The BMW F800GS is going tubeless with an OutEx tubeless spoked wheels kit

The BMW F800GS is going tubeless with an OutEx tubeless spoked wheels kit

hey guys Albe here, this time around is
time to make our spoked wheel tubeless with game of Motor OuteX kit, so let’s get
into it. First thing to do is to clean thoroughly the the rim itself so I’m
going to spare you the part where I’m scrubbing the rim, the rim is being
cleaned, I used all sorts of detergents on it I use brake cleaner on it so it is
as clean as it comes, so the next step is to install the nipple covers, so one by
one let’s start doing it. the nipple covers are going in and it’s
a very very tedious job so let’s get on so let’s get on it now that the nipple covers are on let’s
go with the double tape, when you install the double tape you need to start between
the first and the second nipple near by the valve the most important part is the the edges
obviously it’s not as easy as they make a look in
the instructions let’s put it this way, it’s a mess guess I got to put it in first and then squish it because otherwise is not going
to work it goes it goes off the track and it’s difficult to set straight, now
that is in I’m going to squish it in properly. okay at this point it’s time to cut a hole
through the valve hole, this material is very gummy it’s kind of difficult to cut,
just as before the the edge of the protective film needs to be between the
first and second nipple but on the other side let’s apply the protective film even if it seems impossible this is even
more tedious than the previous step once you get to the edge you make sure
not to overlap it and you just cut it off this step was as much fun as getting
hit in the testies by a soccer player not very much… not much fun at all, at
this point is time to cut a strip of the double tape over here and put it
over the… and put it over the joint over there okay at this point we’re going to cut
the same length from the protective tape and we’re going to put
it on top of it, at this point the instructions call to take a blunt instrument and go
over and try to work out all the air bubbles around so I’m going to do just
that. okay at this point let’s put the valve
through the hole … through and we put the washer, and then the two little nuts. the only difference between the rear and
the front tire is that the front tire has a smaller diameter
therefore as you’re applying the tape you got kind of have to bow it down, and the
valve per se has double the rubber gasket and that’s about it.
other than that the procedure is identical, so we’re
pretty much done the next step is to put the tire on, fill it up to 36 psi that’s
the pressure that they give it and let it be for about 3 hours and then
check for leaks so I’ll spare you all this time watching, I’ll catch up in a minute
with the finished product. So both wheels are complete and now it’s just a matter
of waiting and see if they actually hold the air, now it’s been about 1 hour and a
half to 2 hours since I completed the job and they seem to be maintaining
pressure so fingers crossed I’ll give you guys an update but so far those tires
are being mounted tubeless as the’re supposed to be, so as I said I’ll give
you an update later on, in the meantime if you guys have time go check out my
website if you like this video, LIKE!!! if you love this video, SUBSCRIBE! DIRT ON, and I’ll see you next time….

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  1. Albe, what is wrong iwith having tubes? Such operation is not easy at all and does not seem reliable enough. I would rather stay with tubes unless 100% sure tires will hold the air not only in garage, but on offroad as well.

  2. HAHAHA, I believe this video is being flagged by youtube as not suitable for all advertisers because of the word "nipples" and "nipple covers" when I talk about the spoke ends. HAHAHA I'm not sure how else to call the spoke nipples.

  3. Hey Albe. I was reading Woodies wheels in Denver will do the rear wheel tubeless and it's fine but they won't do the front wheel because the rim bead is not right for tubeless and the tire could come off especially at lower PSI. So I guess its fine for street driving but maybe not so great idea for offroad. Just in case you haven't heard that or maybe you have heard it's okay?

  4. I've been waiting for you to do this video, thank you. I'm planing on doing the same thing if it works out for you…lol.
    I hate not being able to just plug the tire and ride on, tubes suck!!!!

  5. Love your videos. I wanna do this too ,but still consider at it. People say the job can only hold about 2 – 3 years…and then loss the air slowly…For my ride habit, that will be a danger. So thank you for sharing this video and please keep updating new situation about the tubeless job.

  6. Hi,I wanna buy such things as well.But I don't know if that is reliable.Will it work well if I go off-road to slide or jump sometimes?

  7. Hi Albe! Good videos from you as usual. Any updates after one and a half years of using tubeless? On what highest speeds have you tested them? 🙂 front tires, being bias ply, tend to expand more than radial (rear) on higher speeds. Can this be a chance for loosing air in front tire? Thanks!

  8. if you still have the bike is the kit still working fine ? do you notice any issues ? i read somewhere that u should not convert front as its not that true ? thanks

  9. You don't need to spend all that time pushing the tape in, just put the tube back in and fill it with air. The tube will form it perfectly.

  10. Extremely expensive kit.
    3M Selling Tape you do exactly the same and much lot easy, because is a single side tape and cost $12 in Amazon with free shipping , VS $117 + shipping $25 for this Kit with several steps, much lot complicated.

    You are crazy man.

    The most important part of this type of knowledge share videos for others learning is, help them to safe money.

    You are completely wrong.

  11. 3M Extremely Selling Tape Single Side in 3 difference sizes, 1 1/2", 2", and 3".
    Product number 4411b, 4411n, 4411g.

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