The Best Automatic Transmission Fluid for Your Car (Synthetic)

The Best Automatic Transmission Fluid for Your Car (Synthetic)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel,
I’ve been working on cars for the last 43 years and if you’re like me, then the
complexity of modern cars is probably driving you nuts,
even something as simple as changing automatic transmission fluid can be a
royal pain because there’s so many different types of fluid, a late model
Toyota truck uses a certain type of special Toyota fluid, a late model BMW
uses another special kind of fluid American cars use their own special
fluid, but I found a solution to that problem, it’s a fully synthetic multi
vehicle transmission fluid made by ATP its formulation works in all cars except
for the old F and the new constantly variable transmission transmissions that
require special fluid, the older Ford’s still have to use the type F and the
new continually variable transmissions have to use the CVT fluid, but all other
vehicles can use this ATP fully synthetic fluid in them
and if there’s anything out there that can make my life simpler I’m all for it,
now this ATP synthetic fluid it’s fully compatible with any of the other fluids
that may already be in your transmission and being synthetic, it’s the best type
of oil you can use, because the biggest enemy of automatic transmissions is heat
and synthetic transmission fluid is able to handle heat better than regular fluid,
over time heat will break down conventional automatic transmission
fluid and cause problems inside the transmission like bad shifting, I’ve
worked on cars where their transmissions weren’t shifted very well and the only
thing I did was change out the fluid and put synthetic fluid in and in many cases
the transmission you would start shifting smoothly again after only a
couple days of driving, so if you want to keep transmissions shifting smoothly and
simplify things at the same time, then take a tip from an old mechanic who
doesn’t mind trying new things and use ATP synthetic fluid and remember if
you’ve got any car questions just visit scotty
and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back from this ride!

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  2. hello I have a BMW 321 I transmission oil in the cooling system where are the hose broke down and all the oil leak from the hose point, I went to AutoZone and by transmission oil, and put the wrong transmission oil and the car is not running then I went to buy the right oil and AutoZone and they gave me max life from valvolin, I drain the oil and put the new one. now when I running the car chift one two three gear the four don't want to take it and take me back to the three chip now 4 gear don't want to take it going back to 3rd gear, any suggestions. the first time I change the transmission oil filter the second time I just change the oil only. thanks

  3. Scotty, when you say older Ford's still need the Type F, does that include the 1999 Ford Ranger? Airborne, good til the last drop 😀😁😂

  4. I have a mazda 929, manual say ATF Type "F" (M2C33F), which fliud is the best for my card? maybe some type of high transmission fluid can work in my car,.. btw Automatic transmission and over 90k miles

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  6. ATP is a quality oriented product, but it is expensive. The only aftermarket product I have found that meets
    the Toyota WS formulation is sold at O'reilly, and it is half the price.

  7. hey Scotty 😀 doing a partial fluid exchange on an 07 Chevy Silverado as regular maintenance.I was going to add full synthetic with existing non-synthetic transmission fluid would this be okay?

  8. Scotty I have 2014 Corolla I want to do a transmission fluid change what type of transmission fluid do you think I should buy

  9. Hey I recently added fluid dexron iv which I bought from Opel main dealer to my transmission as I had a leak, if the fluid I added is different type of fluid from the one already in the engine then can cause transmission failure even tho both fluids work for that transmission???

  10. wait a minute at 1:22 Scotty was filling a toyota camry transmission fluid into a funnel that goes no where because the fill port is on the driver side wheel well and not accessible through the car hood.

  11. Scotty can you please please make video on how to change ATF on sealed Toyota transmission. I got 2015 Venza and there is no dipstick.

  12. Great Video! I have a Chevrolet Caprice 1996, with the 4L60-E transmission, and having a pain to find a proper fluid, the manual says use Dextron III, can i use any fluid that has the sign Dextron III, and am i suppose to buy synthetic or fully synthetic fluid, Thanks!

  13. I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 v6 3.7 automatic . I had the transmission fluid changed at 90k with not issues prior. I had Valvoline quick lube do a flush and they put Valvoline Maxlife and a 200 miles later I notice a "shutter" "vibration" at 1500rpm between 30and 45 mph. The truck vibrates when I barely give it gas at 1500rpm and stops when I give it more gas or if o let off. The dipstick says to only use Mopar ATF +4 FLUID so I think this is the cause of the shutter, I have been told to only use the ATF+4 it it can cause problems. What should I do?

