The best Dual sport adventure tire for your motorcycle world travel!

The best Dual sport adventure tire for your motorcycle world travel!

hello and welcome Joe here 690 ATV 690
garage just decided to take a little toot root get off a little bit get a
little dirt take the six ninety out for a little spin today’s little topic rant
I’m gonna talk about some tires a little bit there’s some tires a little do sport
action what is that dual sport tire man what’s the best one which one’s gonna
get you to where you want to go which one’s gonna be the deal man which one’s
gonna be to comfy comfy on the highway which one’s gonna be awesome off-road
which is the best what’s the best best best best I’ve used a ton and ton of tires
bunches of them I spoon my own tires I put them on I balance my tires I do
everything everything’s done in the house I have a lift up everything we
have reviews we’re gonna be doing a lot of tire reviews coming up I know we’re
new just bear with us we got a lot of cool stuff coming I promise you that
here we are this right here can a big-block take a little sneak peak on
this one this is on the 690R from KTM I love this bike I just want to Mary it,
hug it and squeeze it and sleep with it but my wife would leave me if I did that
this time out here is a 50/50 tire I do like this tire a bunch I did a review on
it we’re still chewing up this tire a little bit it’s doing pretty good
I’m not real unimpressed in the in the life of it it’s doing a really really
good job So far I think that it’s gonna be a
better deal I’m still trying to get that information on the newer compound I love
front tire I know that story moto he got a kenda big
block for I think his f800 GSA a and I know it really likes it I like it too it
digs in real real good especially off-road it’s pretty got pretty good
good manners on the highway and it’s not too crazy you don’t have a whole lot of
vibe you need that type of stuff not a lot comes up through the forks up into
the handlebars just real good but I’ve used it bunch a bunch of tires
especially dual sport tires so I want everything from 50/50 s I’ve done eighty
twenties on my trip I’m gonna have a couple of pops on there on the one I ran a 20/80 tire on our trip last year
in are Utah run last year it was not a gem on the highway but it wasn’t
horrible it was not horrible it was the MC 360 or the 360 MC tire that was it’s
a really pretty cool tired I’ll put some pictures up on that it did actually
pretty decent now off-road make no mistake about it that tire destroyed
definitely destroyed it killed every bike it did such a fabulous job anyway
we’re just ranting there ain’t no going on so I’m gonna jump back on the bike
we’re gonna fire up let’s go ride a little bit cuz that’s the name of the
game baby whoa whoa babe I love this 690 such a great bike but anyway back to the
tires the end a big block I think they’re the 764 series pretty cool it’s
higher I like it and handles well there’s very good and soft it does good
in the rain it on the highway banners it’s not bad I
think it’s rated at 99 miles an hour is what the highway speed is and it does
very good job now on the 690 make no mistake this is not a highway beast this
is not gonna be here F 800 GSA or your you know 1200 or 10 90 KTM you know it
that’s not that’s not what this bike is this bike is what I want it to be it is
an off-road beast and I want a 50/50 tire I want to go as a caress if it’s a
boss we can and still keep mild comfort on the road without too much of eyebrow
so with that being said there’s only so many tires that fit that category now
tires that I have used let’s start with this one I have used the Kenda big block
I put it on this is my second bike that I have put it on the first bike was
dl650 v-strom great bike if you’ve never done to be strong very capable dual
sport bike so but let’s get back into the tire it did pretty good but it
didn’t last you know I mean the off-road manners were really awesome but the
on-road manners it died down it just did not quite give me the life that I wanted
out of that tire so with that being said my buddy
story on his dl650 he ran that tire on our trip out to Tennessee which we did
all the twists he’s always done we did dragons we did fenders with all these
different little add rows and we did some moves at some local stores about
that aren’t even on the little beaten path that everybody goes and does and
just to let you know not our cup of tea probably never do it again too crowded
too crazy not a lot of fun but that tire did very well on the twisties it holds
very well it’s it’s a decent tire it’s not too stiff warms up real quick and it
does very well on the road it sticks very well especially in the wet and it
