The Skidpad: Slave to the Limit! – The Racing Line Ep. 6

The Skidpad: Slave to the Limit! – The Racing Line Ep. 6

to a performance driving noon going
straight to the race track would be like going straight to Vegas on your 21st
birthday hey yo babywho’s ready to party you’re probably going to make bad decisions lose all your money and be
forced to take a powerful dose of antibiotics but there’s a solution a skid pad the
skid pad is like so many and 21st birthday at a local pub with a two drink limit and a 2 pm last call the skid pad is a safe place to learn some self control
before you unleash a party animal at the strip and that’s what we’re talking
about today babe on the Racing Line so what is a skid pad used for the skid pad is
used for measuring cornering grip in terms of lateral geez the higher the
number the more grip the car has it’s also used to test the effects of
suspension adjustments away from the variables on the racetrack but the most
important use of driving the roulette wheel of racing is learning so what
can the skid pad teach you weight management skid control training your eyes
hands speed foot control and how to handle a spin the skid pad is the easiest place
to take your car to the limits and beyond in a safe and consistent
environment so let’s get started first let’s start with what’s called
steady-state cornering approach to limit by smoothly adding power until the car
wants to run wide of the circle then back off a little bit to hold the
line and that’s all there is to it now while holding a searing steady just a
little bit of power the car will run wide then back off a little bit and the
car will come right back to the line now he’s off the gas and brake lately presto
less understeer why is this when you accelerate in the front gets light it has
less grip when you back off the throttle and brake lightly the front has more load
and it gets more grip and your return right to the circle you’ve just experience the
magic of weight management the pedals had more to do with where you’re going
then the steering wheel now try giving the car way too much gas the tale comes
out and wants to spin what’s this oversteer oversteer correct with the wheel so
counter steering the slide once the rear tires gain grip turn the wheels
back line as quickly as you can correct catch and recovered and remember if
you’re trying to catch a slide stay away from the pedals they only make it worst and finally what
happens if you do spin and there’s no way to recover hit your breaks hard until you
come to a stop and if you’re driving a manual get the clutch into so you can
keep the car running and get out of there before that pack of cars barrels
down on you now the skid pad is an effective way to tune your car from the
track and that’s what we’re going to talk about on today’s Tire Rack minute from
the door sticker on this Cadillac we see that they recommend 35 pounds air
pressure in the front and 35 pounds in the rear and good handling cars tend to
understeer a little bit of the limit like the cts-v but small adjustments can
change all that let’s put fifty pounds there in the back
tires this Cadillac and see what happens with the higher rear pressure the car feels
completely different the rear end is loose and it now wants
to overseer at the limit and why is that by over inflating the rear tires we’ve
essentially stiffen the rear suspension reduced the size of the contact patch
and made a rear less forgiving which results in oversteer many tires will
lose grip if they’re just a few pounds off and that’s one of the many simple
adjustments can be made to affect the handling of the car so what have we
learned today driving in circles is more useful than
it sounds so before you hit the poker tables over at Mandalay Bay try some
free online games first before you hit the race track get to a skid pad and
hone your car control skills so on that note skid responsibly driving
enthusiasts and we’ll see you next time on the racing line he’s good steak house or waffle house
holder stares out we do it in North Georgia from the

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  1. i always tell people when the first snow fall hits to find an empty parking lot and learn how your particular car handles in the snow. 1 its really fun and 2 you learn a lot.

  2. Nice to see Randy out front. I've seen him play 2nd banana to Carlos Lago or Johnny, but he definitely needs to be hosting because he's freakin' hilarious…

  3. How would you suggest getting started in performance driving for fun? I took my car to the track in a performance driving group and everyone else did that every weekend and had modified cars so I felt completely overwhelmed. I could really get a feel for how to handle turns as well as over/understeer with cars barreling down on me. I wish I could get the track to myself with cushions all around so I can just practice and get a feel for things. Where do you find skidpads?

  4. Enjoyed the part about tire pressure the most! I'm thinking you'll give up off the line traction by running more PSI on the rear tires for straight-line purposes. It would be interesting to understand how to balance this out considering tire size, tire temp, types, etc…. seems like pandoras box at the limits and no setup is without compromises

  5. Understeer: The front of the car hits the wall
    Oversteer: The rear of the car hits the wall
    Horsepower: How fast you hit the wall
    Torque: How far the wall moves

  6. Watching random vids on yourtube is always fun, thanks Motor Trend Channel ♻️Signature: Hide Plate Gadget #007LicensePlate.♻️

  7. Well, I guess this program died. It was my favorite!
    But I knew it was gonna die soon, I hope it comes back soon!

  8. Randy is the Jeremy Clarkson of MT (obviously a much better driver though lol). If he ever leaves, MT is done, he's just too awesome!

  9. WHAT gotten into this man?

    that aside so if tire is over inflated it will have less grip? what is the lowest tire pressure for track use?

  10. Just curious, but if there's no skidpad around, is a racing simulator game just as good for practicing these driving techniques?

  11. Randy, why you gotta flick us off? You give us all this info and advice, you get paid for it, we get the advice and info, and you flick us off because we're making poor decisions with our lives? Thanks, man. Really appreciate it.

  12. Randy is the man. Helpful and entertaining. But I am wondering if some statements do not apply to fwd cars. 'Acceleration lightens the front' for example. Randy? Only asking because last I checked my SI only sends power to the front wheels, so braking or accelerating should load them.
    I will say getting the braking timing and pressure right allows the car to rotate more, with a good exit, but still way slower than a car with .97 G of grip should be able to achieve.

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