingly easy to ride once you get going. Just twist your body a
little and the rear wheel kicks out, almost like drifting but without losing traction.
Although the bike is a little heavy, it’s pretty easy to pedal on flat terrain. Do one
mean gangster lean around a turn and you won’t want to put this bike down. It’s really
addictive to ride. Besides the frame itself, finding replacement
parts for the swing bike is easy. The pivoting rear uses the same headset bearings as the
front. The rest of it is made up of beach cruiser parts that can be obtained anywhere.
Swing bike frames can be found on eBay, and there are even complete models available with
three piece cranks and disc brakes. If you have the space in your garage, this
is a must own bike for cruising around town or the beach. It’s like a beach cruiser
but less boring. As with most novelty bikes, the swing bike
turns heads. When someone sees this for the first time they think they’re hallucinating.
It doesn’t even look like it would be possible to ride. If you can believe it, I’ve actually seen
other swing bikes around. I’m fairly sure they’re more popular in places like California
and South Florida, as is the case with all cruiser’ish things. I’d be interested
to see how a swing bike performs in a place like Vermont though with lots of windy roads
and hills. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. Comment section is full of pussies y'all have never stepped onto a bmx and done tricks if you think this is insanely dangerous

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  3. I showed my friend this video and a bit later he had welded his own swing-bike from two old city bikes… It works like a dream!

  4. I was pretty confused on how you ride it, but i immediately understood when you said "its like drifting without breaking traction"

  5. I got mine yesterday and I love it. I tried some minor inclines (bicycle overpasses, bicycle underpasses) and I think above a certain gradient it's impossible to ride because:
    a) It's inherently unstable at low speeds
    b) You have no gears
    c) You can't ride out the saddle
    e) Every pedal stroke destabilizes the bike, the harder the stroke, the greater the effect
    d) You can't push the handlebars to stabilize the bike like you can in level terrain

    So you can't go fast because of B and C, you can't go slow because of be A and E.

    It's still lots of fun though, thanks for the video! I first saw it in the "freak bike" video. If you ever run out of ideas for crazy bikes, I suggest the tall swingbike (or the swingin' tallbike?).

  6. The good thing about this bike you don’t you look as I’d love to see the thief to try and take it

  7. Where the heck do you buy one of these things? and not the muscle banana seat ones but the beach cruiser version

  8. I first rode a swing bike back in 2002. It’s wicked good fun. Hills would be a challenge since standing and pedaling at the same time doesn’t really work.

  9. I’ve been looking for like an hour and I can’t find a single one of these for sale on eBay, I don’t want a vintage one. I want a beach style like this and can’t find one, if anyone has any info, please help me.

  10. Looks like I need one of these!

    The next logical step would be to have full suspension swing bike to add a new dimension to mountain biking.

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