The Future of Tires

The Future of Tires

rev up your engines, Ariba says hey scotty
did you hear anything about those tires that don’t have air in them that
Michelin and GM are working on, they’re working on them and their supposed to put
them in a Chevy Volt, michelin already has these
airless tires that have no air in them, they sell them for a little 4-wheel atvs
that people drive in the woods, but they’re eight hundred and forty dollars
a piece so they’re super expensive, and personally it sounds kind of crazy when
you’re driving down the road your tires actually absorb more of the shocks then
your shock absorbers do, if you got an open tire like those that have ribs and no
air in them, I don’t think they’ll absorb the shock on it well, they won’t ride
that well and they look goofy as heck, so I really can’t see that coming to the
forefront if you’re gonna have to spend eight times as much for the tires and
spend almost $3500 for four tires, I don’t see that as passing unless they
radically change things, John seeker says is it cheaper to change
the oil myself instead of taking it to the shop, well of course it is, let’s you’re
going to a really bad shop that sells really junky oil, they’re buying things
in mass, now if I buy a good air filter I mean oil filter, I buy an oil
filter I like the premium ones, but I don’t go to a discount auto parts store they really
want 10-13 buck, I buy em online for like six bucks apiece, now I know a guy
who runs an oil change place, he pays 50 cents apiece for his oil
filters but he buys the cheapest junk he can get his hands on, if you want a lower
quality filter and the cheapest oil like a bulk oil, it might actually be
cheaper going to those guys, but if you want quality oil with a quality oil
filter buy it yourself know what you’re getting and do it, because if you go to
an oil change place and you say I want this quality filter and this quality oil
you’re gonna take through the nose for it, that’s just how it goes
sell it says do you think an e46 BMW will be valuable in the future, not
really they’re not collector cars, they’re mass-produced cars still, their
not hand-built cars they’re mass-produced cars, all mass-produced
anything you own, their generally never worth all that much money, I’ll give you a
perfect analogy, let’s say you get a Union soldier pistol from the Civil War
it was a long time ago, it’s not gonna be worth more a few hundred bucks generally
but if you got a Confederate officers pistol they’re worth a fortune because
there’s hardly any them left, they didn’t make that many, if
you buy a car they only made a handful of them, odds are in the future if it
still runs it can be worth some serious money if it’s a collector’s item, mass
produced once not so, some of the M BMWs keep their value to a certain
extent, but they cost so much money in the first place you general never even
recoup the original price it might stay up and value but it’s not gonna be two
three times what it was originally, I don’t see that in those cars, geez dosage
says hey Scotty I’m in a debate between the 97 Lexus ES 300 with 137 thousand miles
for $1,700 or infinity qx4 114 thousand miles for 1,400, I know the Lexus is more
reliable but the infinity is four-wheel drive, you get that Lexus man don’t even
think about a four-wheel-drive infinity, even if it was two-wheel drive those
things are endless money pits as they age that’s just how those things are, where
the Lexus aren’t, and you’re talking an es 300, that’s the sixth cylinder those
things can run forever with very little maintenance, don’t even think about
buying it, personally myself I wouldn’t buy a four-wheel-drive Lexus either, the
four-wheel drive systems as they age their complex, cost a lot of money to fix
and those things go great in the snow with a two-wheel drive they’re well
designed, he says my vehicle runs rough after it’s warmed up please help, 92 Mazda
MPV 3 liter four-wheel drive 4, if your car runs
pretty good, but once it warms up it starts running rough
generally it means the vehicle is getting too much fuel, it’s running rich
cold engine needs extra fuel to start up and run that’s just how it is, just like
first thing in the morning you need a strong cup of coffee to get going, but if
you keep drinking coffee all day long you’re gonna get the jitters, well if
your car once it warms up gets too much fuel as its warmed up, it’ll get the
jitters and start shuttering and won’t run right, it can be leaking fuel injectors
have them pressured cleaned, could be a bad fuel
pressure regulator, the other way it could be running lean, they normally
don’t go that way, but if it is pull out a spark plug and it’s white it could be as
simple as your fuel pump starting to to go out and once it warms up it can’t pump
enough fuel because it’s an electric pump and if it’s old and it gets hot it
can stop pumping the right amount of fuel, you could pressure test that too,
starting with nothing, hey we all start with nothing,
hey Scotty my 2001 Volvo v70 is grindy noise coming from the engine any idea
what it is, do this and pray, take all the fan belts off and start it up, it won’t hurt
anything just sitting there for a minute running, if the noise goes away great you
know it’s something the belts drives like the alternator’s going bad or the
water pump, then spin the pulleys to hear the noise and replace that, pray it’s
that because you take all that stuff off and it still makes the noise, its
internal engine grinding and on those any problem like that’s gonna cost a fortune
to fix to tear those Volvo engines apart so pray it goes away when you take the
fan belts off, Joel Olsteen my car is 23 years old, should I be
afraid of the airbags, I would, it’s a little explosive device that just sits
there and here’s the real kicker, you go back decades ago when they first really
came out with airbags and all of them told we mechanics and all the data systems,
every 10 years replace the airbag module you were supposed to take the old one out
and dispose of it, and put a new one in they don’t say that anymore, now I have
no idea, did they radically change the way they make them or do they just
decide that’s an expensive thing and maybe people will sue us and say, hey they
should last longer, so we don’t tell them to change them every 10 years, I don’t
know if there’s an engineer out there from knows, hey please tell me or tell
the world you know, put it on my website Scotty kilmer .com and say, here’s the
truth about airbags why they used to tell you that you had to change the modules
every 10 years now they don’t, but I wouldn’t
trust them at that age, but really I trust seatbelts, snap click you’re in
the race cars have seat belts they don’t have airbags, they do work if you
use them, professor Trip says Scotty I got a 2000 accord, the other day I was
driving I looked at the dash and the digital odometer was only showing parts
of each digit, I hit a bump and it fixed it for a while any suggestions, okay
well take the dash apart, it’s very easy just a few screws and whole stupid thing pops
out, there’s a bunch of clips you take off and get the wires look to see if
there’s any corrosion in there and see if any of the wires have come loose, if
not that means the dash is just breaking down and that’s typical on Honda’s I see
it all the time, the stupid pixels on those things they’re all computerized
over time they break down and then they start getting partial readouts
and those dashes are so expensive if it really lost a lot, go to
a junkyard try a used one, I can usually talk them into sell me one for 50 60
bucks and you just put a used dash in, graves says Scotty what’s your favorite
beverage to consume prior to your rants, well nothing really I get
water most of the time, I’m 65 my serious drinking days are way behind me
every once a while yeah I like having a beer, margarita
I like rum, have a glass of rum or something every once in a while, but
when you get older you don’t need that stuff anymore, you know I mean I was
really young going to college everybody smoked I mean now they’re legalizing
it, I haven’t done that thing in years and I mean I don’t have any
interest in that stuff anymore, you get older your brain becomes wiser, some
people they don’t get older because their brains didn’t get wise so
but like anything else, moderation what the heck nothing wrong with
that, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell

