The Essentials: Wheels – New Ibiza & Arona

The Essentials: Wheels – New Ibiza & Arona

The puncture kit allows you to repair the tyre
reliably for punctures of up to approximately 4 mm. This kit allows you to remove the tyre valve cap and
core to apply the bottle with the sealant material. Inflate the tyre with the kit
compressor while keeping the engine running. If the proper pressure is not reached, move the vehicle about 10 m to
distribute the sealant liquid along the tyre. Repeat the inflation and movement process. If the right pressure has still not
been reached, the tyre is too damaged. You will need the help of authorised personnel. Drive for about 10 minutes at a maximum speed
of 80 km/hour and check the tyre pressure again. You must have the puncture repaired at
a specialised workshop as soon as possible. The vehicle tool kit allows you to change a wheel. It contains different items to: remove the trim loose the wheel bolts lift the vehicle remove the wheel bolts remove/fit a wheel

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  1. Muy decepcionado con Servicio oficial SEAT,…. Me han reparado un daño en el costado derecho de mi León y me han hecho una auténtica CHAPUZA. El marco de la puerta mal reparado y sin pintar, se nota el corte de la pintura en todas las zonas pintadas, plásticos dañados y rozados de la puerta delantera derecha, pegatinas de airbag dañadas y mal pegadas, cejilla lamelunas puerta derecha doblada, retrovisor derecho dañado, plásticos en negro piano del exterior del vehículo tanto de las puertas como de los alerón arañados.. Y para colmo el coche sucio y lleno de polvo. Un coche de Marzo de 2018… Así cuida SEAT a sus clientes! Y llamas a SEAT Responde y no soluciona nada y parece que la culpa es tuya

  2. You must be retarded to think this will really work. This is just a scam set up by Seat and other companies in order to reduce the costs of the cars by not providing the spare wheel!!!

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