The Nitto Tire Lineup – Which One Is The Best?

The Nitto Tire Lineup – Which One Is The Best?

well so nice pull here from custom
offsets custom offsets TV on the YouTube back at it with another video for you
this time on the Nitto Tire lineup cuz we did toy and you guys were all like
what about Nitto so here it is we got it for you
so starting then on my left hand side we’re going to start with the knit oh
for 20s so you’ll see this is more of a summer tire or performance tire this is
not something that you are going to want to run in like mud or snow or anything
like that so big huge trunks rubber for really good traction on the street you
know warmer temperatures something where these guys can get nice and sticky this
is also a directional tire so you can kind of see a V pattern if I pointed out
to you it goes just like this and curved inwards towards this big giant cut right
in the center so that is basically your main water evacuation channel where if
you do end up in some rain or something like that it’s gonna throw that water
out of there to avoid hydroplaning there is some small amount of saiping in here
no zigzag patterns or anything like that just straight cuts so that again if you
end up in a wet environment you used to have some traction but not gonna be good
for you in snow or anything like that this is gonna be strictly summer only
you’ll see this in a ton of metric sizes nothing too huge because this is gonna
be some more of your I like a lowered truck a street truck kind of style or
some guys are stretching these onto the 12-wides
but obviously can’t recommend stretching for legal purposes but it has been done
so moving on to something a little more aggressive then this is the needle tara
grappler g – so g – meaning the second generation of the taro grappler you’ll
see it gets a little bit more aggressive than the four 20s and does have
basically more blocks in here more channels so that if you were going
through some mutters some gravel this tire will handle it again it’s not going
to be ideal for anything like that but it’s gonna stand up better than this
would this is also something that you can definitely run in the winter because
it does have a ton of these sipes in the tread blocks so again that’s just to
kind of grab on a little better get you better braking and better acceleration
all around there so this is gonna be available in a ton of different sizes
for you guys including some of like the OEM replacement sizes all up to a couple
bigger sizes if you wanted to run this on your lifted truck you definitely can
now going into probably the most popular tire from Nitto and this the most
popular tire in general this is the Nitto ridge grappler so this is a hybrid
tire which basically means it takes the best of your eighty and the best of your
mt into this so the goal here is they want
a tire that looks really aggressive can go through the mud but it’s not super
loud on the highway and you still get good mileage out of it so just about
everybody at the shop that’s running a lifted truck is running the ridge
grappler and that’s simply because you do get really good mileage out of them
as long as you’re rotating them properly and just not you know beating the crap
out of them so you’ll see big giant blocks on the outside to get through mud
or to go through gravel not too bad in the snow they’re not ideal for the snow
just because there is so much rubber here with the big chunks of it versus
like split up like the 80s and then in the center you see the gaps are smaller
and there’s more rubber you know closer together again that’s part of what keeps
this tire a little bit more quiet as compared to the mts just with it doesn’t
have you know quite so much big of a gap in the center so when it comes to the
sidewall on the ridge grappler you’ll notice that there are two different
options so every tire comes with both so there’s a more aggressive side and a
less aggressive side the more aggressive side basically has more of an angular
bigger blocky style shoulder which basically the tread extends over the
edge onto the sidewall whereas the less aggressive side is just straight up and
down kind of similar to what you’d see on morbid Baja style tire where it’s
more of a paddle on the edge versus this big drippy chunk of rubber on the side
so moving into something more aggressive this is the trail grappler which is the
Mt from Nitto so these are pretty symmetrical when it comes to the size of
the gap so huge gaps on the outside and just slightly smaller in the middle
basically this is designed so that if you don’t get any gravel stuck in here
there’s no mud that spills up in here that turns the starter into a slick it’s
gonna be all all able to self clean so as you’re driving down the road it
flings itself out or since a road I should say through the mud as you drive
through the mud it’ll clean itself out so nothing gets stuck in here
like I mentioned big chunky tread blocks not much for swiping so again not
something that you’re gonna want to run in the snow do they work in the snow yes
but as you probably know if you own mud tires before mud tires are not ideal for
the snow just because they’re so wide and they have all these big giant gaps
and not all kind of the small little ones to pick up snow and give you
you know more that breaking that you’re looking for more of the accelerates and
that you’re looking for with the siping if you need something more aggressive
than a mud tire I know I talked about this in the toy lineup did you have to
move to knit oh this is the knit Oh mud grappler now this thing is a beast when
it comes to the gaps in the tread pattern they’re absolutely huge
I can literally fit two fingers side-by-side into these gaps and it’s a
very linear pattern so you can almost see like picture this is a giant paddle
digging into the mud and propelling you forward and then also has an extremely
aggressive side all with big chunks that stick out here that are well separated
but they are huge so the biggest downfall to the mud grappler then is
just how noisy it is so because these are separated so far if you’ve got these
we can literally hear you coming from miles away because they just make this
hum as they go down the road so if you’re looking for something for a
vehicle you drive on the street a lot this might not be what you want to look
into also the tread life on them is it’s not that good and it’s not to the fault
of Nitto it’s just that they’re not designed for street use
so these tires were designed purely for the purpose of off-roading and going
through the mud taking them to the mud bogs and not going to your Walmart meets
one strange feature that you might not know until you get a set of these is
that they have this weird claw pattern on the inside of the tread it doesn’t
help you out at all but it’s just a nifty design that they do have on there
so hopefully that gives you a better understanding of what these tires look
like side by side so you can pick the best one for your application use any
questions on Nitto tires or any of their tire brands we offer dropping in the
comments below or head to our website at custom on says calm and check out all
the different tires we offer and remember if you package these things up
with wheels we can usually offer some of the best package pricing you can find
online we mount on we balance some of the shipping for free in lower 48 states

