The Builder Episode P5: Steven’s 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty

The Builder Episode P5: Steven’s 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty

– Hey guys, Steven here. Here to talk about my
2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty and also go over a few of my
previous builds over the years. Let’s go! (hip-hop music) ♫ I’m in it just to re-write history ♫ Cuz I’m in the mood to ♫ Label us the leaders of
the leaders of the new school ♫ This ain’t for the radio ♫ Can’t find this on YouTube ♫ This the type of killing that
these critics ain’t used to ♫ Victorious ♫ Victorious ♫ Victorious ♫ In this day and age I
got time for innovation ♫ Time to be creative (hip-hop music) (train horn blares) – So, my build story
started when I turned 16. I had a ’98 GMC Sierra. I remember it like it was yesterday. I bought a set of 33 by
12.50 BFG All-Terrains and I couldn’t sleep every
night until they came. And from there, it was
just like it started. I wanted more and more and more. A few weeks later, me
and some of my buddies went to Walmart, bought some tint, bought some PlastiDip VHT Nite-Shades, and stayed up ’til 3 AM
and we had that thing looking like a completely new truck for Automotion that year. Next, I wanted to go a little bit better. I wanted something a little newer, more luxurious in the inside, so I ended up going with a
2007 LTZ Chevy Silverado. Bought it basically stock. Ended up putting a four inch lift on that. Met up with the guys at Custom Offsets. I was going to school in Appleton and I happened to meet up with Shawn and I bought his 20 by 12 Fuels and a set of 33 by
12.50 Federal Couragias. From there, I went over
to Wayne at Fade to Black. Tinted my windows. 35% windshield, 20% on the
sides to match the rear. And then just the little
details like stickers and stuff. That was, really, I consider
my first decent build that I had that got me going
with the whole truck thing. I ended up selling that Silverado. I had posted it on Craigslist
just to see what I could get and I ended up getting what I was asking. Made some money on it. At the time, I was hanging out
with the Custom Offsets gang, hanging out with Shawn and all the guys and I knew that I wanted
to do something different. I wasn’t quite positive. So, I was just searching the
Classifieds page, Craigslist, and I happened to come across
this 2007 clean Tahoe LTZ down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And the second I laid eyes on
it, I knew that I needed it. I had vision in my head. I knew that that was my next build. I contacted the guy. I said, “I will buy a plane ticket. “I’ll be there tomorrow.” I ended up heading down there. He picked me up from the airport
and drove me to his house. The second I saw it, I knew I wanted it. I paid what he was asking. I got a pretty good deal on it, I thought. It already came with a six-inch
Rough Country lift on it, so it was sitting already
with a lift kit on it. I knew that the build
wasn’t going to be too bad for me to reach the vision
that I wanted with that thing. So I drove it home, straight home. It was like an 18 or 20 hour drive home. Totally worth it, though. I was smiling from ear to
ear the whole ride home thinking about it and what
I wanted to do with it. Brought it back up to the
guys at Custom Offsets. Showed them. I couldn’t wait to show it
off and show it to everybody. Automotion happened to
be two weeks after that and I decided I wanted wheels
and tires for that truck, for the Tahoe. By Automotion, I wanted
to be looking good back in the truck game. So, immediately, I ordered a
set of 20 by 12 Fuel Hostages and 35-12.50 Trail Blades for that and we got it on. Thanks to the guys at Custom Offsets. They helped me. They installed it and we had
it on and ready for Automotion and took it over to Wayne
at Fade to Black as well. Got 35% on the windshield. The same setup as my Silverado, 20% on the fronts to match the rears. Some decal work that Wayne
helped me out with as well. That build could not have went any better and it was exactly how I wanted it, how I envisioned it that day
that I saw it on Craigslist. I made it exactly how I wanted it. To this day, I would have to say that was my favorite build experience. Just the way it all came together and how I flew down to Myrtle
Beach to pick up this clean… It was just something else, just how clean the truck was
and perfect it was for me and I knew exactly what
I wanted to do with it and I made it look how I wanted. So that was really exciting and kind of led me on
to my next big build. (downbeat music) So, now we’re gonna head into
my 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty. I know you guys are probably like, “Wow, you went through a lot
of vehicles over the years.” And, “What’s wrong with you?” You’re probably thinking
I’m a crazy person but it’s just one of
those things, you know. I live to do it. Once I build it and have it how I want, it’s like I don’t get bored with it but I’m just on to the next. I wanna do something bigger, better. I have another vision that I wanna do and it’s just what I love to
do, so I’m just keep doing it and this is my last build
that I’ve done, my 2008. And we’re going to go over that. I went down to Illinois to pick it up. I had just sold my Tahoe,
probably, two weeks before and I knew I wanted a diesel. I didn’t know what I wanted. It could have been a
Duramax, a Cummins, whatever. I was not positive. I just happened to come across this truck. Some of my buddies had
been talking about 6.4s and kind of got my interest
going into Power Strokes. I was looking and couldn’t
find anything perfect or with less miles or whatever. I just could not find the perfect one and I happened to come across
this when the guy posted it four hours prior to me looking
and I texted him immediately because I knew, just because
of the price and the miles, that it was going to go fast. Sure enough, he already had
two or three guys messaging him about it and I said, “I
will be down there tonight. “I will get a loan, I promise. “I’ll come down there
