The Indonesian Teenagers Competing in Illegal Drag Races

The Indonesian Teenagers Competing in Illegal Drag Races

[Music] [Music] [Music] motorbikes rule the streets of Indonesia synonymous with the middle class they allow Indonesian zazz shot at upward mobility but after hours the ubiquitous motorbikes are a key part of a more dangerous economy this is the high-stakes world of illegal drag racing teenagers as young as 12 participate in these races they promote themselves on instagram and winners can make a small fortune from a single race however the risks are just as high as the rewards accidents like this are a deadly reminder of the dangers of beautiful drivers there are legal racing events but street racing still persists yes our Vice Indonesia correspondent heads to the suburbs of Jakarta to meet a rising star in the local drag racing scene 16 year old ezza wera add masha dropped out of school and left his family’s home to race on the weekends he participates in legal racing events despite his success there as a still races illegally on the street I mean is nothing a listen anybody [Music] [Music] nice day I hope people will not hold me there ecatel Bruna I start a painting from Baja would you want my team up in the wreckage illa why did you come back as a rides for Cal ihara the team’s owners convinced him to drop out of school and leave his rural life behind it comes to housing tons of cash and flashy gifts at 16 years old he’s living far better than most working-class Indonesia doesn’t he will be lined up it’s called a genie I’ve only really in Fallout Scala he was [Music] door and dead yeah is that definitely a lot of huva together [Music] howdy started young guard guarding utopian and unofficially a Japanese and you were interested no more yogini star upon god cheongha good neighbors near a cupola comet in Yoruba couple and non-being gear on the penis can get I’m Baba Wawa holiday when you can get another movie currently at Aronian immediate are very warm it’s a bit busy is it the name whatever I’m Bieber morale Milan grappa a bishop Woodmere oh yeah Nikita Morocco Brava es travels to Bandung four hours outside of Jakarta to attend a legal racing event the air stinks of exhaust and oil it’s legal races like this with these racing machines [Music] for senior cologne to bear upon but we are jelly mop aloo paratha Messiah buggy and really mob everything he needs to regularly replace the streets to maintain sponsorship deals that make racing possible everything from his helmet and racing gear to his stable of motorbikes is paid for by sponsors [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] today essa is racing with his friend Oakley chavin okie is older and more established in the scene he also used to participate in the street race but left because the risk was too great ha people like [Music] [Music] why everybody [Music] it was a good day for essa but successes like this aren’t enough to pay the bills as it still needs to win illegal street races to keep the money rolling in EOS returns to the suburbs of Chicago for race night Meza has told the crew to come by midnight for the illegal street race the crew waits in the car for the signal that the race is almost went inside talked to the guys and they said lately the last two races they started at 7 even 9 o’clock morning I don’t know why I think less cops but I think it’s gonna be similar to that or not because it’s just started raining nobody wants to race in the rain at the same time I want to stay here to seven it’s 6:30 we’re on the move it’s about time we’re on our way through the track is this in a car across I’m looking to be a single mom I’ll be outside there’s two million rupiah or about a hundred and forty u.s. dollars riding on this race in Indonesia that’s about a month’s salary as uh says he doesn’t care but is determined there’s more than money at stake there’s pride [Music] but we didn’t be a circle of agree with the policy derrick orberg engineer [Music] apparently apparently they’re big he’s the big guy he he’s the one who deals with the cops if it’s like if it’s getting out of control or they pick up out of the blue and he’s the guy who’s gonna give the cops money to say hey I need ten minutes here’s a few cash for you give my kids like some time so he’s the guy he’s ever [Music] [Applause] [Music] I think I think Chema lost but did you see that did you see how they they they they they flew they the legs were high they the wind got what I’m speechless what I just happened [Music] so they’re putting their the bikes back and like now the streets are back active like regular cars started coming in so somebody must have stopped it over there yep so we’ve been trying to talk with as after the race I think he’s just tired and the fact that he lost in front of many people and you wouldn’t want to talk in front of the camera I mean I understand I do the same thing if 2 million just left just gone in a minute so because that’s it for today the local police know that the town has become a mecca for illegal street races units like this confiscate hundreds of motorbikes a year but the races as well as injury and death continue to develop athenian become deeply in a bowl Indian guy Amy – Ashley she – I see jelenia Massey good player my cacciatore America Tata tea no Cassie Yetta digital record schedule to get up we are launched at somebody’s because we can [Music] tonight the police are on the lookout for illegal drag racers they search for packs of kids on motorbikes who look suspicious it seems impossible to stop street racing entirely instead the police try to interrupt the races it’s hard to explain actually we just kept on chasing em till they disappear that’s basically it it’s a dangerous cat and mouse game that seems to have no end in sight young people will continue to be drawn to illegal street-racing by promises of money and fame and the police will always be tailing them

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  1. "I’ve been racing since the 5th grade. It’s been my passion ever since I was a child. I’ve always wanted to become an accomplished drag racer."

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  2. Yuck get real bikes like zx6r r6 cbr1000rr r1 s1000rr etc… shieeet man this shit makes us look bad

  3. Keeping busy doing what they love ! and making an extra wage while they are at it kudos and ride safe brother .

  4. Keep raceing son follow your heart your parents might have made you but they are not you and fuck school its boreing keep raceing son

  5. If someone put this idiot on a 1680 Suzuki running 7.80 ' s 164 mph in the quarter mile he would shit he's pants and it wound leave in on the starting line he couldn't hold on he has no idea what fast is

  6. Here we race Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers etc…. in bum fuk they race Schwinns and Huffys ('Merica 🇺🇸)

  7. You lost at at 5:09. "The air stinks of exhaust and oil".No, that is the narrator's OPINION only. That would be like me going to her block party and saying, "the air stinks of cuckold gangbang and patchouli oil".

  8. Every corner of the world has some form of illegal racing activity…. So take advantage of it and get a leg up in life

  9. This is badass see no matter where u come from ppl have tons of the same views here in america we love racing illegally or not

  10. dissapointing, i though indonesian will flood this video with local language in the comment section, it turns out, i was wrong 😓

  11. I loved watching the video on best gore with all those stupid kids that got into an accident all mangled and twisted like pretzels. One that was Barely alive but dying was screaming in pain hahahaha

  12. I cant believe you guys did that shit, what where you thinking. You really gonna start chasing people in a cop car you hypocrites after they let you in on their scene. I'm sure you knew exacly where are the races where gonna be so you informed the cops.

  13. Dope footage but thumbs down for being a snitch when they didn't wanna fuck with him no more. 👎🏼

  14. I hate how they always use "illegal street racing" as an excuse both to say they are not abiding by the laws and grow revenue for local cop agencies and also by the racers as well since they use it as to feel cool which is not. A car going 75mph to worknis n.v illegally street racing so why dont they just call it a sport/hobby like it is.

  15. Tau dpt dr hutan mana ilmunya , dr smw balapan motor dr penjuru dunia cm dimari motor pake ban sepeda .. wkwkwk biar nape tong ? Motor mo kenceng gede in cc nya bkn kerdil in ban nya.. hadeeeh kaum dhuafa pgn ikut2an hobby mahal sih gini jd nya ngacooo ..wkwkwk

  16. I wonder if they have actual drag tires, slicks, radial etc, or are they just burning the tread off the tire?

  17. This country is not as crazy as thailand..but they have more creativity on much creative industry is build along the euphoria..against the giant industry

  18. What happens if i bring a modded hayabusa in that drag race? I don’t have a hayabusa(gsx-r 1300), but it’s just an example.

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