The Strangest Hot Hatches In Our Gallery?! | From The Gallery EP.35

The Strangest Hot Hatches In Our Gallery?! | From The Gallery EP.35

– Let me lube the old tube, all right. Shut, stop! – [Crew] Got that! – All right, all right. What is going on everyone? Welcome back to another
episode of From The Gallery with your boys. It’s Gels. – Dakota. – And we got. – Keith! – Today, we brought them in for an episode of From the Gallery. (chill techno music) where we take cars from our
gallery that you guys submitted and we kind of talk
about them a little bit. – Yeah. – Talk about what color we
like and then we rate them. – Hell yeah! – If you wanna see your
car in a future episode of From The Gallery, make sure to drop it in our gallery at, or click the link below and then email us at [email protected] with the subject line “review my ride,” and we’ll put it on the list,
we’ll get to it eventually. It’s a big list, all right?
– It is a very big list, but we’re getting through there. – Yeah, do they know what
edition this is, brother? This is Hot Hatch Edition. – Hot hatch! – I just surprised y’all, now y’all’s all scared and nervous. – Now it all makes sense. – I love hot hatches, I’m ready to go! Hatches are my (beep). – Hell yeah. All right! So we’ll start don’t forget the BBS wheel
giveaway we’ve got going on, pick up the dope shirt. – It’s dope! – Free set of BBS Wheels. You wanna yell more? (prolonged yelling) That’s awesome. All right, cool.
– Let’s get into it. – So we are into our first hot hatch. And we have a 2010 Subaru WRX. – [Dakota] Spicy. – Classically on some BBS RS two’s– – [Dakota] Ooh, BBS wheels. – [Keith] Look how convenient that is. – [Gels] Yeah a little bit
of wide body action on it, it’s got 18×12 -12 all around,
and some air lift performance and this is @asc13sti. – Okay.
– All righty. – So we only got a couple pictures here although we do have their Instagram. – Upload some more photos
to the gallery, brother! – Hey, whoa, whoa. – [Dakota] I think it looks phenomenal, I love the wheels on
this, the white-on-white looks tight, bars. But no, the wide body
choice, no, not feeling it because with these, I don’t know, what’re they called, the stink eye? I don’t know, they got a
bunch of different names. – Stink eye? – I’m pretty sure it’s
called stink eye, (mumbles). They’re kind of a rounded body,
they don’t have hard lines, and to me, the wide body kits
on them look a little awkward. They stand out too much, it doesn’t flow nice and
smoothly with the body. It’s not a bad looking car by any means. I’m gonna click on the old IG handle here and see what we got going on. The BBS wheels look phenomenal on there, I love when they have
those wings like that. See that I-wing on there? – [Gels] Yeah, that looks really good. – [Dakota] I love those on the hatches, they look so damn good. The diffuser on it I love,
looks like it has a nice exhaust on there. Fitment is on point with the kit. Oh, a video of it rolling, so
rolling it looks pretty good. – [Keith] If I were to
build an STI, this would be what I would build. – (Beep) Keith your number one fan. – Yeah, it’s pretty
close to what I’d like. I have a weird thing for white vehicles, and this thing is laid
out with over fenders. It looks great, I can’t really find anything to complain about. (laughing) – All right, it’s Keith’s favorite car. – All righty, now usually
I’m not a huge fan of the over fenders and everything like that. However, I do like it
on this car because– (beep)
No, no, no, no, no, Just in the fact that they are a softer car and they are
a little bit narrower. – Yeah. – Like especially that
year of the car so I think just adding that little bit
more to it really helps it out. I absolutely love the wheel choice, I think it looks absolutely killer. The white on white with the
black accents like with the diffuser and everything looks really good. The wing is killer. Ready? On three. Ready Keith, one to 10. – Yeah. – One, two, three. – Eight and a half.
– 8.5. – [Gels] Up next, we have
a 2013 Ford Focus ST, and that’s @jbeeks_ 2013 Ford Focus on some work seekers, toil prox tires and aeroperformance air suspension. – Whoa, this thing is balling, spicy.