tonight and pick it up.” I was able to get that loan
and head down and pick it up. This truck had a six-inch
Pro Comp Lift on it when I bought it. It had 33 by 12.50 Mickey Thompsons on it with 20 by 12 Moto Metals. It looked pretty sweet when
I bought it, right away. I originally planned on
just leaving it for a while, but, knowing me, I knew
I couldn’t just leave it. I knew I had to do
something to make it mine. So immediately, within
the first week I had it, I took it over to Wayne at Fade to Black. Had the windshield 35 for some decals. I wanted to go a little bit darker just because it’s a white truck. This was my first white
truck and I loved the look of white on black with
the super-dark windows. So I had them do 5% on
the sides just to give it that mirror look, and you’ll see later how awesome that looks in all lighting. For my next builds, that’s
definitely what I’m going to do, go with the 5%. It’s definitely the way to go for me. So I did that, I did the tint. Decals. And then… Next, I knew I wanted wheels and tires but I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I didn’t want to spend too
much money on this truck because I already had spent enough just because I kind of
upgraded from the Tahoe. This is a diesel now
and I wasn’t positive. I was looking around and I hit up Shawn, asked what he had laying around the shop, if he had any deals or
used stuff laying around and he happened to sell me
another set of his wheels, his 20 by 12 Cali Offroads
with 35-12.50 Trail Blades, and, right when I saw them,
I knew they were on his truck and I wanted to go with it. I ended up buying them. Put them on that same day and… I mean, the truck just,
with those wheels and tires, it was a complete makeover. And since then, it’s like people… It’s just a head-turner. Everybody compliments it. They love it. They love how it looks. And the wheels and tires
definitely changes things. It looks wide. It looks mean. Going down the road, it
definitely turns heads. (truck engine roaring) (hip-hop music) So I had bought these wheels
off of C02 Shawn’s white truck, the Chevy Silverado 2500. The problem was the bolt pattern. The bolt pattern did not
match up to my truck. When he sold me the wheels, he’s like, “You’re gonna need adapters or something.” Which is fine because I already
wanted to go with spacers. I want 14 wides to begin with and Shawn’s happened to be 12 wides. So I wanted to at least go
with spacers which was perfect because I needed adapters to go from his bolt pattern to mine. We got that two-inch spacers on. The adapters to go to my bolt pattern. Put my tires and wheels right on, and, from there, it was perfect. No trimming. No rubbing. It does have slight rubbed full lock, but I rarely ever get to that point. I don’t even really notice it. It works like a perfect fit. To me, it is the perfect
size wheel and tire ratio to go with the lift kit that
was on the truck before. Before, it was a good setup
but I just wasn’t happy with the wheel gap, the
gap in the wheel wells. Now it’s, in my opinion, perfect. (hip-hop music) So what I’m looking to
do next would probably… I love the diesel life. I love the tension and everything from it. But, overall, I would have to say my favorite build is my Tahoe. It made a connection with me. Everything that I did, I feel like I somewhat changed the game up here, just on how I built it and how I made it just how I wanted it. And from there, I would
love to do another Tahoe at some point, if I could get
my hands on another clean LTZ. I love the luxury part of it. I love the classiness of the Tahoe. I dream about rolling up in a Tahoe and picture myself hopping out and having a good set of wheels
and tires on a new Tahoe. I think, if I could find
another one of those, maybe of the new body style, who knows, whatever I come across
that I can’t put my mind to and envision something for it. That would be something that
I would look forward to doing. Who knows though if I’m on Craigslist and I find another Powerstroke,
or Duramax, or whatever. If I see it and I put my mind to it and put a vision to it, who knows? If it’s for the right
price, I’ll go for it just to do something different
and try another build. I get criticized a lot for that. All of my friends, they’re like, “Oh, can’t you afford it?” Or, “Why are you always
selling your trucks?” It’s like I get to the
point where I envision what I want and I get there. When I buy the truck, I
know what I want out of it. I know how I want to build it. I don’t want to put
too much money into it. I’m not into the lights and everything because, I realize,
once you get into that, it’s like that’s kind of money
that you’re putting into it that you might not get out. Right when I build a truck, I’m
thinking about the next one. I’m thinking about what I want to do next, what will keep me happy. It’s like I don’t get bored with them but I’m ready to keep expanding
and doing the next thing bigger and better. I can’t wait to see what
I gets to at some point because I feel like, with every truck, I’ve been getting a little bit better and I’ve been doing the
build a little bit cleaner. I’m learning how to do it. Learning how to do it at a
price where it looks great but, at the same time, the
resell value is still there. That’s a huge thing for me. I think about, “Well, if I
put these wheels and tires on, “I’m not going to get this out of it.” Or, “If I put these wheels and tires on, “am I going to make money?” That’s something I think about
and I think that’s helped me and I’ve learned throughout the trucks I’ve done the hard way. And now that I have some
experience with doing it, I’m excited to see what
comes in the future out of a new build and
see if I can do more, see if I can do bigger and
better from what I already have. (truck engine roaring) Thanks, guys. I appreciate you hanging out and listening to my story about my builds. Make sure you subscribe and stay tuned and keep listening for the next ones and, hopefully, my next one. Hopefully, I’m on again
with my next build. Or my next builds. Who knows? So, stay tuned. Peace. (hip-hop music)

