The Quest for Power — Ignition Preview Ep. 195

The Quest for Power — Ignition Preview Ep. 195

(powerful intro music) (car engine roars loudly) – Okay, Randy, so we seem to be setting new lap time records on this track every other week at the moment. – That’s true. – So we have the McLaren, which was just an absolute rocket ship. And then we had the GT2 RS, which was a rocket ship, and a race car, combined. – The GT2 RS put the power
down, and it had plenty of it. But it was so beautiful the way that car would just gain traction,
gain traction, under power. – [Jethro] Yah. – The McLaren they finally got the car — (tires screeching drown out speaker) and it’s light, and the 720 is nutty fast! It’s nutty fast down the straightaway. These cars are going
to’ be hard to run with. – Yup. – But Corvette seems to
have the specs to do it! (engine rumbling) – I’m an American —
– Yah. – This is our sports car. (laughing) I want this car to win. – Yeah, let’s dump me out, and see just how quick this monster is. – I’m going to’ give
it everything I’ve got. – Okay. Randy dial it up to 10 or 11, 11! – Up to 11. (laughing) (car engine whines and rumbles)

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  1. Chevy should still do something about that fugly spoiler I’m thinking more like Maclarens P1 set up and they can save weight on wheels (carbon fiber ) buckets carbon fiber and body panels

  2. Great car, in fact an amazing car. But the video is just a disgrace for it. No ones going to want to buy if your not going to show us what we want to actually see.

  3. Not a big fan of that wing. Yeah i know its there for downforce, not looks, but just wished the shape was different. Same for the ZL1 1LE wing.

  4. 1. Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991) Randy Pobst 1:21.08
    2. Dodge Viper ACR (Mk V) Chris Winkler 1:21.24
    3. McLaren 720S Randy Pobst 1:21.75
    4. Huracán Performante Randy Pobst 1:22.53
    5. Porsche 918 Spyder Randy Pobst 1:23.54
    6. Ford GT (Mk II) Randy Pobst 1:23.69
    7. Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Randy Pobst 1:23.70

  5. Don't waste our time uping trailers here trying to push us going to your website. It's enough, let youtube free of bullshit!!!

  6. After being subscribed for more than 7 years I have just unsubscribed. I remember waiting for you to upload ignition every other Monday. Carlos Lago used to make my Mondays so much easier and enjoyable. Then Carlos left but still I sticked around and watched Johnny and Jason take over and I really enjoyed that content too. But now it is time to say goodbye. I can't take another one of your commercials.

  7. So Randy, you don't "give it all" unless it's an American-made car?

    The car is tacky and ratty, the review-preview is a gouge of my time and the script too corny for prime time.

    Just nope.

  8. Whats up with randys hair, looks like a toupet…

    And yeah, i was a fan for a long time of all these Motor Trend, Dirt every day, roadkill etc etc etc.
    But if they all do it only on demand now, im out for sure… SRY

  9. It would have been even faster, if it didnt jave to go thru Turn 3 twice in a row! 😆
    (Those who have driven WSIR big track will understand!)

  10. The New Mid Engine Vette should be a real good car, Reg vette sucks, no balance! Mid engine should hopefully fix that!

  11. The Heavy didn't like the long drift. There you go! 😉 That is what Race mode wouldn't allow.
    The problem with Randy is mostly what he says over his obvious driving skill. He spins the tires with the tech off that negates that tendency and calls it the car. The ZR1 has to nail the turns in order to have any chance against the 720s rocket, and the Porsche ringer tires.
    Swap the Porsche tires with the ZR1 tires….Done.
    Oh, and cut the 720s fuel upgrade too!

  12. Motor trend leave you tube completely the spirit of you tube is free content just have your paid website that's all you are about

  13. Randy Pobst looks like one of those awesome hippy college professors with infinite psychedelic induced stories to tell lol

  14. 1 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS (Euro Spec) 1:21.08
    2 2018 McLaren 720s 1:21.75
    3 Lamborghini Huracan Performante (Euro Spec) 1:22.53
    4 2015 Porsche 918 Spider 1:23.54
    5 2017 Ford GT 1:23.69
    6 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (1ZR/ZTK) 1:23.70
    7 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S 1:24.26
    8 McLaren 675LT 1:24.29

  15. AGAIN, just for giggles give RANDY the GT2 RS with the ZR1's tire compound, and just watch him hang its butt out there. LOL

  16. Chevy DID NOT fix the overheating problem. I rented a new 2018 Z06 from Hertz @ SFO and took it to Thunderhill, CA. This was my 2nd track day ever and got it to overheat in under 10 laps. The engine got so hot the power steering quit working and it wouldn't re-start even once it cooled down. I thought I was gonna have to have it towed but discovered that disconnecting the battery fixed the problem. Glad I brought my tools and had internet connection to fix the problem.

  17. Normally I am fine with Jonny, but he was way too picky with the ZR1. He griped about the interior but it's the same as a ~$70k Corvette would have, just like a near $300k Porsche GT2 RS has the same interior (minus a few things) that a $90k base 911 would have, yet no one complains about that.

  18. all the power it makes at the flywheel and only puts down 100 hp less to the wheels. talk about a waste. the tall wing looks goofy .they should have given it an active spoiler.the Ford GT makes less hp and still can outrun this car.

  19. randy, your new 'hair style' makes you look like The Crypt Keeper from Tales From the Crypt. Your old 'do' or a clean low cut would be much better.

  20. @motortrend used to be a great channel now it’s just lackluster boring … I looked forward to the vids now I just pass it up and when I do check to see if there is anything good I see why I still pass on it. …

  21. Welp I'm never gonna watch this, they should of sticked with the watch it first on demand stuff instead of on demand only.

  22. love all the top cars that placed. The one and only reason the porsche is number one is because of its four wheel steering. You put four wheel steering on any other car for that matter, in the case its the zr1, then yes it will corner faster and put up a faster lap time. So the fact that chevy placed only 2 seconds behind a four wheel steering car, made by porsche…is pretty dang good.

  23. I was pleased to get to see the full lap in this video. My stopwatch of the lap showed a 1:23.63. Nice to see I was close with the official time in the comments. Also a tribute to the folks who put together the video of the lap.

  24. Its GMs fault for listening to Media, They stuck with Rear wheel drive because they listened to consumers, but now they are unable to put all that 750hp down so they lose in smaller tracks with slower turns. Hope the C8 has good AWD

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