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  1. I’m running nitto 37 x 12.50 r20. And it’s not the first tire I run there good but the kinda soft and get sun baked a little fast I hav on another truck 33 12.50 r20 Cooper stt and they are holding up a lot more then the nitto

  2. Do you get the same amount of mileage out of all terrains and hybrids or do all terrains run for a little longer? Let me noe ASAP so I could place my order 😩

  3. I have the nitto exo grappler. Love it. I have been told it’s better then the ridge grappler for towing. What do you think?

  4. Does the Ridge Grappler come in a 33×10? Also what size would be best for a 2013 F150 Limited with 20" Fuel rims on it? I was told its a 10" wide rim. I have 295,55,20 tires on that rim now. I'm just trying to get an understanding of what size tire you can put on the truck. Thanks

  5. Great video. If you do take your Mud Graps to Walmart meets you would probably like my Instagram for all Nitto Grappler tires.

  6. Why don't you guys talk much about the Crosstek 2? I have them on my 2012 Z71 CC and love them. I haven't used them though winter yet, though.

  7. Before I bought tires I checked sidewall thickness on the Ridge and Exo. No contest. Exo much stronger sidewall than the Ridge. Wheeling in Colorado, sidewall strength and puncture resistance is more important than some cool design. Also, these things are amazing in rain and snow. If you have a mall crawler then go Ridge Grapplers. But if you want an all-around and indestructable tire, go Exo.

  8. I have a set of ridge grapplers, on a 1992 F250, they are the KINGS baby! Extended cab long bed, I have 33K miles on mine and still have descent tread left. Off-road, lots of snow and a huge incline in our driveway! We only own 4×4 vehicles and this is my fall winter spring vehicle! Love them

  9. Can you do weight comparisons next time you do a showcase? Have all the tires in the same size and weigh them to determine the lightest and heaviest? I'd like to see that on all the major lines, Toyo, Nitto, Goodyear, Falken, General, Atturo, etc.

  10. U need to do a Mickey Thompson and bfg review I have toyos on my “Walmart meet truck” but I got my dads old truck for a winter truck to save my good one it has bfg at and they actually do pretty good for what they r but I’m thinking about a mt next on it too

  11. I have the exo grapplers, they are snow flake rated and studdable. They perform great in Missouri snow, have had them on my Tundra for 31k miles and almost 3 years and they are still have a over half tread left.

  12. Like the nitto and toyo but the nitto I had wore out pretty quick only downfall for me with them. My toyos have like 25000 on them and still look new and drive them everyday

  13. Looking for recommendations on tires for my 2017 F150. Liking the Ridge Grapplers, DuraTrac, Falken Wildpeak, and KO2’s. Want great all season performance with good/quiet on road manners. Will the KO2 cause a rough ride with stiff sidewall. Looking at 275/55/20 or upgrade to 275/60/20. Please share recommendations for Minnesota.

  14. I'd like to see what ya'll would recommend for deep mud and sand beside an all terrain tire. I live on the Texas coast so I go through both.

  15. Debating which Nitto tires i should get for my next project. Was debating between Nitto Trail Grappler vs the Nitto Ridge Grappler vs Cooper Discoverer STT Pro. The STT Pro tread depth is 20.5, Nitto Ridge is 13.5, Nitto Trail is 19.4. Love the Mud Terrain tires, the Angry Road Roar is Nice!! Also if you sit back and lean against your seat, it feels like a massager for the back because of the Vibration it gets from the Road.

  16. Fuller, can you rock a video on best oversized winter tires (say 35s or 325/60’s) and maybe best offset wheels to run in the winter? I’m having trouble finding much. What I’ve found
    – Goodyear duratrac (studable)
    – Falken wildpeak
    – General grabber A/T X (studable)

  17. I had a set of mud grapplers and loved them.i loved the hum they give off on road.they road smooth and as long as they are rotated they will last I had a pair on my 98 gmc 35×14.50 and got 4 years out of them still had 50% tread.i want another pair for my new truck.

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