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  1. Is it hard to see at night with 35% on the windshield as well as 5% on the rest of a truck. I find it a little tough to see with 20% on the windows and 5% on the rear window

  2. I love to see these build videos. I wish I could get one done with myself and the trucks I've owned. This makes me miss my 6.4 on 12 wides. They look so good!

  3. look'in pretty good for a blue oval. wish we could tint like that in utah. we'd get busted in the first 10 miles. you should tell us more about "the build" not just bolt ons, wheels and lift kit. good job, and keep building.

  4. Should change the name build to bought.
    Alot of people go to shame when some kid can install lowering or lift kit from their drive way.
    While others go on a waiting list to get it done.
    That's why I really don't ask people about their trucks because they can just name parts and not describe the process to installing it.

  5. Keep at it Steven! I've had 7 vehicles in the past 2.5 years so you're not as bad as you think you are! Great work!

  6. I don't think build and resale go hand in hand. He's just flipping trucks. No shame but call it what it is. A build is interior, exterior, motor, suspension, lighting, sound etc.

  7. its a nice looking truck, you absolutely stepped up with this one. thank you for putting the chrome wheels on it, I'm not big on the black rim look. the guy sold it to you already lifted too, and he did a good job at it. u r lucky.

  8. What did you build? You buy trucks with lift kits on them put rims, tint and stickers on them and call it builds??? Come on kid!!! step your game up!

  9. looks good but you shouldn't worry bout the resell value that much if your gonna sell your truck with your name on it then it needs to be the top with 24's or 26's rims halo headlights custom taillights 10 to 12inch lift custom bumper new grill exhaust cold air intake and a tune that well give you power

  10. I honestly wasted 16 minutes of my life watching this, dude didn't even mention engine mods, audio mods, he just bought the truck and paid someone to slap tint and wheels on and called It a build wowhow about oil bypass, coolant filters, bulletproofing? anything!!!!

