The 3 Best Jeep Wrangler 2.5″ Lift Kits For 2007-2017 JK Unlimited Rubicon Sahara Sport

The 3 Best Jeep Wrangler 2.5″ Lift Kits For 2007-2017 JK Unlimited Rubicon Sahara Sport

I’m Ryan from And in this video, I’m gonna tell you about
the best two-and-a-half-inch lift kits depending on how you’re gonna use your Jeep and what
your budget is. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel
to check out other helpful videos, like this one, and some other great Jeep content. So, today we have the Rough Country two-and-a-half-inch
lift kit as your most budget-friendly and basic starter two-and-a-half-inch lift kit. We also have the TeraFlex two-and-a-half-inch
lift kit without shocks, which is gonna be a little bit of a step up, including some
additional components. And, finally, the JKS Jspec two-and-a-half-inch
lift kit, which is a very well built, very well put together, and very complete kit,
but it’s also going to be the highest budget kit. Now when you are picking a lift kit for your
Jeep, it should be based on the tire size that you wanna run and with a two-and-a-half-inch
lift kit, 33s are really the ideal tire size. You can, of course, step up to a 35-inch tire,
if you’re not gonna be running the serious trails, you’re not as worried about having
as much articulation. And you can always run a smaller tire, but
in my opinion, something like a 31-inch tire is really more suited for a leveling kit and
a two-and-a-half-inch kit is a little bit big for a 31-inch tire. So, again, 33s are really the ideal tire size
for two and a half inches of lift. So, let’s jump into the lift kits. So if you’re looking to run a set of 33s and
you want a more basic kit that you can build off of that’s also gonna save you some money,
the Rough Country two and a half inch lift kit is definitely a good place to look. This kit is going to include your two-and-a-half-inch
coil springs, a new set of longer shocks and also some brake lining extension brackets. However, it’s not going to include any of
the other bits and pieces. Everything that comes in the box is enough
to get you back on the road, rolling on those 33s and give you the opportunity to expand
and build on that lift kit, as you use your Jeep, and see what shortcomings it has and
what you wanna add to it. So, again, this makes it a really nice basic
kit that’s gonna save you some money, right up front. If you’re looking for a slightly more complete
but, also, slightly more expensive two-and-a-half-inch lift kit for those 33s, I really like the
TeraFlex two-and-a-half-inch lift kit. And this is the version without shocks. You can get this kit with shocks or with shock
extension, should you choose to. So this version of the kit, without shocks,
is going to have your two-and-a-half-inch lift springs. Of course, that’s what’s going to give you
that additional height. It’s also going to include a new set of longer
sway bar end links, which is going to help get your sway bar handles back into check,
after that taller lift. You’re going to get a rear track bar bracket,
and TeraFlex does make a couple of these brackets. The one that comes in this kit is the leafier
version of this bracket. It’s going to attach in a couple of different
locations, the axle giving you a really solid connection. And you have a couple of different height
adjustments for your track bar, which can help you change your roll center a little
bit, giving you a little bit more adjustment to get your suspension dialed in just how
you like it. This kit is also going to include a new set
of bump stop extensions. You’ll have those right over here. And bump stop extensions are really important,
they’re going to do a couple of things. One, they’re gonna keep the tires from contacting
the body, which can cause some damage to either the body or the tire. And they’re also going to help protect your
shocks. So whatever set of shocks you decide to run
with this kit, having these bump stop extensions is going to ensure that they’re not going
to fully compress, which can cause damage to the shock. This kit also includes a new set of brake
line extension brackets, so it is a very inclusive kit. It does have a lot of components to it, a
lot of really high-quality pieces. Of course, you will have to add shocks or
purchase the version of this kit that has shocks in it already. But if you are looking for a more complete
kit than the Rough Country kit, and you have a slightly higher budget, this is gonna be
a good option. For a top quality, very complete, and also
highest price lift kit, we have the JKS Jspec two-and-a-half-inch kit. This is going to be a very complete kit, but
more than that, it’s going to be a kit full of very high-quality components. This is, of course, going to include a new
set of coil springs to give you that higher ride height. This kit’s also going to include a new set
of longer shocks. And they’re not just any shocks, these are
the Fox Adventure Series 2.0 Shocks, which are going to be a very high-quality shock,
give you a really comfortable ride quality. And these are also going to be a nitrogen
charged shock. Now, there are really two main classes of
shock, a nitrogen charged and hydraulic. The nitrogen charge in these shocks is designed
to eliminate any shock fade due to cavitation and bubbling that you might get when you work
that shock really hard. So, again, this is going to be a very high-quality
shock, can work very well on-road and off-road, giving you a very comfortable ride. With this kit, you’re also going to get a
front, adjustable track bar and a rear track bar bracket that’s going to help you get your
axles back into center and also help to flatten out that rear track bar angle. You’re going to get a set of JKS Quicker Disconnects
for your front sway bar. This is going to be an adjustable and greaseable
set of sway bar end links that are also completely removable. So, when you go off-road, you’re going to
be able to get the most out of your suspension, the most articulation, keep the most weight
on most tires, giving you the most traction. And, of course, it’s also going to include
all of those other little pieces that those other kits included. You’re gonna get some bump stop extensions,
you’re gonna get some brake line brackets. Again, this is a very, very complete kit,
however, this is going to be significantly more expensive than even that TeraFlex kit
that we just talked about. So, if you’re looking for a premium kit and
you have a higher budget, this is going to be a great kit to look at. So those are my recommendations for a two-and-a-half-inch
lift kit that will allow you to comfortably run a set of 33-inch tires on your JK, depending
on how you wanna use your Jeep and what your budget is. Comment below to let us know what your favorite
lift kit is or what you’re currently running on your Jeep. For, now, I’m Ryan, from,
thanks for watching in. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel
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  1. The J spec kit is the only good kit in this lift. The title should have read here are the 3 best kits we offer for sale.