– And you got a little bit of over fender action
going on here as well. – These flares are one
off, he molded them himself to the erd, he did all the
molding to them to make them fit. These are one off. – [Keith] So it’s not a kit? – No, these are not on
any other Focus ST’s. He made them himself. – Mad respect. – Also, he produces these
grills called the Jbeeks Deep Dish grill and those are made by him, and their aluminum casing, and they have a deeper
inset than the other grills. – [Keith] Wow. – It’s super cool, that’s
what I want to touch on. – So he does a lot of custom fits. – Yeah, he does all that stuff himself. – That’s cool. – He also has an RS wing but if you look, if we have a rear shot here. If you look real close
there’s kinda like a lip on it and he molded that on the wing himself too which I think is super cool. So anyways, I love the
work wheels on here. He has the toe prox tires,
he’s got a good set of tires and he’s on the air lift, which, we’re brothers now. (laughing) I love this car. I absolutely love especially, of course, when people do one off stuff like this. – Yeah. – They take the time to learn
it, they do it themselves, they create something that’s not like anything else out there. – If you wouldn’t have said anything, I would’ve never known. – Yeah, it looks like a kit. Which he did a fantastic
job and the fitment of it looks really, really good. The rest of the kit I think
flows really nice and the touch of that spoiler too, with the
subtle tail on the end of it I think is really killer. – I am ten times over more
impressed with this car after finding out that everything
is handmade by himself. I mean definitely, for
one of the more common modded cars nowadays. – [Gels] It’s the unique ones. – [Keith] Right, this
is the answer to that. Once again, I really see
anything I hate about it. – That mod list just goes on forever – It just keeps going. – A lot of heart and soul put
in this car that’s for sure. – That is super impressive. All right, on three. One, two, three. – 9.5.
– 10. – Oh no. – [Gels] We have a 2006
Volkswagen GTI BBS RS 17×9.5 – Ooh, BBS.
– Wow. – [Gels] Again, air lift
performance, air suspension. This is @ryan_hasson 2006 Volkswage GTI. The color combination on
this is a little interesting. You know you usually see
like the gray and you got the polished color. You got the silver color
or something of this sort. He went with the gray and
white which is a bold move. The interior I actually really like. However, on the outside, the
white with the gray I think is almost too much of a
contrast a little bit. – Yeah I agree. – For exactly what he was going there for. Oh I didn’t see that. – [Dakota] Whoa!
– [Gels] He’s got the tank (chattering) – [Gels] The flacks, the flacks. – [Dakota] I take it back, I love this. (laughing) – The compressor bars, little blankies. – It’s like leg warmers. This thing is super cool. Okay
this thing is really cool. Just moving on, I guess
like the clear tail lights I know they’re a little older
style, I know that is like. – [Dakota] It’s a euro thing. – [Gels] It’s a euro thing
especially on these cars I have seen a lot when we go through the gallery. I think if it wasn’t for the little bit of white on the front, I would really, really like it. The interior, absolutely
knocked it out of the park. I love the amount of work
that went into the interior. So that gives a lot of
solid points for me. – Interior, very well done. I think it looks pretty sweet. It’s not my cup of tea. – Oh, how about coffee? – Still not my coffee either. – No tea, no coffee. – Chai Late. – There’s a lot of effort
here and the fact that he sank an extra BBS wheel is. Not only so–
– Not only, that’s a hard flex. (chattering) – He’s like by the way. – Like no, this ain’t going– – Pow.
– Pair of tires tomorrow, this is going right here. – My main gripe is the
white on the exterior. I feel like if he would’ve
went with maybe black or everything else is white
that’s painted minus the wheels. He could’ve got the white
wheels and made everything else a contrasting black or
even just a light smoke on those tail lights would’ve
helped a ton I think. – I do like the approach that
it’s different and a lot of these GTIs, you see them
big wheels and that’s it. I think the white on the
outside does not flow. It’s too much of a contrast, looks weird. I think the rear diffuser back
there should just be black. I think that would look a lot better. The euro style tail lights, no sir. Not a fan. The fitment looks like it’s
pretty good in the rear. It’s tucking pretty good
in the front, not sure if that’s just to get it low as
possible but I’d like to see that morph fender to lift because that’s personal preference
though, a lot of this is. And then for the interior,
too much diamond-pleated stuff for me. The A pillars are, it looks like, the roof is, like this. This guy looks like he had
diamond-pleated diapers growing up like this is crazy. – I’ve got a question. – Yeah. – Who hurt you? (laughing) – Me. It’s a lot and in my
opinion, it’s something that less is more. – Yeah, absolutely. – On three. – Okay, ready. – One, two, three. – Seven.
