The Best Wheels For Your BRZ, FRS, or 86?

The Best Wheels For Your BRZ, FRS, or 86?

hey everybody my name is Justin welcome back to the garage today we’re going to be continuing the off season upgrade
process for my 2017 Subaru BRZ that’s right we’re going to be stepping up our
game in the wheel departments we’re gonna open these things up and I’m going
to tell you a little bit about why I believe that these are the best wheels
you can get for our particular application all right so if you guys did not catch
that in the little video clip there these are the WedsSport TC105N wheels this is the 17×9 size like I always use on my car for auto cross
racing and there are a couple of items that make these things stand out from
the rest from a wheel perspective they use the WedsSport special flow form
process to manufacture the wheel which results in super strong
wheel very sturdy not going to go falling apart on the race track under
intense levels of grip or anything like that and then the second big thing the
really big thing in addition to being super strong is they are super super
lightweight I mean there’s literally nothing to these things they rate them
at under 16lbs so we’re gonna go ahead and grab my little scale back here
like we always do and weigh these things up now they do compare pretty closely to
the Enkei RPF1’s that I have up on the wall and fortunately I have tires on
those right now I wanted to do a back-to-back weighing actually weigh
these guys against the RPF1’s and see if there was any difference because the
manufacturers ratings are pretty close right around 15 and a half to 15 and 3/4
pounds for both of these wheels now the WedsSport are claimed to be a lot
stronger than the Enkei wheels based on their design and manufacturing process I
don’t really think I’m going to test that and try to break either a wheel but
I haven’t had problems with the Enkei’s anyways they’ve been great and also a
great wheel based on the cost and the weight that you get but these are the
bad daddies for the 17×9 size super lightweight and super strong so we’re
gonna grab my scale here actually weigh them out and see what the true weight is
alright so we have our little scale here like we usually do I am out of the
picture but that’s ok and nobody wants to look at me anyways while Shelby’s on
the screen go ahead and pick this guy up here so that was a 16 flat I waited a couple
times before turning the camera on I got a 15-6
and a 15-8 let’s try it again here there’s a 15-8 right there do one more
little way in here and a 15-6 again so this is pretty accurate to what they
advertise from the manufacturer all right now the real way in test is the
Shelby strength test we’re gonna see if she can hold this thing up it’s only 15lbs Shell ready wrap your arms around it you got it what do you think
heavy or light a little heavy not super light all right so we have the weight
the lowdown on the manufacturing process for these WedsSport TC105N’s one more
thing I’m going to do is just kind of lay them up next to the Rota Titans
that I have on the car now if you remember those Rota Titans are actually
the kind of cheap knockoff version of this wheel it’s literally about half the
price and they are a few pounds heavier per wheel the Rota Titans are then
these WedsSport so going with the real deal spending the extra money you do get
that extra advantage in the weight savings and probably more importantly
the strength just the design and the way these things are built a lot better of a
process than what is used with the Rota Titans all right everybody there we go my new
TC105N wheels I’m really pumped to get these on the car really because they are
silver in finish all of the wheels that I have had for the BRZ are dark in color
the gunmetal and RPF1’s and then the Rota Titans are also like a hyper black
or gunmetal style black so it’ll be cool to try out a new color stay tuned I’m
gonna get some tires mounted up on these here this coming week I believe and then
we’ll get them on the car and actually get you guys some rolling shots and
maybe a little photo shoot with the new wheels so let’s wrap it up thanks again
everybody for watching I really appreciate it if you have any thoughts
or comments like always leave them down below we’d love to hear from you stick
around for more videos coming up stay fast out there we’re checking out talk
to you all next time is that good

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  1. 1st. Crazy I was thinking about the RPF1 and the Wedsports. Good gracious only the best stuff for your BRZ.

  2. Hope you guys enjoy the video! I'm still thinking about about channel name change…"Justin's BTR Garage", "BTR Justin"….I dunno!

  3. Awesome video man! Can’t wait to see what they look like. I was just wondering what you use for your lighting in this video. Imagine looks great and i wish i could have lighting like this for mine! Thanks ahead of time!

