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  1. Hi, Barney. You don't have to be a national account. Our Advantage Program (free to sign-up) provides small fleets and owner-operators with access to our ONCall ERS with no dispatch fee. The program, among other things, includes special Advantage Program pricing on our tires and retreads, so you know what you'll pay in the event of a ERS situation. Check out more on the program on the bottom right of the home page at michelintruck(dot)com.

  2. Hey Barney just a ???? WHY not put an On Board TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM on YOUR TRUCK ?????? you do know what they are dont you ????? it'l Save fuel Tires and give you piece of mind … not to mention gauges in Dash to have real time pressure reading ! lose pressure just open valve and drive to a safe place to stop with NO DESTRUCTION of rim or TIRE !

  3. What about when the rim is destroyed? Sometimes in contstruction zones drivers will blow out a tire and not be able to pull off for a certain number of miles. On duals this is not an issue. I see a comment below about the inflation system, but most super single blow-outs that I have heard of (with inflation systems) required a separate technician call out to cap off the system until it can be repaired. Super Singles have benefits, but telling drivers & fleets that they have no downsides? Shady.

  4. Yes.  The Hummer H1 have tire pressure reading.  And you can change the tire pressure from inside the cab.  Why cant trucks have this system?

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