The Craziest European Cars  In Our Gallery?! | From The Gallery EP.34

The Craziest European Cars In Our Gallery?! | From The Gallery EP.34

– Oh. – Syke. – Yo. – Steve’s gotta go get a power strip. – Syke.
– Syke everybody. – Steve! (laughing) – All right, what’s goin’ on everybody, it’s Gels from Fitment
Industries and I’m with– – Eric from Fitment Industries. – And Dakota from Fitment Industries. – And we are back with another episode of From the Gallery. (upbeat music) Euro edition! – Woo!
– Because it’s gonna be a Euro-flavored kinda month. – Yeah.
– I have a feeling. Remember, if you wanna be featured in an episode of From the Gallery, make sure to add your car over at, and once you’re done with that, shoot us an email at
[email protected], with the subject line, Review my Car. I cannot talk on this Monday morning. (mumbled mocking) (laughing) All right, anyway! Wheel size, suspension, – Bang.
– Don’t forget to subscribe, all that kinda good stuff. – Boom.
– Are we ready to get into it? – Absolutely. – First up, we have a
2010 Volkswagen Tiguan – [Dakota] Ooh. – On some rotiform Ind-t 19 by 10, negative 5 on some air lift
performance air suspension. This is Liam Smithy’s 2010 Volkswagen. – Liam Smithy. – So these things are super
cool because they’re, you know, they’re one of those cars that’s like, you see them done up but not very often. – Yeah.
– And the fact that it’s on Air Lift performance and some Rotiform wheels
and everything like that. you know, looks like it’d be a
really fun, good daily driver and everything like this. See, whatever he’s got, does
have a little bit of running but he does have some metal trimming probably so he can get it that low. – Yeah, I like his
tucked fitment on there. – Yeah.
– I like that, I think that’s pretty clean. I think it kinda puts the
whole piece together– – Definitely.
– –as far as his look he’s going for,
it’s definitely super clean. I love that it’s on Air
Lift, the wheels on it too, I’m a big fan of Rotiform so
definitely, definitely cool. – So, yeah, I like this too, I’m not a big tucked fitment
guy, I like fender to lift. However, I love when people do
something different like this because I’ve never seen
one of these in person done up like this ever so when I– – [Gels] The only one I’ve
seen was in Tokyo Drift. (laughing) – So if, like, I was at a
car show and I saw this, it’d break my neck, I’d
have to walk over to it, I’d have to check it out. So, in that sense, it’s super dope. I like the wheel choice, I think the wheels look dope on there. Like I said, I would just
like to see a little more fender to lift with the
Air Lift set up and stuff but overall, just seeing
something different and done up the way it is is cool, so that’s kinda my two cents on there. – Rate it?
– Yeah. – All right, on three, you ready? – Yeah, let’s do it. – All right, one, two, three. – 6.5.
– Eight. – We have a 1985 – Okay.
– BMW 535I. – Ooh!
– That’s a BBS Rs, 17 by 8.5 plus 11. Some Nankang tires and some
TA Technix air suspension. So this thing, this is
Ms. Ren, Ms. Rennleitung? – I’m gonna go with that. – Yeah, Ms. Rennleitung’s 1985 BMW, so this thing is absolutely killer. – The photo’s are so
clean too, by the way. – Eric, I’ll let you
take a crack at it first. – Okay, Eric’s going first. – I mean, I just like
the way that it looks, I do like the air suspension again. I do though, I like how low
this thing sits, it’s super dope I like the tucked fitment, once again, I love BBS wheels, these are super fire. I don’t know, maybe the color
of the car is a little weird. I can’t tell if it’s black or brown or whatever, that dark brown. – [Dakota] It’s black, yeah. – [Eric] Black, I mean if it’s black, I definitely I dig it, but yeah. – I believe it’s black,
let me check it out. Okay, so this thing’s
dope, it looks like a boat. (laughing) FTG boat edition! (laughing) No, but it’s sick, I absolutely love the
louvers on the rear window. I think that looks so badass. I don’t know, it looks weird, again. – Is it badass or is it weird? – Not my thing.
