The flexible Wheel featuring MICHELIN ACORUS Technology

The flexible Wheel featuring MICHELIN ACORUS Technology

can you imagine in certain countries with bad road conditions half of the tires do not reach the end of their life due to sidewall damage the idea for Michelin zakora’s technology was born from the constant search for answers to problems like these encountered by its customers in listening to our M customers we understood that the mission across technology had to be an integral part of the wheel when the missionary incubator team presented us the icarus technology we were right away convinced that this would be a really breakthrough for OEM customers as well as for the car drivers mission Icarus technology is only possible because it’s integrated with the wheel and it’s really the combined know-how of maximum wheels and Mishnah that make it possible to bring it to the market we couldn’t have done it alone the flexible wheel combines an aluminum wheel body two rubber flanges and optional wheel cover inserts for aesthetic purposes like any other wheel it’s compatible with all tires available on the market when facing a road hazard the flange is deformed to protect the tire and the wheel body both stay intact and therefore the driver and the passengers are kept safe because they are better able to control the vehicle after hitting a pothole the flexible wheel is not just a robust safety solution it’s a beautiful wheel which allows customers to have access to bigger wheels as well as multiple different visual options providing a unique level of driving experience for premium vehicles moreover the flexible wheel together with the Michelin Icarus technology will essentially avoid sidewall damage due to potholes and therefore it optimizes tire life time which signifies better respect [Music]

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  1. It is also a problem when car manufacturers are upping their rim size and thinning out their tyres. There are 18-inch rims in compact cars these days!

  2. If Michelin actually had any respect for the environment, they would stop holding back airless tires technology in the name of profit. We are still driving on archaic balloons that puncture because its too good of a business for them

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