– 4.5. – Six – Hyundai Veloster XXR 527 SK Veloster. BC racing coil-overs, sound
choice for coil-overs. Negative three degrees rear camber. It’s got some exterior modifications on. Looks like some hydro-dipping,
some carbon fiber side skirts, F market wing,
a bunch of interior stuff and we’ve got some performance
stuff done as well. Kinda going into this, I think
they got some good fending going on here, the BC racing
coils is a good choice. Looks like the exterior modifications. It looks really clean. The wing is a little bit
different of a choice but everything else I think
they nailed pretty much perfect. It looks really sharp. – [Keith] The white paint
really shows off the body lines on this thing too. Like I didn’t realize it had
that little bottom body line towards the bottom of the door. That driver’s side door,
is like a barn door. – [Gels] It is – [Keith] It’s massive. – [Dakota] Doesn’t it have
a suicide door in the back? – [Gels] On one side, yeah. – On one side, on the passenger side. So to compensate that, they
made the passenger side door shorter and– – That’s weird. – First time I saw that, I
was grabbing a phone charger out of my friend’s axe
Hyundai and it was like, why is this door so big? I could lay across the doorsill. (laughing) – They are goofy cars,
they are pretty goofy. – They are. It’s something else, the
wheel choice is fantastic. The color choice is fantastic,
I’m really glad that he didn’t go with just
a black wheel on this. I feel like that would’ve
really killed it, I respect it. – Cool. – I respecc it. – So he’s on XXR 527, this
is a great starter wheel. They look cool, I see them a lot of like foreign wheeled drive cars. I see them on SRTs and stuff
they have a great wheel to start off with,
they’re really affordable and stuff like that. The wing it’s okay, it’s
a little bit different. I like more how it looks from
the side profile or kinda like front angle shot
rather than the rear. The rear, maybe a diffuser would help. It needs something else back there to help to complete the look. But yeah overall it’s cool,
I’d like to see a little bit more done to it. – On three. One, two, three. – Six.
– Seven and a half. – All right.
– Not bad. – [Gels] 2016 Fiat 500 on some AG’s and some ST–
– Wow, this is ballin’. – What size?
– Suspension coilovers. Size we’re looking at: 16×8 plus 15. – [Dakota] Wow, massive. – Oh boy, so this is’s. But yeah the factories on AG’s, like AG’s on your FIAT
500, that’s like dope. It just looks so cool, I don’t
know why I like these so much something about this little
pocket car that can rip and I’m sure it’s a blast to
drive, it’s gotta be super fun. Color choice on the wheels is great, it goes with the theme of the car. – [Gels] So yeah, this thing
has like a bubble butt, super cool, I like the
tinted tail lights on here. It’s just awesome. – [Dakota] I like it, it’s
gotta be a blast to drive. – Yeah, it’s like a
warm, pearl white color. What’s up with the back window? I’ve never seen that before, it’s like an aero back window cover. (chattering) – I’ve never, oh okay, wow,
I’ve never noticed that. Yeah the library and everything that’s going on with this, really pulls it together really well and I’m super impressed with the wheels. My main thing is, I just wanna drive it. – [Gels] I hate that I
like it because I think the execution is absolutely perfect. I think he had a vision in
mind and the execution of it was spot on. I mean it looks really good. The fitment is really nice,
like it looks like it’s race ready, it’s ready to go. It’s super cool, I love
the style he went with it. I think it’s awesome. On three. Ready?
– Yep. – One, two, three. – Nine.
– Eight. – Well that’s going to wrap
it up for this episode of From the Gallery, Hot Hatch edition. (singing) – Yeah it was great. – Awesome.
– Great. – Glad to hear it, Dakota
did you have a good time? – I had a blast. – Awesome, I had a good time too. Thank you for coming. Don’t forget, if you want
your car featured in an upcoming episode, drop
it into the gallery at
or send us an email– – That’s magic.
– At [email protected]
with the subject line review my car to make
sure to get in an upcoming episode but I’m Gels. – I’m Dakota. – I’m Keith. – Don’t forget about the
DBS giveaway, free wheels, pick up a t-shirt. – Hurry up, I’m waving already. – He’s waving already. We will see you later. – I’m going to do to the Dakota wave too. – Peace.

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