(laughing) Listen, the front looks pretty good the front’s pretty spot on. The rear, I mean he’s
going for the tucked look, so I’m not gonna say it’s
bad, just my personal taste, I’d like to see it kinda
match up and line up. But it is also really
cool how low it just, it’s dumped, it’s slammed,
you know, it’s on the ground. So I like that, but overall, I like it. It’s pretty simplistic,
with the louvers though, I feel like he should do
something in the front, like a little lip or something, you know. – Just to kinda tie it together. – Yeah, it needs something in the front ’cause party in the back, you know, too much business in the front. I want a party in the front and the back. (laughing) I love the wheels, the wheels
look phenomenal on there. – For real.
– Classic. – Seriously.
– Classic BBS on the BMW. – Saucy. – So I think with the set up
that he went with here though, it would look really good. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause it’s not like he’s got a crazy amount
of stretch or anything, ’cause he doesn’t need it, you know. You know, he’s tucking the whole wheel, everything like that, I think
this is a very classy build, I really like it, the BBS
RS’s, the color combo, just so nice.
– Classic. – [Gels] I like that he kept
the chrome trim and everything to kinda go along with the wheels. The louvers are a good choice. It looks like he’s got a nice little duck bill wing on the back there but yeah, that’s a solid, solid car. You ready to rate it? – Lets give her a rate. – All righty, on three. One, two, three. – 8 1/2.
– Nine. Up next we have something that’ll hit home to our good ol’ pal
Dakota a little bit here, because he absolutely loves wagons. – Oh, here we go.
– So we had to make sure we had some sort of kinda
weird wagon in here, so Dakota, I’ll let you take this one. – Ooh, nice, all right, dope. Hell yeah, so we got a 2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS 550, and we don’t have the IG on here. So if you know him, tag him, if he doesn’t have an,
IG well, go make one, ’cause I wanna follow you. (laughing)
This thing is sick. The Rotiform lasers on here. – [Eric] Lasers! – Really good choice. The fitment looks pretty good on it, looks like he maybe tucked a little bit, so he maybe could have
went a little bit wider and maybe did a small spacer on it. Overall, if it’s a daily
driver, it’s a good set up. And for springs, (beep). – [Gels] H&R Lowering springs. – Not bad that, fitment’s pretty on point. I didn’t even realize, I
should have read through, it looks like coil over
fitment, he’s on springs, you know what I’m saying?
– Yeah. – However, I’d like to see a
little bit more done to it. – Sure.
– You know, it looks like it’s just wheels and lowered for now, probably tinted windows. But yeah, this thing’s cool. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of what I like to call Old Man Blue. (laughing) – That’s fair. – It is a wagon, it kind of fits it. I think with some other modifications, it would pull everything off, and I know his wheels
are kind of a silver, but I’d like to see the chrome deleted all around the window trim. – All right, well, I think, first off, what a fat back end there that is. (laughing) – She got a fat (beep). (laughing) – Yeah, other than that, I definitely dig it, fitment, awesome. The blue is cool, like
the paint on it is cool. – You like Old Man Blue? – But like, I would definitely
change it down the road. – Yeah, overall, I think
this thing is super cool. It’s super massive, it’s just like, it looks like a frickin’, I dunno– – FTG boat edition. – Yeah.
– A boat edition, yeah. (laughing) – Boat edition. – I dunno, it’s just so
sleek and everything, like the whole thing is kinda like– – [Dakota] It’s kinda rounded off. – Yeah, it just rounds
off towards the back like it’s got the waves, yeah, it just looks absolutely massive. I would love to see this thing in person, I think for what he’s got
and what he’s done to it, this has all been a solid choice. The H&R lowering springs are good, the Rotiforms are a great choice. I think anything more to
this would be a little much. So I like the clean look
that he went with it. Anyway, are we ready to rate it and move on to the last couple of cars? – The people gotta know. Anyways, I’m ready to rate it. – Okay, on three. – Yeah. – All right, one, two, three. – [All] Seven! – We have a 2008 Audi S5 and
some Watercooled Industries Nt10s, 19 by 11, negative 12s
all around some Lexani tires. – He’s wildin’.
