The Jerk (7/10) Movie CLIP – He Hates These Cans! (1979) HD

The Jerk (7/10) Movie CLIP – He Hates These Cans! (1979) HD

[bullet whizzing] Hey, Harry.
Look at this. What’s the matter
with these cans? Die, Milk Face! [chuckling] These cans are defective. They’re springing leaks. Come over here
and look at this. Listen,
you better run for cover or you’re gonna spring a leak.
Uh? We don’t have
defective cans. We have a defective person
out there. [gun fires] He hates these cans. Stay away from the cans! Die, gas pumper. l got to get away
from those cans. [gun firing] There’s cans in there, too. [glass shattering] More cans. Die, you bastard. [screaming] He doesn’t want to put holes
in the cans. He wants to put holes in you. What? [panting] Milk face bastard! Oh, my God.
l’m endangering your life. Cover me.
You’re covered. Suck my toes! You stay here.
l’ll distract him. [gun firing] Shithead! Come on! Come on, boy. Good boy. ”Carnival personnel only.”
Damn. Shithead, come on! You’re not carnival personnel! Come on, boy, come on. Hey, he ain’t
no carnival personnel. [trigger clicking] Okay, you move it out. [engine starting]

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  1. This was filmed at an abandoned gas station that was torn down right afterwards. Love seeing the retro signs too. 0:27 I guess in the late 70s they didn't have car lifts to work on the bottoms so they had to actually roll underneath it!

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that 2:20 is side splitting hilarious?
    Just the idea that a clinically inside shooter would stop and read the “Carnival Personal ONLY” sign so casually and even consider obeying it (when he exclaims “Damn!”)…

    I had a hard time writing this comment because I was laughing too hard.

  3. The gas station was in Pasadena. Sierra Madre Blvd if I remember correctly. We stood across the street and watched the shoot. I'm old. 😊

  4. I can't stand steve Martin. never have. just not funny to me. 3 actors I can't stand( jack black,Steve Martin,will Ferrell)

  5. Out to kill a guy but still obeys a sign showing him he can’t enter. Turns out he’s not a barbarian after all.

  6. omg We are so fortunate to grow up with this all time best skit!!! oh and The Easy Rider movie too! and Animal House and the Belushe & Eddie Murphy era SNL & Tex Avery cartoons & The Wizard of Oz>One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest>Outlaw Josey Wales

  7. Well I guess we're pretty far past the days where a random-target active shooter would be a gag in a comedy movie.

  8. If I'm ever on a college campus or in a movie theater or mall or somewhere, and someone starts shooting, I hope they accidentally hit some cans or a soda machine or something so I can make the best joke ever.

  9. The funniest part for me back in late 1979….was the inability of the sniper to get a bead on Steve Martin's character.

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  12. That gas station was in Pasadena, CA (now a Carl's Jr.). It was the first place I saw gasoline reach $1.00 per gallon in 1978.

  13. So so funny I was on tour in late 04/and 05 in Middle East and if I was having a bad one I’d turned to my friends and the jerk what a 😂

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