  14. You want to destroy the transmission of your enemy?

    Do what this guy say

    Put universal fluid in transmission and you will remember the face of this guy all your life

  15. 232k views, I bet 99% have not heard of ATP.  Scotty finally sold out for a paid endorsement.  Scotty, c'mon, you were a hero~ now you're a part of Washington::::your disappointed Fan Base::

  16. Multi-vehicle fluid does not always work well. For example, my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee requires this type of fluid: ATF+4. I mistakenly ran it for a few thousand miles on Dexron III, but when I finally found ATF+4 (in Walmart of all places!), the change in shifting and performance of the XMSN was incredible. I will only use a multi-type fluid if it states specifically that it works as type ATF+4. I haven't found that yet.

  17. Can I blend oem fluid with valvoline full synthetic, gonna do a change and will only drain about 5 qts

  18. Hi
    Scotty, can any other fully synthetic ATF be used in prius 2009, other than Toyota ATF-WS?
    As i have read toyota ATF-WS is not fully synthetic, but toyota warns only to use this. My car is 166600 kms and i want to get fluid changed.
    Kindly recommend the best option.

  19. Hai Scotty,
    Thank you for posting all these informative videos. I am driving a old 2005 saab 95 aero v4 car. I need to change my transmission fluid, what kind of fluid I suppose to use, do you recommend ATP fully synthetic trans.fluid or something else. How hard is process is it easy. I really appreciate if you give me a replay.
    Can you tell me where is your store, address please.

  20. Scotty, I have a 2003 Chevy avalanche 1500 4×4 with high miles on the tranny, what kind of tranny fluid is best to use? Cause I’m changing the transmission filter.

  21. i'm pretty sure multi vehicle atf is not compatible with ALL transmissions. chrysler made transmissions require aft+4 and the few multi vehicle atf i've looked into specify that they are NOT compatible with those requiring aft+4. valvoline multi vehicle is NOT compatible with aft+4, neither is walmart's super tech multi vehicle fluid, and i'm betting the one in the video is also not compatible. transmissions are super ultra expensive, and since the fluids don't have to be changed for long intervals: 30k for drain and fills, or in the case of my dodge, the full synthetic mopar atf+4 is good for upwards of 100k miles if you do a full replacement and filter. because of these reasons i would say use the kind the manufacturer specifies, even IF if it is a little more expensive.

  22. Hey Scotty, can I put any branded synthetic ATF in my 2012 Mazda 6 or should I stick to the factory transmission fluid. I'm very confused. Nobody is able to give me a satisfactory answer so far

  23. Scotty if my transmission is empty of oil can you diagnostic if the transmission is bad or not putting the scanner looking for codes or first you have to put oil on it and than use the scanner or just drive the car after refill the transmission with oil , what is the first step I should do ?

  24. Scotty what’s your opinion on high mileage transmission fluid I made sure it meet the requirements for gm since it ran dex 3 when I changed mine

  25. Good info as usual Scottie. But I had a quick question. Toyota says to use ATF WS on their transmissions but can I also use Valvoline Maxlife or stick with the dealer WS?

  26. Scotty ( brother).. I got a 1992 ford tempo and I use regular synthetic ATF,,, will I ruin my trans if I don't use type F?

  27. Changed my 07 Jeep GC Laredo with Wolfs Head full synthetic trans fluid. Why? Because Scotty told me to use full synthetic. In Scotty we trust.

  28. Hi Scotty. First, I really have enjoyed your channel. I was wondering if you think the ATP fluid is suitable for Honda's. I ask because I know Honda transmissions can be a bit sensitive to non Honda fluid and many mechanic insist on staying with the Honda DW-1 ATF. However, I am not sure if that is synthetic. It is also a rip off. I try to do a drain and fill once a year on both my Honda's just because they are old and it seems like cheap maintenance. Do you think it would be okay to switch to ATP? Thank you so much.

  29. Bad bad bad advice to use multivehicle fluid. It's a jack of all trades approach and master of none. If you can't figure out what fluid to use then you have no business opening the hood.

  30. My 2000 Hyundai accent aromatic trans. Has a dalay shift and when it does it jurks when shift. What can be wrong? And can I use an all perpuse synthetic trans oil?

