The NEW Shopping Cart is HILARIOUS! – Fortnite Shopping Cart Gameplay

The NEW Shopping Cart is HILARIOUS! – Fortnite Shopping Cart Gameplay

Where the jumped out of the bus has like fucking trails on they’re all they’re all try hards They all our players have been playing for a while. Oh, there’s trees down there Tyler. Look at that trees were growing back It’s starting to grow trees are doing Nature’s taking taking the divot back. Yeah good for them. We gotta check on the meteor dude. Maybe it’s a fucking different now It’s true. There could be a monster coming out of it yeah a Monster coming out of it there could be there could be People there a lot of people. Alright solid start. I’m gonna fucking semi-auto sniper. I’m a dead man. I’m dead as well Nicola another sniper Nick looking good What is exploding you me to come over Here we’re getting out of here get in quickly. Thank you Oh I see just slip over to our left go left. Yes inside this shopping market. Push me faster Doesn’t make very good turns Valiant and see we always seen it over. It’s just beginning We’re gonna make a big okay We gotta park get out of my way you stay out quickly Quickly, okay, sorry Come on, get back in. All right. No, we’re gonna do a drive-by with c4. This is perfect. But on the hill I Just realize they change the kill care is no longer school at all. It’s more family friendly, dude I’m into HP. He’s right here. Wait. Okay, don’t you take my shopping cart? Mr. Wick? I’ve already the rule You never picked up my pump. I never picked up my pump on The ground. Oh I have two HP heels. I just read about with shield and I had one many left my bad. Oh I mean out of it Okay, all right we’re shopping carts go I need Heavy Kurt Okay, leave it right it’ll be like shopping Kurt. Oh my god, no one’s coming Let’s go Tell her what’s time to take any zone damage? See? Let’s see What yeah, you can switch seats while you’re going. Yeah Push to tap. Oh you can do that. Oh my goodness. That didn’t know that okay You’re gonna die do your can trouble I gotta get some heels Gotta be something here, dude. Oh, oh goodbye each other. I’m leaving you Nick you can’t please come back I’m gonna die. You gotta raise me, dude. Oh, yeah, it’s doing right through my shopping cart those bandages up front here Tyler Right here. Okay. Well, let me die first won’t take long one and all right, you know be new Okay, we’ll get out of here. I threw my shopping cart toward the divot. It’s over there somewhere Give a shopping cart weight just manages. I got push me and I’m gonna use someone we’re going gives you again In for something cart, I found it This is perfect we cover ground and I can still get a heel off on you Push mush mush follow me go. I Need that make it please. Oh my god We’ve shotgun joust in the shop. Oh my god, we have to go all the way to Tilted dude. This game sucks What is this game trying to ruin our fine? Scheme is amazing this game ever fucking made. Oh My lord, that is the funniest fucking shit in the world I can’t even breathe right now Even breathe. Oh My god Joint oh shit. You see my sea for there you jerk Diggs trickshot maybe. Oh, yes. Anyway miss appeals still but you know, we good we good we good for now Almost like this shit eyes somebody on this thing y’all here we go. What happens if I get knocked while I’m here? I don’t know. We’ll find out when you die. Oh, we fall off I got knocked right number Let’s get some speed babies a lot of shit. Dude. I like the wind strip shit. Yeah the wind stream All we gained is some oh my God Yeah riding shotgun shot at a burger Tiller Fabiola evil problem. I don’t get off this. I can’t accept these That’ll work perfectly Nailed it 100% first try Niels oh shit, we gotta go again. What does he fork? Mine Oh, Jeff back in here What happened get peg what that saw is spacebar yeah, yeah Keep trying to snipe us idiots not a chance no fucking shit. We’re too fucking fast this way No, son here push me in shotguns ready to LMG is ready. Goodbye. Bye Stupid got a medkit on me. Okay? Okay. I don’t work About one minion here with me I thought it up there. I have six, okay My shopping cart flipped over it’s all good. We’re good. We’re good. I screw you down Oh You can you can flip it you a big deal good ready to go. There’s no shopping cart. Let’s look for the river do shopping ready death Center out here Keep going this way Oh It’s hard to get used to because it’s space to get off the other way and this eat on that side All right, we’re taking two. Yeah, we’re just one weird one. Yeah, well this up Pushing who’s so worried? We’ll go up here turn and then go down the red like you I like it We’re gonna go we’re gonna make it here. We’re gonna make it Baby full speed ahead. He’s got a shopping cart Shopping carts Oh Drive out of destruction He’s fuckin good This is the best game ever good news, I distracted them very well they’re Never touch. It’s all of our experience of h1. That’s helping us with these vehicles did Yeah, it’s definitely the only way we weren’t in auction. It’s the only way we win ever actually actually Yeah, did you like to get in? Oh Yeah, hold on I should probably use this medi for today put this big annoying pyramid. We don’t have time. All right Wait So smooth oh yeah didn’t covert quick tip. Well good. That’s all good. We’re good. We’re good Wow, you have some impeccable balance really, yeah Goodness you’re so bad kitchens over here and have to spray paint it Yeah That are ready to get from the war I didn’t see any different tilted I didn’t have much time to look so glad I hired you as my personal slave to push me around ahead We gotta go up this mountain it’s time to make 20 this time 320 Yes tomatoes you can suppose me Wait 20 okay over there. So like too many what a minute three. There’s no right down here. Hold on Okay, go grab that one no give you a few more come back come back come back, okay This is the last team last one I’ve gotta keep Well ones in a window, well, this should be too too difficult ones in that window to the right Come out We gotta keep our shopping cart shouldíve alive you’ll be laughing that they’re shooting rockets get out of here. Oh No, the rock is gonna be yummy Mom, so sad dude Fucking bastards Good news, I could still so. Where’s our rocket? Where’s our where does it look? It’s our there? You can still push it down a hill and right on it. Yeah, you know, I will There push close that’s good Crack rock car, where’d they get off? Clearly they just recently added some here Oh my god, well, yeah that was the best game of my life how we had fun. We had fun. It was good

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  1. Don’t read more!

    I told u

    Ok I’m done


    Ok for real I’m done

    Haha got u 😭

    Ok I’m really done

    Got u again😭😭😭

    Ok I’m done😭

  2. Bruh I love how Marksman didn’t win the game but he still posted it because of the content he put it out. This is why Nick is my favorite gamer!

  3. I didn't realize the omega was a villian until now I always thought he was like a black panther or a snake eyes from G.I. Joe

  4. Just imagine if there was a way to add your jetpack onto the cart, this would act as a jet boost function for the carts speed. Allowing you to basicly ride around the map at a fuels cost!

  5. Why did you kill the people making the terrain park for the shopping carts I feel like If you and wildcat got killed doing that you’d both start raging and would say no one plays for fun lol

  6. They should implement something that connects Jetpacks and Shopping Carts. Maybe if both players have a Jetpack equipped they can make the Shopping Cart go faster or even glide. Or simply make it so if the person pushing has a Jetpack they boost the top speed.

    Would be cool to see something like that implemented.

  7. Minigun with the cart on passenger is really really OP, you should try it, it gives the Minigun 100& accuracy

  8. The shopping cart is funny as fudge like we go to the Race track to the divot to just push it off the edge

  9. People say “epic would ruin fortnite if they add vehicles” epic says “fuck you” and adds shopping carts

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