– Air lift performance, and we do have a wide
body on there as well. – What’s his IG tag? – His IG tag is jose_b8s5. – Cool.
– Or jose_b8s5. – Cool, how big are the wheels? – Wheels are 19 by 11 and a half, negative 12 all around, so square set up. – I’ve noticed, is this a newer thing? I feel like everyone’s
starting to go to the 19, 20 inch bar, like 18’s I feel
like are becoming less popular and everyone’s going up to 19’s. – I’ve been getting a lot of
questions, especially too, from you guys on social media about that, like about the bigger sizes,
which is interesting to see. – I like 18, on most vehicles, obviously it’s situational based, but I feel like 18 is a real
solid number for most cars. – Yeah, definitely. I think that’s something
we’ll continue to see too. Especially when we get into
the over fendered cars with, you know, the multi piece
wheels and everything like that. All right, so he does have 10
millimeter spaces in there, he’s got a square set
up, except his does have the 10 millimeters in the
back probably, just to– – A staggered look. – Yeah, and probably just fill out those massive over
fenders on the back too. – The over fenders are massive. – [Gels] So looking at this thing, I absolutely love the
direction that he went with it, it is just an aggressive styling, the over fenders really make it, that front splitter is absolutely wild, that rear wing is even wilder. Like, the risers themselves
got some cutouts in it and then those frickin’ end plates are just absolutely wicked. – [Eric] Like ninja stars. – [Gels] Frickin’ like dragon claws. – [Dakota] It’s like batman! (laughing) – I feel like he’ll throw them at people or something like that. I love the S5’s, I think
they’re super cool cars, the only thing I’m not
a super fan of, I guess, would be like the red
Audi rings on the front. (laughing) – [Eric] He’s so specific
with it, he’s like– – Be very careful how you say Audi, because the internet gets very, very mad. – This thing is sick. – Would you whip it? – Would I whip it? Absolutely! Here’s the thing, I can’t afford it! – [Eric] The whole setup is super cool the over fenders, like you said, are pretty massive, but they go with the whole flow of the car. The wheels are sick, I mean I definitely, at first I didn’t see it, whatever that finish right there, that gunmetal finish, this is dope. – Just voice it over like a Japanese film. – Ready, one, two, three, – Audi. – Audi. – Okay cool, all right, there it is. Super dope, no, but I was curious, I wonder if this guy has got like a pretty sick exhaust on it or anything ’cause I’ve noticed that’s a pretty– – Oh, I’m sure she rips – I’m sure she rips, bud, but, yeah, stamp of approval. – Let me check this (beep) out, you got the big ol’ wheels on there, you got them fender flares. Yee yee! You know what I’m sayin’, brother? (chuckling) (beep) (laughing) No, I really–
– Those are custom offsets. (laughing) – It’s borderline for me too much. You know what I’m saying? – I could see that.
– I like the car, I like the vortex generator on here that looks cool, the wing,
I think that’s what gets me, I think that’s too much. I’m not a huge fan of the
red rings on the front. We all know it’s an Audi, I think it’d look way
sleeker just blacked out. Because with a black car like this, and you already have those
huge red lips on there, less is more. Everything else looks pretty solid. – All right, ready to rate it? – Lets rate it
– On three. One, two, three. – Seven.
– Eight. – All right, last car of the
day, we have 2009 mini cooper. – Ooh!
– Okay. – [Gels] And some Ratiform Rse 17 by 8s, plus 40s Yokohama tires, of course, and Air Lift Performance Air Suspension. This is little_miss_mini_802’s. – A lot of Air Riding goin on today. – So you got good old K&N air intake, a Q300 from Invidia, got some– – Ooh an Invidia exhaust.
