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  1. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS EPISODE IT’S THE BEST!!!!! They even have Disney+’s UI correct! I love all the Disney,HBO,Hulu and Netflix jokes hahaha!!! MAN I CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON SOUTH PARK TO CHEER ME UP

  2. i'm a fan of scott malkinson for a long time and i think i'm having a heart attack now,

  3. Keep up these amazing episodes! You’re developing the supporting cast, still keeping all the main characters involved, and the minor recurring story arcs like the blacks v the whites, and Disney + are so funny. Great job South Park! Please keep making more episodes like this, they feel so alive and involved!

  4. We had this poor kid friend who had Diabetes named Tim Johnson. We used to bust his shit about it. We filled up all 100 some of his syringes with Mountain Dew one time. It was hilarious.

  5. I'm putting a lot of guesses on what's next person who gets their own show and theme song
    1) Tweek & Craig
    2) Wendy & Bebe
    3) Heidi
    4) Mr. Hanky
    5) Jesus Christ and Satan
    6) Jimmy and Timmy
    7) Grandpa Marsh

    With these Top 7 choices I might be right to see which characters are next who gets their own show

  6. SOUTH PARK STUDIOS PLEASE DO AN EPISODE on Uganda and this interview, it's hilarious, I can only imagine what you guys could make out of it! Love you <3

  7. I was expecting the Scott Malkinson Show intro to parody the Mary Tyler Moore show because Mary Tyler Moore has diabetes and was the international chairman of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

  8. honestly if u guys ever come back i hope this will show more of the Scott malkinson show because he is my number one character in the series at the end of the episode got sad but i good ending! 😀

  9. I hope they make a tweek and Craig episode. A day in the life of tweek and Craig

  10. – Tegridy Farms
    – PC Babies
    – One for the Ladies
    – The Scott Malkinson Show

    I'm really loving all of these intros!

  11. No joke I first saw the episode a little over a day ago, but I keep rewatching this intro! Man, I love Scott Malkinson so much!

  12. Please do the Scorsese episode vs marvel studios and Disney maybe some randy and the boys as heroes. Would be so funny

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