The 5 Best Winter Tires 2018-2019

The 5 Best Winter Tires 2018-2019

This is Dominic Vaillancourt member of the technical team at PMCTire We are proud to present to you the 2018-2019 Top 5 best winter tires for passenger vehicles New in our top 5 this year, The Yokohama Ice Guard IG52 is in 5th position due to its excellent value and price It is a good tire fit for all conditions and offers good durability. Stepping up from one position since last year, the Continental WINTERCONTACT SI remains a highly appreciated tire by our customers also offering a good traction on snow and ice. Its advantage over Yokohama is that it also offers a total confidence plan including 3-year roadside assistance for punctures and free replacement in the first 12 months. The WINTERMAXX 2 from Dunlop also moves up one position this year from 4th place to the 3rd one. Like the two previous tires, it offers good traction on ice and snow. Its advantage is that it is quieter. In addition, the manufacturer offers a rebate of $ 60 with the purchase of a set of WINTERMAXX 2 Note that it is also the only asymmetrical tire of the top 5 ensuring a nice and even wear of the tires if the rotation are completed regularly Accustomed to first place the Michelin X-Ice X I3 is now in second place It’s still an excellent choice thanks to its impressive durability and unparalleled traction on the ice The X-ice Xi3 is the most comfortable winter tire and absolutely feels like a summer tire A $ 70 mail-in rebate is offered for the purchase of 4 Michelin winter tires Little surprise this year, the Bridgestone WS80 is ranked first. Its legendary reliability and durability make it a premium road partner Its main argument is that it is the most versatile winter tire being as effective on ice as it is on snow Ideal if you live in areas where the weather is changing. Our top 5 would be different if we had considered tires that cannot be sold online Our first choice would be the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 or the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 Note that the Nokian tires are now available online they must be installed at our PMC mechanic shop of Sherbrooke. All of our top 5 tires are available now on our website. Shop now on THE Canadian reference in winter tires More than 100,000 tires and wheels available online Free shipping anywhere in Canada!

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  1. I am sorry but your BlizzCk was the worse tire I ever had on my RAV4. My daughter plays hockey in Ontario and sometimes hours from home. Last winter I couldn’t take my RAV4 because my tires were so bad that I was asking someone else to drive me. He had the Nokian and they were excellent. This year I am trying the Continental Winter Contact SI. Will see.

  2. Ice grip tires lack the deep tread needed for snow.
    Snow tires lack the surface friction needed for ice.
    The best solution is snow tires with studs

  3. I think your missing the Toyo Observe GSI5 on your site. Maybe not a toyo dealer.? Did you test the BFG TA KSI ? The other tires are very good also. Michelin XICE great but not in deep snow.

  4. Run Yokohama ig51 ice guard year round for past 5 years and put 40k miles on them and they still have 5/32nds of an inch remaining. Even with decreased tread depth it handled 3 recent snow days in the upper Midwest with ease.

  5. Where does the firestone winterforce place? Ive had mine (studded) for atleast 5 years and theyve been amazing (and still are) in some of the worst snow conditions ive experienced. When i was stationed in fort drum, ny, there was snow up past my fenderwell and my little car just pushed through like a freight train :). Im just curious, thanks.

  6. Canadian Tire had the Conti winter contact si on sale, so I bought a new set a few weeks ago; they were great in the wet and cold, but one tire had a manufacturing defect, and no more of that size was available, so I got to get a different full set; I chose the Bridgestone ws80 as a replacement. The ws80s are — amazingly — even a bit better than the Conti si, but not enough that I wouldn't buy the Conti again in the future (ws80 also more expensive)

    Previously I had General altimax arctics, which were also excellent. I have not had the pleasure of driving on the nokian r2s.
    My winter commuter is a fwd '05 vw passat tdi wagon.

  7. Since most drivers live where roads are plowed and salted,
    winter ice grip tires are likely the best choice since they will likely encounter ice much more often than deep snow.

  8. No matter what winter tire you choose, they should always be spec’d out at least one size skinnier than the all season tires that came equipped from the manufacturer.

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