The Most Replicated Wheels

– Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Alex from Fitment
Industries and today we’re gonna be talking
about the most iconic replicated wheels that we think of in our young tenure of selling wheels. So number seven is the Gram Light 57F. And the Gram Light is kind
of like the stepbrother to the Volk TE37, it’s
very thin-spoked design, it is an extremely popular
wheel that Gram Lights made. There is some questionability
as to who has copied who, but Gram Lights has quite a few copies. So the Rota Attack and the Rota Tight and the Axis Circuit are
some very heavily influenced, I would say, wheels that look very similar to those Gram Lights. So number six is the Weds Sport TC105N, and that’s probably one
of my favorite wheels. Weds Sports makes some
absolute killer designs, they’re extremely lightweight,
this is a 10-spoke I believe design and it
definitely has some killer looks. It has a flush center cap look, kind of like a dug-in design. Definitely a cool looking wheel, and there’s been copycats of it. ROTA Titan also does kinda take some cues depending on which generation they made it that looks like the TC105N. You also have some Fux wheels that came up that look almost identical. And the XXR 527 does look
very similar to the TC105N. Number five is the Enkei RPF1. So you guys probably
were expecting this one. That twin six-spoke design is
iconic for all things small. Small sports cars,
Miatas are known for it, s2000s known for it, but definitely a iconic replicated wheel. Most notably the Drag DR-21 I believe, has a very similar design. There’s a lot of other wheels also that feature the same style. A raised lip as well
as a twin spoke design. Now whether that’s for aesthetic purposes or performance purposes,
Enkei obviously makes their wheels with a performance
orientation mindset, so theirs are actually
meant for weight rotation and dealing with brake clearance issues and things like that. Number four on our list is a
Work Meister SI-3 piece wheel. So it’s no doubt that that big, curved, five-spoke design was extremely popular. It’s carried over into the new generation. Obviously multi-piece
wheels are a huge play in today’s market. You’re gonna see them being rebarreled, changed around, widths, offsets, all that sort of crazy stuff. Work makes that possible just
by having multi-piece wheels so that’s why the design has
stayed current for so long. But it’s definitely a great looking wheel. The curvature of the spokes have allowed for big break kits to clear, it allows for a lot of different applications to work with the Work Meister and it’s just a clean looking wheel. It’s not too eccentric, not too crazy, and it flows well with a
lot of different designs. The Rota D2 and the MST
MT07 are common replications of the Work Meister three-piece wheel, but there are notably quite a few others. You’re gonna notice that
a lot of the five-spoked, curved designs are extremely popular just because they’re so
timeless that they seem to just go through decades upon decades of just getting retouched and re-tuned. If the company had been using these wheels for almost anything, it
would probably look good on pretty much any vehicle made. Number three is the BBS RS, and this is definitely a popular one. The BBS RS is like the most
replicated wheel of all time. It’s been used over 20
different auto-manufacturers, it’s been used countless across the boards in terms of rep wheels, non rep wheels, China wheels, everything
you could possible see in terms of a meshed designed wheel, probably came from a BBS RS
imitation or inspiration. It’s a very common wheel,
they’re even sold to this day. They’re a EuroSpec wheel, there are tons of BMW’s and Audi’s
that run BBS RS wheels, definitely a killer design. It’s the iconic mesh design that everybody knows and loves. A close replication to this would probably be the Konig Maxxim. It is a one-piece cast,
BBS RS are not one-piece nor are they only cast,
they’re a multi-piece wheel. You can get them a ton of
different shapes and sizes. But BBS RS, just a solid looking wheel especially on Euro JDM, VIP vehicles. Definitely a killer wheel. Coming in at number two
is the Work Equip 05. Now, this isn’t a most replicated wheel in the current scene, but back, probably five to seven years
ago, even 10 years ago, this design was probably the
most replicated design ever. Just the way that it
looks, it screams 90s, but it does have a lot of copycats. Most notably the XXR 968. There are a few other
brands that have done the same style design, but definitely a great, killer, looking wheel. It you guys haven’t
gotten to number one yet, I’m gonna be shocked if
you don’t get this right, because this is the king
of replicated wheels. And I do have to give
credit to this company, they have still made it, they have so many different
variants of this design. It’s just crazy to see that such a design has made it so far in the wheel game that it’s just the go-to
for certain years, makes, and models of vehicle. Number one, the Volt TE37. So the Volt TE37 is
probably the most iconic, replicated wheel. It’s a single six-spoke,
peeled back spoke, usually low-pressure cast, gravity cast, rotary forged, things like that
have all different planning, but the Volk TE37 is iconic. It features the bent six-spoke
design which helps clear for big brake kits, it has
rotational weight mass reduction, it has rigidity lines, it
has pretty much everything that makes a wheel a rockstar wheel when it comes down to actual performance. And Volk has capitalized
on this wheel design, and it is clear that it’s probably the most sought-after design because you see these designs everywhere. The SSK 031, the Varrstoen ES2, are just a couple replicas to name a few, and there are so many
others we couldn’t even go into description on how many wheels have taken inspiration from the Volk TE37. So those are our top seven
iconic replicated wheels. We want to know what you think! If you think we missed something, I know you probably think we did, drop it in the comments,
let us know what you think is the original and what
you think is replicated. Now obviously inspiration argument or fake versus replica wheels
we’re gonna see as well but we’d like to know your thoughts. Drop a comment to you
would like to see next on your YouTube page, we’re taking every single comment, we’re reading everything,
and we’re making videos, so thank you guys for dropping this as one of the videos
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share this one with you, let us know what your thoughts are, but I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, we’ll see you later, peace.

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