The Lightest Wheels Ever?!

The Lightest Wheels Ever?!

– Alright what’s up guys? I’m Dakota from Fitmen Industries. We’re actually giving
away a set of TSW wheels, so check the link in the description. Don’t forget to subscribe, and today we’re gonna be talking about some of the lightest wheels on the market. One of the first wheels we’re
gonna be talking about today, you probably already
know what I’m gonna say, it’s the Enkei RPF1. The RPF1 is actually
Enkei’s flagship wheel designed for the track,
and it’s lightweight, and 18 by 10 and a half is actually coming in right at 19 pounds. So that’s incredibly light,
it’s a great looking wheel, if you’ve been to a car show, I know you’ve seen it. It’s able to be so light
by using the MAT process, which reduces the wheels
weight by 10 to 15 percent. The MAT process is actually combining a one piece casting technology
with a spinning process, and not only does it
make the wheels lighter, but it also increases their strength. Not only that, but you
can pick up these wheels for starting at $771, which is incredibly cheap
for such a great wheel. Another wheel that uses the same type of MAT process that Enkei uses is Konig. The Konig Hypergram,
which is a 12 spoke design to help clear big breaks
and help with cooling, is another super lightweight wheel. The 18 by 10 and a half
comes in right at 19 pounds. All of Konig’s wheels are
designed for the track, so definitely check them out, they’re gonna have some lightweight wheels in their lineup. You can actually pick
up a set of these wheels for $547 which is insanely cheap, especially for such a lightweight wheel. Motegi Racing is actually
another great company that makes lightweight wheels, and a great example would be the MR131. The MR131, which is made
using flow form technology, which makes cast wheels stronger without costing you an arm and a leg. A lot of their wheels are
designed for the track, therefore they will be lightweight. So if you’re looking for something light, make sure to check out
Motegi Racing as well. The next wheel we’re gonna get into, this is one you probably already know too, the Volk TE37. Super nice wheel, you see them all around, they’re great looking, they’re
designed for the track. Also, 18 by 10 and a half,
right around that 19 pound mark. So it’s an extremely light
wheel that looks great, and then from the Rays
family, the Gram Light, also light, go figure right? It’s extremely light, designed for the track, looks great. The only downfall of the
Volk series and the Rays and everything like that, you’re gonna be spending a lot more. You’re gonna look at spending
a few grand on a set of those, but, if you’re willing to pay the price, they’re a great wheel. So basically, if you’re looking into getting a lightweight wheel, what you’re gonna wanna do
is look at the companies that are building track style wheels, ’cause you’re gonna want a
light wheel for the track, and that’s pretty much the only reason you’re gonna want a lightweight wheel. Save some weight, and go fast. So make sure to check out Motegi Racing, Konig, Enkei, Volk, Rays,
everything like that. So I’m Dakota from Fitment Industries, if you need wheels, tires, or suspension, make sure to go to Fitment
Industries dot com. Check out our cars on the gallery, and don’t forget to subscribe. We’ll talk to you next time.

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  1. My hayashi commands are 13lbs for a 3 piece 14×7 and my impul are 17lbs for 14×7 3 piece and my long champs are 16lbs for 14×6.5

  2. I have the oz alleggerita wheels, have had them for 3 years and the first thing I noticed was the weight. Huge difference compared to OEM wheels and get lots of attention. Definitely recommend them

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