The 3 Best Jeep Wrangler Tub Mounted Tire Carriers For 2007 – 2017 JK

The 3 Best Jeep Wrangler Tub Mounted Tire Carriers For 2007 – 2017 JK

I’m Ryan from and in this
video, we’re gonna talk all about my picks for tub mounted tire carriers for your 2007
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categories, and of course, to check out other great Jeep content. Now, when you are running a larger tire on
your Jeep it can pose a problem for carrying that spare. When you have a much larger and heavier spare,
the factory tire mount just can’t stand up to that. There are really three problems that you’re
going to encounter when you try to put a big heavy spare on that factory mount. The first problem is that the hinges that
hold the tailgate in place can start to sag under that additional stress and you’ll have
to pick up on that tailgate every time you open and close it. The second issue you can run into is the actual
tailgate itself coming apart at the seams. There are some welds that hold the tailgate
together and when you have a lot of weight hanging off of it those wields can fatigue
and break causing rattling. Finally, the tire carrier itself is only rated
for the factory size spare tire and weight. So when you put a much larger one on there,
you’re exceeding the weight that that tire carrier is built to handle and again you can
end up with metal fatigue and breaking. Another issue is that with a much larger aftermarket
spare tire, usually the tire is wider and the wheel has a different backspacing, so
everything isn’t tight up against the tailgate like it is from the factory. That means that tires torquing and moving
around again causing metal fatigue. So a lot of issues that come up when you put
in much larger than factory spare tire on your tire carrier, and by that, I mean even
a 33 that’s heavy, certainly a 35 or a 37-inch tire. So there are some solutions to this problems. One is a bumper mounted tire carrier. And usually, you’ll purchase bumper and the
tire carrier together. The only downside, if you want to call it
that, is that you have to first opened the tire carrier and then open the tailgate, so
there are two steps to get into the cargo area of your Jeep. Now, some manufacturers have solved that but
for the most part, it is just going to be a two-step operation to get into the cargo
area of your Jeep. Now, the benefit to a tub mounted tire carrier
like we’re talking about today is that everything is going to open in one motion, with one hand,
just like your tailgate would normally open. So, a lot of people like these solutions. Another big benefit to going with a tub mounted
tire carrier is that you can pick whatever bumper you want out there, it doesn’t have
to come with the tire carrier. So that’s gonna open up some additional options
for choosing a bumper. Today we’re gonna talk through three options
for tub mounted tire carriers. The first one we’re going to talk about is
the Barricade Extreme HD Tire Carrier with Mount. The second one is going to be the Rugged Ridge
Spartacus Tire Carrier with the Mount, and finally the TeraFlex Tire Carrier also with
the Mouth. So let’s get into the options. So the first option I wanna talk about today
is this Barricaded HD Tire Carrier with the Mount. This is going to be the least expensive option
that we’re gonna talk about today, but it is still a very high-quality option and it
has some features that even some of the more expensive ones are not going to have. So what you’re seeing here are really three
main pieces and those pieces are going to be the ones that solve those three problems
that I talked about. You’re going to have stronger hinges, you’re
gonna have something beef up that tailgate, and you’re gonna have a much stronger and
also adjustable tire mount. Now, the reason that this is a little bit
less expensive than some of those other options is, one, the material that it’s made out of,
this is going to be steel, whereas some of those other options are going to be aluminum,
and two, these hinges are going to be metal on metal hinges. Some of the other ones are going to have a
brass insert which is going to help with wear, make sure that everything moves nice and smoothly
for a good long time. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with
these hinges, but that is part of the reason that some of those other options are gonna
be a little bit more expensive. So again, the hinges are gonna be nice and
strong, this is going to bolt directly onto that tailgate beefing up the tailgate, and
finally, the mount over here is adjustable in two different directions, and that’s important. So this is going to be adjustable up and down
so that you can set your tire as low as possible. If you’re just running a heavy 33 or a 35-inch
tire, you wanna be able to adjust that down so that it just clears the bumper and that’s
gonna give you maximum visibility out the back window of the Jeep. If you have a small 33 and it’s sitting way
up high, you can’t see out the back window, and in my opinion, it looks a little bit goofy
as well. So having that up-down adjustability is a
very nice feature. But maybe more important than that, this has
in and out adjustability. So if you have a wide tire, if you have a
wheel with a different backspacing and you don’t have that in and out adjustability,
you’re gonna bolt that tire on and It’s not going to sit up against anything. So it’s gonna be able to torque and move around,
that’s a lot of weight hanging out there. And what that can eventually cause is metal
fatigue. So by having this adjustable, you can push
the tire nice and tight. You’re actually gonna have it tight enough
that there’s some sidewall pressure up against your tailgate reinforcement piece here and
that ensures that the tire, the carrier, and the tailgate are all one solid piece, so nothing’s
moving around, nothing’s rattling, nothing’s squeaking, and also nothing is fatiguing. So this option, a little bit less expensive
because of the hinges and the material but still fully adjustable, which is just something
that I really like. The next option here is the Rugged Ridge Spartacus
HD Tire Carrier Kit, and kit is the name because these pieces are available independent of
each other. You can get this tailgate reinforcement and
the hinge reinforcement, or you can get just the tire carrier, so there’s a couple different
options there. Now, the reason that I’ve put this one just
a little bit above the Barricade option is, one, this piece here is going to be aluminum
which will help keep the weight down a little bit. And when we’re talking about a big heavy spare
tire, keeping weight down is definitely going to do be a good thing. And the other reason is in the hinges here. These hinges have a little bit of brass in
them so they’re going to hold up a little bit better than those steel on steel ones
of the Barricade. But, for those features, you are going to
be spending a little bit more money. This is going to have a similar style adjustable
third brake light mount to the Barricade option, but this is also going to come with a little
bit of wiring so that you can extend that brake light very easily. So again, a few additional features that you
are getting for the additional money that you’re spending now. Now, the only drawback to the Rugged Ridge
option is right over here in the tire mount. I said before when we talked about the Barricade,
I love the fact that it’s double adjustable, this one is only single adjustable. Now is the more important of the adjustments. This will allow you to suck the tire in nice
and close, make sure everything is tight so you don’t have any torquing and any metal
fatigue, however, it’s not going to give you that up-down adjustability, and like I said,
with the Barricade, I like to be able to run my tire as low to the bumper as possible giving
me maximum visibility at the back window of the Jeep and also aesthetically, I just like
that look a little bit better. So, if you have a little bit of a higher budget,
you’re okay only having the single adjustable option, and you want something that’s a little
lighter weight, and with a little bit of a beefier hinge, I’d recommend going in with
this option from Rugged Ridge. The TeraFlex HD Hinge Carrier with Adjustable
Tire Mount is going to be the last option that we’re going to talk about today. This is going to be the most expensive option,
but also the nicest option, in my opinion. Teraflex was really the first ones to build
a tub mount and tire carrier like this, and they’re still the ones doing it the best,
again, in my opinion. Everything from the construction of this to
the finish, to the way that things adjust, I just really like how this kit is put together. But, as I said, it’s gonna be the most expensive
option, you’re gonna pay premium for this. So the hinges over here are going to be very
well-built. They are going to stand up really well to
a lot of weight over a very long period of time. This main support piece is going to be aluminum,
again helping to keep weight down a bit, and then you have your tire carrier over here. And the way that this adjusts is something
that I really like because it can be a little bit tough to get that tire nice and tight
up against the tire carrier. It’s one of those things where you have to
lift your tire on, have the tire carrier just tight enough so it will slide back but not
too tight, then push it another eighth of an inch, tighten it down. This is a barrel adjustment, so it’s going
to have a nut and a bolt on the bottom of it that’s gonna pinch everything together. But the way that that’s design is going to
make it a little bit easier to get everything adjusted and cinched down. As you can see here you do have three different
holes so that you can lower that tire as low as possible, so you are getting both in, out,
and up-down adjustability with this setup. So, like I said, TeraFlex is the first one
to really make something like this. My opinion, they are still doing it the best. If you’re looking for the highest quality
option and you have the budget for it, I would deftly recommend going with this one. So those are my picks for the top tub mounted
tire carriers for your 07 and up JK. Today we talked about the Barricade HD Tire
Carrier with Mount, which is going to be our good option, saves you a little bit of money
over with some of the others, is fully adjustable, but maybe the hinges aren’t quite as strong
and beefy as some of the others. We also talked about the Rugged Ridge Spartacus
HD option with the Mount. That is going to have some really big nice
beefy hinges, but not have quite the adjustability as the Barricade option, but it is gonna be
less expensive than that last option that we talked about which is the TeraFlex HD Tire
Carrier with the Adjustable Mount. That’s going to be our best option, most expensive
but very, very well-built, going to hold up very well, and is also fully adjustable. Make sure you comment below to let us know
which one of those tire carries is your favorite or your experience with one if you’re currently
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  1. I have the Smittybuilt oversize tire carrier on my JK. It doesn't have any form of hinge reinforcement, but it does help distribute the weight of the tire across more space on the door. I've had a 35 x 12.5 tire mounted on it for over a year now with no problems. I still would like to get a hinge reinforcement eventually.

