The Garage – Christoph and the Tire of the Future

The Garage – Christoph and the Tire of the Future

Oh Chris, I have some bad news for
you. All tires must be renewed. With the right air pressure you would have come much further with these tires. No, wait! We were about to go on vacation. You’re telling me I can’t drive with these? No, not with these tires. Oh No. As you can see, I’m not ready for my vacation… but I hope you’re ready for The Garage. [Music] You know I could be on vacation right
now. …riding some waves. But I’m here. Due to my worn, old tires. I do wonder, nowadays, with all the technology we have… …we can send massive amounts of data to space, or to another person, within seconds! But a worn tire is holding me back from
going on vacation? How can that be? How can we avoid this in the future? Let’s find out what the help of our expert. His name is Christoph Berger. He is a Development Engineer at Continental Tires. Christoph, great to have you. Hi Chris! How are you doing today? Fine, and you? Yeah good. Tell us, how can we avoid things like the wrong tire pressure? How can we check the tread depth easily? …which was my problem… In the future we’ll need intelligent tires. They’ll be equipped with sensors to monitor the tire status all the time. They then give feedback to the driver or to the vehicle or to somebody else… So you say this like you already have a
solution? Yeah, we developed a technology concept… Can you show it to us? …of course. Look at this! Christoph, you guys are all magicians at Continental, aren’t you? …sometimes. What are we going to do with all this stuff? With this I want to demonstrate how
we make the rubber conductive. We then use the rubber in the tire as a rubber wire. Okay, wait a minute. What means “conductive”? …it means that you can transmit electrical energy through the rubber. Isn’t rubber an isolating material? Normally yes, but here I have a special kind of rubber. It has special ingredients which make the rubber conductive. Sorry Christoph, this looks like a simple piece of rubber to me… …yeah. Here you can see how electrical energy is transmitted through the rubber… …to make the LED shine. No way! You mean electricity is actually transmitted… We’re closing the electric circuit and
the LED is on. We can transmit even more complex signals… …music! That’s what I like! What did you do?! I can show you, it’s rubber! There are no wires in it… That is crazy! This is the new way of DJing! What happens in a more dangerous situation? …like I went over a nail
or something like that. Here we have an easy experiment… This is a sandwich of a conductive layer of rubber and two isolating layers made of rubber. Right now everything’s okay, there is no puncture. In case of a puncture the lamp switches from on to off. This means that the tire is actually telling me that something is wrong. The tire detects the puncture before there is an air pressure loss. You can easily recognize the sandwich in the tire. This is the conductive layer… This is the yellow isolating layer… …and again a conductive layer This sandwich that we see here is implemented in the tire. Pretty amazing what tires can do nowadays. The only thing missing is that the tires switch from winter tires to summer tires automatically. That would be fantastic! We have a technology concept for this. No way. Wait a second. …and you did it again! Christoph, you got to show me this trick one day. …maybe. Tell us, what is this? This is our technology concept “ContiAdapt”. It adapts the tire footprint to different road conditions automatically. When you’re talking about “footprint” what do you mean? It’s the contact area between the tire and the road where the forces are transmitted. I get it… So, what mode do we have
now? At the moment we have the set-up for wet conditions. We have a narrow rim width and a high inflation pressure. This leads to a smaller footprint with high contact pressure. What happens if I get into a snowy road situation? In this case we widen the rim and decrease the inflation pressure. The additional zones in the pattern generate additional grip. This leads to more traction on snow or ice. That is amazing. What you see in the graphic is a
footprint of the tire. This is a picture from underneath. I got to get me one of these before I go on my next vacation. 1, 2, 3… Thank you very much Christoph for joining us. Thank you for tuning in and be sure to
tune in again next time …for a new episode of The Garage. I’m off to vacation. How about you? …not yet.

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  1. Hi Continental. It's about time you guys made a program that showcases your products and up coming future technology. The tyre that attach to the different road surfaces he's amazing. Hopefully we can see this technology used on cars sooner rather than later.

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