– –Sneed for Speed front and side splitters, arrow wing, and a full body wrap,
and it’s been de-chromed. – No, I think it’s cool, the fitment looks pretty good on it, there’s a lot of purple going on. I noticed there’s purple
behind the front wheel well, purple on the side mirrors,
purple on the roof, purple around the hood scoop, purple wheels, purple tow hook, again, with what I said with the last one, sometimes when you have
like a neutral colored car and you’re going with a colored accent, less is more, you’ll notice it
a lot more if you let it pop. Opposed to just plastering
it over the entire car. The Rotiforms look good on there, the RSE’s, those look pretty
good on pretty much everything. – Pretty much everything. – You can’t really go wrong. It’s like the RPF1 for the Euro world. – Pretty much, yeah.
– You put RSE’s on pretty much anything and everything. They look good though, they look good. – [Eric] Okay, I love the wheels, I think the RSE’s are a
classic, like you said, they’re super fire, I think they’re dope. I love that it’s on Air Lift,
again, like we said before. Again, purple’s a little– – [Derek] Okay, yeah a
lot of purple going on. – But, my brother has a
mini, so I’m kinda trying to go off of y’know what he’s got goin on. – Do you like his mini or
do you dislike his mini? – His mini’s very neutral,
but it’s got a cool exhaust. – Do you enjoy the cars,
have you ridden in it? – Yes.
– Have you driven it? – No. – Oh okay, you’ve only ridden in it. – I do think it’s weird that the odometer is in the center.
– Is in the center. Yeah, they’re weird.
– Yeah I think that is weird. – Very weird, little weird ducklings. – But this car in particular, all right, you put some money into
this, I respect that. (chuckling) – [Derek] Is there anything
you’d do to it differently? Like what would you do
to it if it was yours? – [Eric] I would put maybe a
like a different wrap on it. – Okay.
– And I would tint the windows, like you said, and then also, maybe do something extra, like throw a Y-body kit on
it, and like a wing on it. Like a big wang-hang,
you know what I mean? – Oh all right.
– Something crazy, I don’t know, I feel
like I’m in the same area as you were, like it’s gotta be a fun car. – I’m kind of in the same
boat, I don’t hate the purple, I think the roof could stay, personally, I think the little stripe here could stay. I think all the other
smaller accents though, if they were like a carbon or if they were matched to the white. – [Derek] As long as it’s real carbon. I hate (beep) vinyl carbon, I hate vinyl carbon, I hate vinyl carbon! – [Gels] So I think that
would look really clean. The only other thing that like, it really kind of throws me
off is the white center caps. – Yeah.
– Oh, is it white? I thought it was silver. – I thought it was silver, but like– – See I can’t tell, it kinda looks like it was paint-matched to the white. If they are silver, maybe
they just couldn’t get them in a proper color or something like that. – Yeah that’s throwing me
off a little bit there. – I think that if that were the case, just a little bit of carbon,
paint-match the center caps. – Actually, I wonder if
those rims are powder coated and then the center caps are plastic so you can’t powder coat
it ’cause of the heat. – That’s probably
exactly what it is, yeah. – And it melts and the
plastic and the melting and the gooey and the– – Wow, you’re a scientist. – All right. Well, other than that, I like the car, Fitment’s really good, good choice for suspension and the wheels. – Dope.
– Even the tires, even. – Yeah.
– Everything’s good. – Lets rate it. – Yeah, lets do it. – All right, on three. One, two, three. – Six.
– 7 1/2. – So that is gonna go ahead and wrap it up for the Euro edition of From the Gallery. Don’t forget, if you want your
car in an upcoming episode, make sure to stop by and add your car. If you haven’t added your car yet, I don’t know what else we can do. – You better (beep) do it! – There you go, I’m the nice
guy, Dakota’s just like– – Good cop, bad cop – Otherwise you can hit the link
in the description down below and then don’t forget to email us at [email protected]
with the subject line Review My Car so that
we know that you really, really want us to review your car. And maybe we’ll think about it. – Yeah.
– But other than that, wheel size and suspension,, I’m Gels. – I’m Eric. – And I’m Dakota. – We’ll see you later. Peace!

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