The Hard Shell CVT Roof Top Tent

The Hard Shell CVT Roof Top Tent

welcome back to another accidentaly
video hope you’re doing well today’s video is all about popping up our
rooftop tent so we have a hard shell CVT tent and if you don’t know in about
three weeks from now we’re leaving this ranch and my wife and I are gonna do
some traveling seeing friends and family hope you come along so hit the subscribe
button and we’re gonna be using this what looks like a cargo case shell on
the top of our truck it’s a tent pops up straight and it’s about a queen-size bed
in there and so today we’re going to pop it up for you before we do that we got
to get to our campsite so let’s go we are almost there we just have this
one steep spot that we got to climb with the truck
blah blah blah I’ll probably have to put in four-wheel drive alright that made it through that
section great we got one more big Hill Climb and then we’ll pop up the tent we’re going all the way to the top so
this is the last part of this hill climb and it’s one of the steeper roads that
we have here but truck seems to be doing fine I’m gonna pass this tree up here hi
guys there we go going all the way to the top
oh yeah it’s probably gonna be windy up here so I apologize in advance if
there’s a lotta you guys might be wondering how I’m getting all these cool
shots because I have my friend Curtis here today helping me we’re getting a
little sideways here yeah a little sideways okay here we go here we go oh yeah have I said that I
love this truck I love having that Tacoma oh yeah we made it to the top
check that out okay so it’s pretty windy up here so what I’m doing right now is
I’m recording the audio in the truck so that you’re not gonna get a lot of wind
noise but what I’m doing is I’m gonna pop up the tent and I’m gonna talk you
through what I’m doing so the CVT hardshell tent comes with
four straps and four clips on each corner so to start you want to go around
the tent and undo the four clips and leave two of the straps connected on two
of the corners there is a rope with a handle that you use to pull the tent
back down when you close it when you go to pop the tent up I always hold on to
that rope so that it doesn’t loop around anything and break off one of the clamps
or anything like that so the the two corners that have the rope I keep the
straps attached there first and then when I’m ready I will undo this so like
here you can see on the front here I just have one strap that’s hooked and on
the back I have one strap that hook so I’m undoing the strap on the front and
now I’m gonna lift up the front there are gas shocks inside the tent that will
pop up the tent for you so there the front of the tent is now all popped up
now I need to walk around and I’ll pop up the back side of the tent and there
goes the back side and now the tent is fully popped up okay so now we need the
ladder in order to get in there’s a door on each side of the tent but I’m pretty
sure you can only climb in from one side I think the ladder doesn’t hook on the
other side so we always climb in on on the driver side
and get this ladder set up it’s nice those telescopes so you can set it to
any height depending upon what vehicle you put your your tent on and it’s super
windy okay let’s let’s climb up in here I want to show you guys inside the tent
so on the doors there’s a the tent material door and then there’s also a
mesh screen door if you want to do that and then here on the inside they come
with a foam mattress and what Taylor and I did is we we unzip this cover on the
mattress and we we pulled out the foam mattress that they gave us and we put in
a memory foam mattress so we just cut it to the shape of this case and we put
that inside so the memory foam is going to be really nice to sleep on as you can
see there are different places in here you can store different things there’s
the net on the ceiling the tent also comes with an electrical system that’s
in it and if you look out here on the outside of the tent it comes with a port
right here where you can plug it in and it runs to your DC outlet inside your
vehicle and so what I did was I I ran it down in between the canopy in the cab
down to the frame and then I ran the wire up to the battery now that I got
the tent hardwired on the inside here I put in this switch and this will power
the tent so you just flip that on and then there’s another button here and if
you press that then it lights up the LED light inside the tent and then there are
four USB ports that we can charge our phones or or whatever else we need to
charge if we want to while we’re inside the tent so it’s pretty spacious we’ve
slept in the tent three different times so far and we just have a zero degree
sleeping bag and a negative twenty degrees
meg the tent actually insulated us quite well one of the nights we took our
buffalo rug and put that over us and we stayed super warm so but not everybody
has a buffalo to hang out with all right so that’s basically guys yeah make sure you subscribe to the channel
give us a thumbs up if you liked this video and hats off to you guys we’ll see
you later

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  1. Do you and your brother ranch together and when you are travelling is he going to remain on the ranch? Will he be shooting any videos on the ranch?

  2. Pretty cool tent, my wife wouldn't enjoy it but I could handle it for a few nights but I really like my bed and living on the ranch.

  3. That's a pretty dope set up I want to do something similar but I'm wondering why you wouldn't mount the tent on your cap. Is it too heavy for it?

  4. Looks like a great setup. The only thing that the tent appeared to lack was a window screens to have a 360 degree views…

  5. Do you have a video of you mounting that roof top tent to the roof of your truck does your truck have the stock roof rack or did you install a different one do you have a video mounting tent

  6. My popup tent has 4 clasps on the outside to hold it In the down position . One of the clasps is to loose, even when it is tightened all the way , how can I easily fix it so it has tension when it is tighten down ?

  7. I bought the next generation of that same tent, in part, due to your great vids. They made a few changes but the gen2 is mostly the same. The next version is supposed to be quite different and should arrive early next year. We're excited to get out and try the new jeep tree house. Thx!

  8. I hate to sound like a critic but for those who haven't seen this yet? SKIP the first 5 minutes unless you just want to see him driving his truck real slow. TENT SET-UP begins as 5:05.

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