  11. This guy is totally right ever since I put fuels, color matched, and put some stickers on my truck it now makes 1200hp and 2600 ft lbs. I can now say my truck is built haha

  12. Lol I'm sure the guy's who talked him in =to a 6.4 hated him. I had one bought brand knew and died at 150,000 miles, spent 15k on repairs pos left me on the side of the road 4 times. on March 12 of 2010 sued Ford and won. moved on to Cummins and 250,000 miles and still running strong

  13. I've had the same truck for 11 years.  Paid $31,000 for a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab Z71 with 16,725 miles.  It now has 172,000 miles on it and still drives great.  I could care less about building it.  It's bone stock with a 2" level and 33".  Thats all I care about doing.  I have more respect for people who keep a low profile and don't try to be flashy with their vehicles.  I well maintained vehicle mechanically and cosmetically is very respectable, no need in looking like a douchebag with a lift kit.

  14. Have you or anyone running tint on there windshield ever have trouble with the cops? thinking about 35% and just don't wanna get tickets and waste the $$

  15. A build is getting something stock and adding lift kits, bigger wheels and tires, modify complete suspension, adding led light bars, adding performance parts to engine, example nitrous, tuned pcm, adding headers, performance intake, racing cams, bigger turbo, egr deletes, off road exhaust, and a built trans with changing diff gears. You can't call it a build if you bought it like that and add stickers and wheels. If it was a true build you wouldn't be quick to sell it like that because the time and effort blood and sweat you put in it. Not hating but its not a build.

  16. No offence but i just dont see why people would put thoses wheels on a truck.. Somthings just not right about them. Beautiful truck though, I have a 2008 f250 as well

  17. Maybe it's because I come from the car  scene, but people that call suspension, wheels, tires, tint, stickers, and maybe a body kit a build get laughed at. I just put an OTS tune on my F-250, guess I can call that a build?

  18. First off (first truck) Not much of a build, looks like it's just wheels and tires with some stickers and tint, Second the fucking wheel spacer he has in their making the wheels obnoxiously wide ruins the look, My wheels stick out a bit but not nearly that much, Looks terrible with the wheels out half a foot on each side, Tuck them in it looks cleaner and meaner.
    My truck is wheels, tires, headlights, tail lights, mirrors, grill, running boards, bed liner, dash cam, paint job, level kit, not all of it is done yet, but that's all the shit and I don't even know if I would consider that a build, You have to do a little more than wheels and tires with some stickers and tint to call it a build.
    That's like building a wall inside your house and saying it's your build.

  19. I have a 08 F350 6.4 and was hoping to see a cool build. My trucks fully deleted, H&S tuner, 4 in exhaust staight exhaust no muffler, mishimoto radiator and next will be mishmoto intercooler followed by new turbos and full bulletproofing, 4 in lift with 38 15.5 mud grapplers. I assumed this video would be something like that. We all know about assuming. Sad

  20. To the people arguing its a "build" or not, its still an expensive hobby and that F-250 is sweet looking. I'm planning on getting one and cant wait to do stuff to it. Mine will be a full on "build" not just wheels and tint.

  21. Well…I guess this is the new standard,I should make a video on my daughters pink Jeep power wheels I just customized it by installing a summit racing sticker….I had a vision of
    How I wanted it And it came out great,I’m very happy with the build…lol

  22. okay if this is what you call a build i need my current truck and my last 3 on here 😂😂 if all you gotta do is slap wheels and tint on it at least i did audio work too

  23. How is building a truck already lifted an done you add tiny an another set of tires an spacers a build

  24. I had the exact same experience as you. Crazy. I went from 98 expedition to a 07.5 silverado to a lifted 09 tahoe now im lookin at getting a powerstroke

  25. Lol thats not a Work truck is more of a build than this.Got a one owner 2500hd classic cateye with a blown 6.0. Pulled the motor and fully rebuilt it. Ported the heads, put in a 216/220 cam, flattop pistons, 50lb injectors, CAI, tune etc. Everything except the tune was done by myself. Found a commercial grade ladder rack on CL. Powder coated it. Threw some weathergaurd tool boxes on it. Truck hauls ass. Next is Rims and Tires, yukon locker, and zone 3 inch level.

  26. No offense to this guy seems really cool and has had some nice trucks but just buying a truck and putting wheels on it isn't a "build"

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