  4. Great wheels! I run a TC105N knockoff as well although mine are Phatfux Ballzy 17×8 +35. Seriously silly name but they're a very good wheel made by Dai Alloys, a reputable Canadian manufacturer. Ended up with 2 sets for half the cost of a single set of real tc105n although I'm planning to sell a set when I wear out the current rubber and then I'm going to look at getting Konig Hypergram in Red Opal 17×9 +40 for a dedicated track and autocross wheel that I think will be attention grabbing against my WRB BRZ.

  5. Didn't really think I was a big fan of multi-spoke wheels (for example, I don't really care for the ones that are coming with my Performance Package BRZ), but I have to admit these look really good. And to top it off you get the strength advantage and the weight savings.

    Going to get new wheels next year after I turn the stock wheels into my winter set-up, will run with them and the stock tires through the fall and then throw some winter tires on them, so I'll be shopping for a new wheel/tire combo around the end of the year. These will definitely get some consideration, although I assume by the way you're talking they're not cheap! 😉

  6. Konig Ultraform in same size specs 17×9 +35 weighs lest than that and they have gold color option. They also a MAT flowformed 1 piece casted rims.its just the brand of why they are a little cheaper than wedssport but with the same process and material used.

  7. They look great and are definitely NSFW viewing. It'll be interesting the see how much camber you have to run so they won't poke. I have 17 x 9 +43 CE28N's in the shed (off my old GD Impreza) and they poke about 5 mm on a standard (suspension) car.

  8. I love those wheels. Excellent choice. I was considering those last summer but the price was just out of my budget to remain responsible. Enjoy them. Gorgeous!

  9. I have a 2017 Brz as well and Have cool overs too. I’m looking at wheels and I found one that I really like . They are 18×9.5 With a 30 Offset . Any clear issues ?

  10. Just got these in exactly the same sizes for my 2003 WRX… chose them for same reasons you did.. looking forward to fitting them.

  11. Please do a performance comparison on the Rotas and the weds please! I honestly feel like you won’t be able to tell the difference

  12. I found your channel by coincidence and you gave me a ride along at the auto x event Sunday, crazy!

  13. I noticed on your Titans you used a 42 offset, and on these you are doing a 35 offset, is that because you added those brakes since then and needed the extra clearance? I'm trying to research if the Titan in 35 offset will fit over my factory Brembos. Do you happen to know if the TC105N and Titan are that closely identical in the inner spoke dimensions that it's a fair comparison? i.e. If a 35 offset TC105N fits then a 35 offset Titan will fit…

  14. Hello I just discovered your channel, thank you for the explanations and if you have a girl smiling and interested in the work of his dad, Good luck and good luck ^ _ ^

  15. Can't find one with the color u have. And doesn't come with center caps. Does original center cap fit these? Cause they are not cheap lol

  16. What matters is the weight distribution more than a single measurement. If there's more weight toward the center of the wheel, it doesn't hurt much. If there's more weight out in the extremities, it'll be a problem, due to the leverage. I'm thinking that's the benefit of the rotary forging, because it can thin out the extremities. The spokes remain thick and heavy, but they're close to the center so don't affect much.

    That's why I'm also afraid the RPF1 isn't as great as it seems. If the cylinder is cast but not pressed, it'll have a lot of its weight in the extremities. (Not that I know how it's made — I'm filling in missing info. with assumtions here.)

    Also I notice new tires tend to range from 21 to 25 or more pounds. That could be important given their leverage.

  17. Hey guy could you help me out with one thing after subscribing to your channel. My concern is my light weight flow formed cast racing approved wheels are lighter than my Extreme tires. The wheels are 17×9 in weigh 16.9 pounds stock FRS wheels around 20.5 The Tires weigh 25.5 pounds are Yokohama Advan AD08R 17x40x245 will this difference in weight b a problem my ride hight lowered with TRD lowering springs about 1.2 inches and Bilstein B8 track / street shocks off set on the wheels are a 40 please respond thanks

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