hey guys one of my subscribers wanted me
to do a video on the purchase thing over here at create I’m gonna try to do this
the best as I can I’m going to also try to the link below in the description the
actual stuff that I had creat sent me so I ran it read over it there’s gonna be
some differences because everything’s in life is not sad but pretty much the
Cascadia czar forty-nine thousand they’re going to have four hundred
thousand miles on them that’s that’s a fair price
i can’t say it’s not a fair price they do not have an APU they have an op the
idle they will have a hundred thousand miles factory warranty left on on them
you will purchase an additional two hundred thousand mile warranty that will
just cover the motor you’re gonna unless you want to bring an outside financier
you’re gonna use Capaldi casually credit it’s a separate entity from Crete but
they are still affiliated you’re gonna pay a twin seven and a nine percent
interest rate and you’re going to put between three and six thousand dollars
down now when we’re talking about these trucks I want you to remember something
here everything is negotiable they will negotiate with you on certain issues
like term interest things of this nature I know they will because they did with
me all right they are a city tax they also offer a
tax iris through 80 BBS let me save you some money there don’t use the tax
Cypress get your own tax person you’ll write off a lot more deductions a TBS is
great but they’re they’re not risky in any way they just the plain vanilla they
won’t write off things that they consider
questionable like that four-wheeler you bought that you’re gonna be dragging
around tires and stuff with on the back lot you know and or you know you know
saying oh maybe a butter race car and you you actually just bought it so you
could drag your trip around I don’t know there’s all kinds of things you can
write off that that a questionable but still doable okay you’re going to keep a
fifteen cents a mile that you’re going to keep in a maintenance escrow the
casual capital casualty will also keep until the completion of your lease you
can also put the what’s left of that money you can pay it toward your loan
and pay it off early do pay it off early if possible saves you interest money okay now I’ll move over to the max force
it’s got thirteen later 450 horsepower it actually has more horsepower or more
torque than the Cascadia they both got ten speeds Cascadia is gonna be $28,000
I mean the the max force it’s gonna you got to put one two three thousand
dollars down 18 to 24 months terms everything’s negotiable here two guys
you’re gonna have to buy that same extended two hundred thousand mile
warranty now let me say something but the max force
I’ve put 440 thousand miles on this one here I haven’t had any problems out of
the engine the clutch was was in disarray when I got it I replaced the
clutch but found out it wasn’t the clutch actually it was it was the the
master cylinder and slave cylinder which was an actual problem so I spent forty
five hundred dollars that I really I could have got by was spending about
from you know 14 but I assumed that it was one thing when it was actually
another I had problems with the fan when I first got it they paid to fix it they
also paid to fix the air conditioner they don’t tell you this but I’ll tell
you this you’re not giving it to week to week nut warmth week warranty you first
buy but you might want to talk about that in the very beginning when you go
to look at truck because they will hook you up they don’t want you to buy a bump
truck but this is a real owner/operator deal it’s not like a lease or something
not say anything bad about leasing because I’d only says two but when you
go out to Freightliner and you buy a truck it’s your baby when you walk off
the plant off off off the lot it’s kind of the same way here okay you’re going
to keep a $750 maintenance and escrows performance escrow it’s for Qualcomm and
stuff like that not a big deal it’s actually love for low for some places
for every thousand dollars you spend on the field card you’re gonna be charged
fifty cents it’s okay your fuel savings discounts here will range between 68
cents and and 38 or 40 cents they have always been honest with me and paid me
my discounts I keep track of every transaction and I back check now and
they’ve they’re 100% honest so it an average is about 58 cents as my
savings if I use their places now you’ve heard me talk about fuel solutions if
you I haven’t done a video on if the taxes but people believe that they
should fuel in the cheap states but that’s a misconception
you should always fuel in the high states beside a cheap state on the
border like if you fuel in Illinois near st. Louis you’re gonna get the best
price in the state versus anywhere in Missouri or Illinois or Indiana because
they’re trying to be competitive and their tax rate is so much higher that
you actually pay your gift attacks for for the next thousand miles see but it
so if you buy the cheap state you actually cost yourself two or three
thousand dollars a year in extra revenue spent going out as taxes that you’re
gonna pay quarterly so you can actually save money but using their fuel program
they it optimizes and this is any company’s fuel program it optimizes the
savings in one state versus the taxes also so you get your best savings so you
should save actually you should you’re still gonna save about two to three
thousand dollars a year using anyone’s fuel program and and you’re also gonna
save about three hundred dollars a week off of the price of fuel so follow the
fuel program love love Sean parks but he don’t know what anything about fueling
okay feel this way put money in your pocket if it says fill up fill up lakes
are going to cost you forty four dollars a week now if you run a hundred and
eighteen thousand miles the first year the next year they pay for your plates
so that’s a sixteen hundred and eighty five dollars savings I believe that’s
pretty good that is that’s real good all right now you got to pay your
highway use tax they deducted over in for deductions it’s no big deal highway
use taxes five hundred fifty dollars a year get all this stuff just saves you
from going down to your local courthouse or IRS office and doing it yourself so
they do it for you most companies do do it for you and you don’t have time to do
it all right now their pay per mile is freaky
I don’t say that I like it but it’s their company and I haven’t had a
problem with it from one mile to 50 miles you get a dollar 58 from 150 to
250 you get a dollar 38 from 250 to 700 bucks $1,360 surcharge you can look it
up every company does the same thing some might pay you a little bit more on
the fuel surcharge but they steal it from you over here on this side so make
it it just looks like you’re getting more they do charge you $40 a month for
the Qualcomm use I know I don’t like that either I’d rather send up smoke
signals right now the fuel surcharge is at 26 cents you know the fuel surcharge
is not meant to pay for all your fuel that’s not what’s meant for it’s another
one of those government initiated programs meant to screw drivers out of
money in the long run which it does but let me tell you the secret of fuel
surcharge everybody wants to go fast I like going fast i drive i drive drive 60
miles an hour i Everage over eight miles to the gallon
at anytime if the fuel ever goes crazy back to 450 or $5 a gallon if thought
your fuel surcharge will go to $4 a gallon I know you can’t believe that but
it’s true I’ve seen it happen when that happens you’ll make more money off your
fuel surcharge then you make off your load so if you ever see that happen slow
down to 55 get 9 miles to the gallon and double your money you’ll make money all
kinds of money on a high fuel surcharge situation i 100% reprimand wreckin
creats good company i would i would recommend them to anyone i guess they’re
ready to love me so I must go thank you for your time

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  1. hi I sub your channel since my hubby is a trucker..we have channel also if u wanna check it out..we have bank of America business creditcard and it gives us PERCENT BACK..

  2. Great / video. Beautiful. 🙂 Love it so Much. Good work. Keep it up ♡ 😀 You're Welcome to look at my channel if you want, I try to make music and draw 😀 Good day to you

  3. Love your info but I'm a bit confused cause you also said WEL COMPANIES was a good lease but then you left so help me understand cause based on my own research and your input I signed up with Wel companies

  4. The Sliding Scale sounds strange. If you have a 1500 mile run, is the entire run paid at 97 cents per mile? Or do they break up the trip and pay you each of the five rates for that portion of the run?

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