  2. Been running the teraflex since 2014 with a 35 mounted on it and no issues at all. The thing is a beast. Best to just spend the money the first time and done.

  3. I'm running the Rugged Ridge and like it. Not sure if an extra inch of downward adjustability would be worth it. Thinking about a backup camera anyway.

  4. the bumper mounted hold much more weight, AEV has it so you open the tail gate and tire carrier in one motion.  Also has a spare gas option that holds 10 gallons of gas in a nice tight package.  In my opinion it is the best period on the market so far.  We have the AEV on both our jeeps.  🙂

  5. We like the look of both the Barricade and TearraFlex, great video my friend and I hope y'all have a blessed weekend. Keep the fun videos coming out sir.

  6. Good video, great information.

    That said, the carbon steel hinges on the Barricade are actually going to be STRONGER than the aluminum hinges on the Teraflex and Rugged Ridge, in addition they don't need brass inserts because steel-on-steel actually wears a lot better than aluminum-on-aluminum.

  7. Unfortunately none of these options upgrade or bolster the real weak link … the body structure to which the hinges bolt in the first place.

  8. im a fan of the teraflex carrier, had one on my sahara and loved it enough to put one on my rubicon, simple install, all have pros and cons, there r others that would be nice but brrak the bank, most of the ones ive seen that r bumper tire carrier combo I either like bumper but not carrier or other way around

  9. Do you have a link for that inner spare tire 3rd brake light bracket? Looks way better there than above the tire.

  10. With the teraflex one could someone with a few simple wrenches just disconnect the tube slider and steal that part of the carrier and your over sized wheel and tire? Basically making putting lock lugs on it pointless..??

  11. Can you please post a link for the front and rear fenders for the jeep thats behind your during your presentation? Thank you in advance.

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