  2. I have the Teraflex leveling kit on right now but definitely want to go 2.5 on 33's next. Loving that JKS but I gotta save up some more coin. Great video.

  3. Would love to do something like this, anyone know if stock gears will run okay? Also would 33 change how the speedometer reads?

  4. Lol "best" and rough country in the same sentence. Geez.

    These are all budget (see "incomplete") kits. Honesty in advertising would be epic.

  5. I have the Tera Flex 2.5 inch lift running 33s 285/70/17s. Love the set up. Very minimal power loss, still can use 6 gear. I have a 6 speed manual. Gas milage was not affected much at all.

  6. 32 inch tires came on both brother's Sahara unlimited back country, and my Rubicon. Not sure where he thinks you need a leveling kit just too run a 31 inch tire. guess they need to go learn more about the jk before they start trying to tell people what they need on it.

  7. I have the pro comp 2.5 in lift and running 35 inch tires and so far no problems and tires do not rub but I am no rock crawler so I have not flexed out to max yet, lift is ok but wish I would of just saved some more money and just bought a prem. lift

  8. I've had the Rough Country 2.5 in. for about 4 months now. I have not added a lot of weight to the Jeep, so my 2.5 in turned out to effectively be a 3 inch, which I love! I'm running the Dick Cepek Fun Country's, which are just a tad under a 33 in. so about a 32, which again is exactly what I was looking for. The kit went on pretty easy. Now, the issue I have, is that the shocks are a little stiff. While this is less than ideal on the road, it is livable. They are great off the road. I think this kit is great for the person that spends more time on the road than off, if the shocks where just a little softer, this kit would be perfect!

  9. I want to get 35inch tires with a metalclock lift kit. Lift kit is call Game changer, fox edition. What do u think about it.

  10. i just bought the rock krawler max flex lift with the performance series shocks plus the front upper control arms an rear adjustable track bar. have it scheduled to be installed next week.

  11. hey Ryan i bought a used Jeep so how can i tell if i have a 2.5 lift i have 33' wrangler duratracs? the tires make alot of noise almost sounds like somethings not right.

  12. What's the best lift if you could only picked one I know you showed 3 all im going to use it for is running to Walmart I just like the way the lifts look on the Jeeps and the biggest tire I want to put is a 33

  13. Seriously? This video damaged your creditability for me. Rough Country is junk! My Rubicon Express kit is far better that RC…

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