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  2. My city always has construction, so airless tires would be great to have! I have all terrain tires on my 2wd truck because they are much harder to puncture.

  3. What happens when some of these spaces fill with mud or snow ? Ever try to drive with a tire that has a wheel out of balance because of this ?

  4. I wonder if tire manufacturers will now fuse the tire with the rim so if the tire wears out, you can't re-use the rim you already have, and have to throwaway the entire wheel. Since the disposable razorblade model is being adopted more and more by companies, It would be in their interest to make the wheel disposable thereby increasing profits.

  5. I'm looking to buy a used school bus to use for Youth Trips at church. What Diesel Engine do YOU recommend? Cummins or Caterpillar.

  6. Every so often, you hear about airless bicycle tires, but people find they don't roll well. Air has much less hysteresis than solid rubber. And don't forget they're heavier, and the ride is harsh.

  7. First of new technology is always expensive and looks bad. Once it reaches maturity it will cost less and look more appealing. It almost always works out that way.

  8. Living I Canada with 4 months of snowfall, these would pose issues with snow jamming up through the sides, and causing serious balancing issues, not to mention the mud from construction sites. Good way to prematurely wear out suspension components. Another product we don't need…

  9. Number of times taken my car to any oil change facility over 20 yrs of driving: 0.
    I've talked to enough people, some drove home with no oil in the car, others found a shop rag inside their valve cover..etc etc.

  10. Some of the really older (1980's) M3's are worth a good penny right now. Probably around what they were initially paid for. And they're going up in price.

  11. Classic 'Scotty' in this video, throwing out both car knowledge and adult wisdom. Don't ever change Mr. Kilmer. Just don't.

  12. Hey Scotty I have a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.3 AWD and when it first starts it ticks very loudly for about 10 seconds what could be the problem.

  13. if i close my eyes and listen to your voice you sound just like Bobby from King of the Hill. and he was Texan too. lol

  14. I personally wouldn't wanna use these tires, unless they manage to make them look different and cut the price in half. Guaranteed they don't cost them that much to make them.

  15. I was skeptical of those new tires in winter. What happens if ice and snow gets packed into the tire, thaws and refreezes?