  31. $16.77 a quart at Amazon??? I just bought a quart of Dexron VI this morning for 40 cents under a $10 dollar bill (which kind of shocked me as it's been a LONG TIME since I bought any ATF especially this good synthetic stuff). And I see it's synthetic. I checked my 2007 Monte Carlo's AT fluid level and it was a pint down. But no hints of cooked ATF fluid and otherwise looks in excellent condition though it's due for service. That appointment is for next week.
    Scotty, I can see why that would be a great suggestion and product for a mechanic that sees many types of vehicles daily. But for me price talks. Especially when changing that fluid. Dexron VI is less expensive? Then that's what I'm buying and using.

  32. Hello everyone, i just need a little help. I want to change the fluid on my trany. But im not sure if my car has cvt tranny or conventional tranny. And what type of fluid to use Its a 2008 honda fit. Any help is welcome…tanxs

  33. Scotty
    I try to stay on top of PM for my bikes and cars and it does payoff but somehow I let my 2010 corolla (bought new)trans slip by to 161k. I've heard horror stories bout late fluid changes and problems starting .currently no problems with tranny and fluid looks dark but doesn't smell burnt. My plan is drop filter and only fluid that comes with it (already have parts).
    Are these fluid change stories true are just myth
    M L Rogers – Pasadena, TX 281-793-5334

  34. Why didn't he put it in his car if it is such a good transmission fluid? (If you watch the video at 1:20 he pretend that he puts the fluid in his car but the cap was on, so I guess he thinks that this fluid can harm his transmission! Don't buy it!

  35. What is different between ATF WS and ATF type 4?
    If I use to type 4 instead of ws. Will it make any problem in Transmission?

  36. Hi Scotty.
    What's the best API GL-4 and API GL-5 manual gearbox and differential oils for Japanese cars such Suzuki or Toyota?

  37. This video is 9 years old. Also – get your transmission fluid from your dealer. It may cost a little more but that way you know you are putting in the best fluid for your trans

  38. Thanks for the video Very useful tips and well explained. Keep the engine cool and it’ll function smoothly 👍

  39. Hey Scotty, I currently have a 2017 Civic and when it comes time to changing transmission fluid, should I use OEM Honda HCF 2 fluid or can I use something like Amsoil CVT Fluid?

  40. Hey Scotty, I got a 2011 Ford fusion with 85,000 miles on it I just recently replaced 2 quarts of transmission fluid. But the wrong fluid that the guy gave me at AutoZone. I took out 2 quarts of the existing transmission fluid and put in what he gave me mercon V. It requires Mercon LV. I’ve already driven like 100 miles with that stuff what should I do?

  41. Great advice, but why does Don McGill Toyota states I will void the warranty if I use any other fluid. I think they are bs with me..

  42. How about Dextron 3 when user manual says to use that only when you can't get recommended one. In my case I found a major leak in AT pan and changed it but my only option is Dextron 3 until I get my shipment in some time.

  43. Amsoil is the best in my opinion. I'm using Amsoil ATF Signature Series Fuel-Efficent Transmission Fluid in my 2017 FORD EDGE Titanium 3.5L V6. I've done massive research on transmission oil and engine oils, and gone over different testing evaluations that have been done. I've looked at ingredients in them, but before this I researched what ingredients are best for this purpose. In the end Amsoil makes the best fluids/oils for everything. They surpass all others. Price reflects there number one position also. They are expensive. Cost me $170.00 Canadian for 11 US Quarts of transmission fluid. With shipping and taxes it was more.

  44. Hey Scotty thanks for the video! Question: I’ve never changed my transmission fluid on my 05 V-8 Tundra and my 04 V-6 Highlander both are in the 190000 mile range and neither have problems with (Thank G-d) the Transmission. Can I drain and fill with the Synthetic fluid? Or will it damage my transmissions?

  45. Would you suggest a certain type of transmission fluid for cars with High Miles? 2010 Buick Enclave 190,000 miles. It runs good for most part but does have a kick upon putting into drive and when first accelerate. Other than that drives fine and shifts are smooth.

  46. I would never put my tranny in the care of multi vehicle atf. My dodge REQUIRES ONLY ATF+4, absolutely nothing else. Valvoline multi vehicle atf even says its not compatible with vehicles requiring +4

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