The New Eagle® Sport All-Season Product Evaluation

The New Eagle® Sport All-Season Product Evaluation

We’re out here at Bondurant Phoenix, Arizona evaluating Goodyear’s latest tire
the Eagle® Sport All-Season It’s a great tire. I mean, it’s very stable. Great lateral grip. The Eagle Sport All-Season, in my opinion,
is an excellent all-around tire. My experience at the test track here
I’ve discovered the tire has excellent grip. But more importantly if the limit,
It doesn’t release that grip suddenly or unexpectedly. The difference was more tactile behind the wheel, so you could really feel a little more predictability from the Goodyear. The competitor felt just a little bit more squirrely as you’re pushing through the cones. The Goodyear felt a little bit more stable. It’s a better tire under these conditions without question. Particularly under stopping. Stopping distance in straight line stopping with Eagle was notably shorter. The white oval was a little nervous reaching a limit of its adhesion. The Goodyear was much more crisp. You turn it, you set it, you know where the car is going to go, and it just follows through the way you expect it to. Overall, the tire is excellent, and in comparison, to the Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval, I’m sliding. It’s lateral acceleration wasn’t good. When you consider an all-season tire and how does it handle in wet conditions as well as the dry conditions. I was very impressed with the turn-in in the wet sections. It really demonstrated how much more advanced the Sport All-Season is over the Wide Oval.

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  1. Now…. How does it perform on a "NORMAL " car. We all don't have Audi and all wheel drive. This helped like shit… On a hot day cooking in sun

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