The good the bad and the ugly of protective styles/traction alopecia

The good the bad and the ugly of protective styles/traction alopecia

girl that hair is in your hair too long
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about the bad of protective styles now I love protective steps I do them all the
time and so I can actually give your information on my experience with
protect styles now if you all have different opinions and different
experiences with protective styles please drop a comment on what your
experience has been with wearing protective styles so let’s jump right
into the video so the first thing that you’re not gonna do with your protective
style aka braids weaves cornrow braids you know extensions these type of things
is leaving it hair in too long so my suggestion for leaving in plats like box braids hair with extensions is about a month
and a half a month one month to one month and a half if you leave this in
your hair too long and as I said one month to one month and a half is
actually stretching it if you leave braids in your hair too long what
happens is your hair sheads every single day I and when you leave it in your hair too long and you’re not taking care of it you’re not moisturizing it you’re not doing what
you’re supposed to do to your hair to take care of it it’s gonna break there’s
nothing you can do about it your hair is going to break remember when your hair is in the style it’s not getting the moisture that it needs and even though you’re
putting in moisture you’re not putting it on every single strap so you’re hair
is going to become a little dry there are ways to do this there are ways to
apply the moisture to the hair which shall be saying in a point lower down
make sure and do not leave your box braids in your hair longer than one
month and a half I’ve seen a lot of people doing videos where they leaving a
person here for like five months six months and all this type of stuff a
when they take down the hair you see a lot of build up and we’re gonna tell you they
were washing their hair and a whole bunch of stuff but there’s a lot of
buildup and look they might not want to admit but their hair has broken yes it
grew you have the new growth the roots is all out there
nice but what about an ends of your hair is it broke off a lot of it broke off so
I am against leaving your braids in so long if you want to do it
it’s okay with you but from my experience I left braids in for like
two months and I got some buildup on some breakage but I’m not going to
advise someone to that. So the next point is washing your hair with braids in it
now I can’t speak from my experience right there are ways to do it and maybe
I was not aware of the correct way to do it
when I washed my hair the last time I had in some crochet faux locs and I’ll be
linking the video in the card right their installation right here I had n some
faux locs and I had it in for like a month but I decided yo I need to wash
this my hair is like I need to watch this and I’m not taking this out because
whew my hair be looking all kinds ah good okay so I did not want to part
with it so I wash the hair and immediately when I watched that faux
locs I use individual methods I’m applying
I felt the balls the hair started balling at the root and it was not cool so
like two weeks after I took it out I experienced with the ridiculous breakage
and the breakage wasn’t really at the ends of my hair where i thought it would
have been most most prevalent the breakage was like where my hair stopped growing it so I had redone my hand I did everything right that
and I was moisturizing I was doing all the things I saw the YouTube gurus doing
and when I took out the braids I still had breakage really bad breakage and I’m
like but when I don’t wash my hair I don’t get that much breakage so why am I
getting breakage now so all this to say is that not everything you see on
YouTube works not everything all these gurus do works
for your hair type everyone’s hair is different and what well with Jackie’s hair may not work for your hair and that was my experience of washing my hair so
I don’t wash my hair like that I would probably use a dry shampoo or something
but I don’t wash my hair with water when I have an individual braids the next
point is don’t get your hair braided too tight because what’s gonna happen is
you see those edges that you like to treasure they will be no more they will
be no more you will have no edges I’m just saying you will have no edges if
you braid your hair too tight if you’re sitting in the chair and your favorite
braider you know she starts braiding your hair and you feel it a little too tight
you tell her honey you know I really love you but your braiding my hair too tight
she’s gonna be like okay no problem I’ll stop I’ll do it a little I’ll ease you up
okay and she gets like two three four braids and and you’re still feeling like
God is literally putting the the intelligence into your brains and
yanking it out you know she’s braiding it too tight you said there you think she’s
braiding that here too tight stir pretend do this fake a phone call your phone is on silent just get on your phone and make sure your phone is on silent because if
your phone actually rings while you’re pretending to be on a call yeah ring
ring bada bada ring ring hey what’s up what what happened
okay okay no problem I was getting my hair braided but I really need to okay
no problem okay I’m coming there now you tell the Braider boo I have an
emergency at home I really need to leave I’m really sorry and we can reschedule
and you get the heck out of that chair yo you run run forest
well you get the hell up out that chair because you know what’s going to happen
she’s gonna screw your hairline up and you know people think that okay even
though they braid inside of your hair tight nothing might happen no no no no
no boo I have had instances where my hair was braided too tight and I lost
hair in the middle of my head next point if you have your hair in cornrow braids
like so I would suggest leaving it for at least two weeks because after two
weeks it starts getting messy if you want to stretch it and put it for like