does very well in the and the heat all right on to the next
set of tires that our vet the 250 or the CRF 250r older you should be riding
around on that tire right there is the e 8 or 4805 that is a Chicot tire anybody
that bashes chenko you know do what you want I like them do it in its Benson
tire and that Yeoh four or five is a bulb it is amazing it was a great tire
we got about six K out of those tires on a heavy bike which is basically on my F
800 and it fabulous it does great in almost everything does magnificent on
the highway superhighway matters anything under 30 miles now on a 50/50
tire anybody knows that you’re gonna get roar and ramble so higher because it’s
almost like a paddle the way to the siping czar on that center channel that
goes on there it does very very well on sand it does very well on screen does
good in life rock and heavy rock where we did find that it had its Achilles
heel was in kind of soft sloppy mud slipping around quite a bit not a whole
lot of traction and when you’re on those big fat piggy bikes they are not fun
when they’re out of control so with that being said that was really the only flaw
we found with that tire really kind of was a bang up just just just go to tyre
and we really really loved it it was a great tire so they’ll be post on that
where you can actually find that tire all that good stuff here these tires I’m
going to talk about they’re all going to be in the comments you can go find those
in the descriptions in the actual video below it’ll be on there and you’ll be
able to get all that information of where to buy from remember chaparral
motorsports that’s one of my favorites Rocky
Mountain ATV left those guys those are my go-to s when I get my tires they
usually between those two you keep nobody beats them nobody nobody beats um
I don’t care you can go see your buddy Fred or jammer Bob Billy Bob Fred or
worry gue I don’t care here it is there’s nobody gonna beat those guys and
their shipping is amazing and they’re cheap so check them out they’re really
awesome anyway back to it we’re talking about with that tire ego 405 that thing
is bang up that’s basically that’s a four out of five in mine this right now
I’m just kidding the big-block I’m whether it’s hard at all I mean I’m kind
of I’m leaning on a four okay cuz I like it I really do I like the tire it’s
sticking well it does great on the highway when I get up to speed it
doesn’t get too nutty army offered it’s sticking real well I just really want to
see where the mileage is I can get 2500 miles for a 125 bucks and I spoon them
on bang bang bang I just want if you don’t do your time that’s where you can
kind of borrow a little bit because now it’s about 50 bucks a tire to have them
spooned on and now you’re getting expensive you’re doing something dollars
so check out channel out we’re gonna have how you can put your own tires on
you’re gonna be able to do it yourself I don’t care what your skill level is I
don’t care if you are a girl or a guy and you’re just getting started I’m
gonna show you the tools to get what you can do very cheap under 200 bucks and
you can be doing your own tires just surf that’s what I’m talking about
do your own tires and tapes up a boatload of cash now you can go as it’s
uber and as you want let’s be able to do your own tires next tire I’d like to
talk about is going to be the meet pass a lot of people like to call it – it is
not – it has said me toss and I found that tire
years ago and I finally basically broke down and bought a set what I got was the
e basically the O’s seven duck our series they have two different series
they have the dock arm they have the standard the dock are basically has more
layers or you know basically like your sidewall in your top wall it just
basically has different layers it has a whole bunch more layers in your standard
it’s a very durable tire it is amazing they do categorizes a 50/50 tire but it
rides like an 80/20 pictures coming up you’re gonna see it and the thing is
that tire is very smooth on the road and it’s very deceptive you look at this
powered you’re gonna go no I’m not gonna get that that tire is not a 50/50 tire yeah it is actually and I’ve got footage
to prove what that thing can go through there’s amazing we took that tire
through Colorado we took it through some nice not super hairy but pretty good
stuff I mean anything that you would definitely want a knobby on that chevron
pattern poured up it poured up it did such a great job mud sand you pick it it
did it it did a great job and the best thing is is its manners on the highway
baby isn’t like your girly rubbing on your back on a good Saturday night I
mean it was just smooth butter baby especially on those 800 gsa’s man you’re