  16. Biggest drawback I’ve heard about those airless tires is the amount of friction and lack of efficiency causing awful fuel mileage. Obviously not an issue in military/industrial/off-road vehicles

  17. hey scotty..over the winter rabbits and rodents used my catalytic converter as a heater and chew on the electrical system in my 05 dodge stratus sxt..specifically through some wire on the system side of the sensor connectors(not the sensor side) that lead to the 2 o2 car seems to run fine but its slurping through the gas..roughly how many miles can i expect to get out of my car driving this way? any tips on reestablishing the connections between snipped wires? i live in california where smog laws are the devil..i have until march next year till i have to resmog

  18. Your lack of education on airless tires is astonishing. Because of this one video I'm completely done trusting you haha.

  19. Solid tires reduce gas mileage due to increasing rotating mass and provide a bumpier ride (bikes and scooters experience)

  20. As long as you don’t suffer from severe Trypophobia like I do.
    I pray that this never happens, and so do a ton of other people….

  21. I was talking to a car fanatic about 15 years ago at my job. we walked at GE. I said I have a grate idea about tires that had no air. I said take a hub & fit it with curved bands around the hub. Then connect the hub with a steel band going around the out side. Then put the rubber threads around the band & lock it in place. So when the rubber band wares out just junk it & put another on. This would require less waste & still have ounce & some of the shock of an inflated tire. He said I was over thinking this & don't worry about things that was not broke. Then I forgot about it till I saw your story.

  22. I have some of those Michelin tweel tires on my John Deere mower and they ride great.. Main reason I got them was because you never have to air them up so your mower will always cut level.

  23. Scotty, why is my 05 ford escape limited whining when im driving? I changed the breaks, calipers, sounds like a manual going in reverse while im driving gets faster the faster i go. Ive put it in neutral while moving and it still does it. Is it my rear or awd deferential? Im losing my mind.

  24. I've worked at a shop, the customer request premium oil, I go hit up a oil silo and it's empty, all that's left is the lowest quality stuff. I tell my boss, he tells me to use it, I asked if we're going to change that on the invoice and he walks away smirking a unconvincing mmhmm, lol

  25. Airless tyres? Not worth the cost, maybe if they were made from rubber that didn't wear or at least not crack as they age, then they would be worth it! I guess no spare tyre is required, which would be good for trunk/boot space

  26. Scotty, are Toyota oil filters any good? I just bought a bunch of sealed ones from a Toyota dealer selling them on ebay. They have the pre-greased gasket.

  27. Scotty, I have an 89 Ranger, 4 cylinder. I got a squeal from my engine but only when I have the A/C system running. A/C blows cold air just fine. Any suggestions on how the fix squeal?

  28. I have some doubt on those kind of tires. On the rough terrain with so many pebbles/small rocks, I believe they will actually get stucked on the tires and damage it.

  29. Hey, Scotty. I have a 2005 Cadillac SRX that occasionally gives me the P1826 trouble code. Since it's a 14 year old GM vehicle, I'm wondering if my transmission is crapping out.

  30. My opinion. Safety regulation. Maybe their was no reason to change them, so they had to take it out. Or a higher % of them was lasting way longer than expected.

  31. Tjoese new airless tires are going to have side walls and I do see a place for them the work/jobsite vehicles were punctures are an issue this and ultra high end luxury are the target market

  32. I think also that if you leave the car parked for an extended period of time with those new type tires , there may be a pemanent flat spot.



  35. Have you ever changed a brake light switch on a Hyundai. Hardest repair I have ever done. It was a nightmare, not enough room for two hands.

  36. We've had these airless tires in the construction industry for many years this isn't some giant leap in innovation

  37. the tires won't be open! imagine with ice and snow? This is just to show what's gonna be inside. they are gonna have a cover like the tires we have now

  38. Stuff can get stuck in the open space making it out of balance . How would it be able to handle a corner with no sidewall

  39. Hope to have a glass of rhum with you one day and talk about mecanic evolution going WORST🤑🤑😂😂

  40. I was told at dealership if anything goes bad in your airbag system it will Throw a code and turn on your airbag light could be bs I don’t know

  41. My 2001 Infiniti QX4 had nearly 260k miles. Only issue were headlamps I installed used ones from eBay and they are fine. New ones cost more than car.

  42. The air bag every 10 years thing is bust. But that is because they didn't know if they would last. But long term testing found that they, in their sealed environment, last well over 10 years. In fact, they haven't found a failure due to age yet. This includes early air bag systems. But really, seat belts are better, as airbags assist the seat belt in stopping the passengers of the vehicle from moving too much and decreasing the inertia from the crash, as well as recoil and the like which can lead to more serious neck injuries. Apparently, there is some way to test if the airbag system still works without detonating it too.

  43. I remember seeing those tires back in the late 90s. Audi was experimenting with them. If the tread ware is the same, what’s the point? Avoiding a few flats? You could get several flat tires and still not spend what four of those tires would initially cost. Are we expecting an air shortage?

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