three weeks you could go ahead but make sure when you’re here is in these birds
you keep putting in your oils you moisturize it and you do what you need
to do to keep it moisturized and hydrated because ya breakaget we’re trying
to prevent breakage so I would suggest two weeks four cornrow braids to the
three weeks four cornrow braids for longest to keep your hair moisturized
under braids all weaves or wigs or anything so what you can do and I’ve
notice it actually works for me when I had in my braids after my
craziness that I went through with the dreadlocks
I started moisturizing my hair with a DIY hair spritz I have a video on that
I’ll link it right there I use my rosemary hair spritz or I use conditioner
and water is really easy to make just put conditioner in some water and spray on
hair or whatever you have if you have rose water anything you spray your hair
up with it your roots you do some of you hair and then you get
your cream your hair cream so if you have like a leave-in conditioner like I
have the Shea Moisture jamaican black castor oil leave-in conditioner I can
use the cantu leave in conditioner addition leave-in conditioner you have
you apply to the ends of your hair you put some in your roots so you do the
other LOC method is spray your hair and then you put your DIY whatever you use a for
seal or whatnot into the hair and you seal it in and you do not like once a
week if you wanted to add more that’s up to you but I do it once a week and
actually when I took down my last set of braids I experienced very minimal
breakage I better have breakage because you’re here does shead every single day
let’s be real you will get breakage but it will be less and that’s what happened
with me if you all have tried this before one and then do it for you please
drop a comment so you can share your experience with other persons the next
point is take care of your damaged to hair your hair has been damaged you
put in a braid style and it was done too tight and you have breakage and in front of
your hair do not go out put in another braid style if you want you can put on a
wig you could wear a weave but you’re gonna have to take care of this part of your hair that is damaged you see the thing is if you go on you put in braids
again then your hair is gonna keep coming out you see on your hair is very
tender it’s gonna start pulling out your hair and you end up having a receding
hairline and you don’t want that to happen
give yourself a rest what you can probably do is wear a wig not the wigs
where you have to glue down the hair where wear a regular wig that you don’t have any
glue to put on here take care of your hair I actually had a
receding hairline at some point and I wouldn’t say that my hairline I had lost
a lot of hair at the front from my years of braiding and the way I fixed this
is because I started a new diet and I started juicing vegetables and stuff
like that and I tried to curly proverbz the curly Proverbz hair oil while natural
hair oil i actually have a DIY video on this it will be linked in the card
right here it actually worked to grow my hair out thats what i did and within a month and I’ve noticed some growth so that’s a tip which we brings me to the other point rest your hair don’t put in braids now and when you
take it out put in another bridge style no give you at least a week or something
like that forever so the next point I know people are gonna come for me but
you know what this is my experience and I can only speak on my experience and
hair glue is not your friend hair glue is your enemy hair glue has some
people in these videos who I will not be showing with crazy hair lines and if you
want to come for me for saying that then go right ahead so seriously speaking
when you are putting in your frontals and whatever it is you’re putting on
make sure to ask which type of glue these stylists are using because I’ve
seen pictures where this is are taking off their frontals and you see a big
damp like I don’t even want to show you the video for copyright as use but I saw
like a big cut on the woman’s hair when she was lifting it off i saw persons using Got to be Glue and it seems to be working good I don’t know what it does I’ve
never used it before anyone who has used got to be glue please drop a comment let
me know how its working for you you let me know if it breaks your hair
but you see the black hair glue I think they said it’s made out of tar or something
like that and when you put that on your hairline like what I did some time I’m
telling you I’m speaking from experience but there was a time I had my hair cornrow braids braids and it was going back right and I put diamonds on
the end of my braids on the tips right here I used hair glue when I took down my
Braids after a week I had breakage ridiculous
brekage I knew exactly where the breakage came from so then I stopped
using the glue in my hair entirely because it was causing breakage don’t
use that type of glue too much in your hair if you do it there are ways to take
it off don’t just remove the glue use whatever thing there is to take out the
glue from your here to take the glue out of your hair
this has been another episode of Trini mom beauty and over on this side you can
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gonna hit that subscribe button you can also hit this picture right here that
video there or that video down there both of them are videos of me
doing the front hairstyles Trini mom beauty is out guys bye

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  1. You are very right. It is wrong to leave ur braids for too long you gave some lovely tips the longest I keep my braids is 2 month not more than than that nice video sis

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  9. Usually! I wear protective styles 2 to 3 months. I wash and condition the braids in my hair but i also do these styles myself. I am very gental with my edges and I always recommend using a dandruff shampoo is you are wearing braids to an extended period of time. You can see HUGE growth learning when and how to properly use protrctive styles.

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