just pumping 85 91 just blowing it up down those real roads where you only
pass a car like once every what ten miles you might see a car yeah that tire
straight up I think it’s speed rating is around a hundred
miles an hour you’re knocking out read that tire especially on its consistency
it’s it’s amazing it is a great time now here’s the kicker it’s not cheap but
that tire in itself for what it is buddy story I still have one back at the
6.90 garage it’s still on my 800 GSA unfitting it almost 5k on that tire and
she’s almost at 50% do the math on that my buddy story I think he’s sitting at
about 6 K on his and what he did is the back tire still in immaculate shape he
just went out and got him a kenda big block on the foot because he wanted a
little bit more dig you know he he got tired of that slide or that push and he
wanted a little bit more grab aggressive because he lives in Florida and he
really likes it to dig here because he’s a really super super soft sand out there
so that’s what he did is he put on a kind of big walk but it wasn’t that the
tire underperforms take that with what it is it did a great job he just wanted
a little bit more cuz he’s a nut bag he does love the ride he gets a little
crazy sometimes he’s only like 5 foot enough that we call him Papa Smurf I
love him he’s my best buddy ever and I put the boy can ride boy it can ride you
took his channel out story mode out a TV you can find him on YouTube and he’s got
some pretty cool reviews man and he’s got some pretty cool stuff that he does
up on there and then tell you what kid can ride but when he’s doing his staff
he’s got an X 300 versus and it has that yo 405 on there or 805 or something like
that from Chico but today about the tire checks up man it does such a great job
and you know you can sit there and go and break the bank okay we’ve seen them
all man I mean the tkc eighties great tire just expensive it does a really
good job all the way around it’s not good or bad it’s it’s good it’s a good
tire the Anakee wild saw those everybody was sitting there pumping that
tire up and I can tell you right now I didn’t like it
I don’t think it did very good we went through Colorado prison an alert not
that you know I just don’t think he did a great job he was slipping a lot that’s
my buddy of a guy were you’ve heard me talk about him he basically rides better
erections he does Harley’s he does still sports and we’re back six nine a garage
but my thing is you know you know take it with you know a grain of salt when
you’re shopping for those tires you know do a lot of research the more research
you do the less it makes you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about
we’re gonna have a rant about that not too far in the future but other than
that you know the tires you know do lots of research and test them out and by all
means please try to learn how to do your own tires you save yourself a ton of
money you get more knowledgeable on what you do and it’s a lot of fun actually I
kind of enjoy it and anyway here is that you know seven tire and like I said it
doesn’t look that across I’ve bought it well by Joe and it is a great tire
it’s a telling you right now anyway hey my name is Joe if you like what you hear
please subscribe please check us out please anything give us a like all that
stuff we’re growing and we appreciate everything that you do I can’t tell how
much I thank everybody for comments likes all that type of stuff just thank
you so much I so much appreciate you like I said every Friday 9:00 p.m.
written ride we preach OSHA my name is Joe 600 around 690 ATV I am how old do
you guys have a good one thank you bye you

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  1. You're experience plus the other guys experiences means a lot to me. You are not getting paid to advertise ABC tire over XYZ tire, and I feel your opinion on these tires is coming from that past experience. The Kenda K784's will be going on my feather light BMW G310GS soon. I bet at only 420 lbs loaded down panniers, top case, "the works" it will get pretty decent longevity. Hoping for at least 3k mi. out of a set. And where I work we have a tire changer machine that can change up to a 19" tire. WIN! hahahaha! Thanks for the review!

  2. I'm running the kenda big blocks on my tiger 800xc just curious what psi you would use I had them at max psi, 36 psi, and they were harsh on road so knocked it down to 30 psi. just curious on your opinion for on road psi.

  3. For more dirt I like the Shinko 700. For more street I like the Shinko 705. I like these tires for my ADV bikes. Thanks for the video.

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