Testing Metzeler Karoo 3 tires on Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

Testing Metzeler Karoo 3 tires on Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

I have something in the corner of my garage… a second pair of wheels. It gonna be a nice test of tires. TKC80, Karoo 3 and Heidenau Scout Hello my friends… The most important part of every motorcycle are the tires. In this, and two following videos, I would like to introduce you three sets for on and offorad riding for your XT660 to help you with choice of the right set. In the first test I am going to test Metzeler Karoo 3. OK my friends… I think I found the limits of the tires and after 1000km of testing I can tell you that they are just agresive looking road tires. On asphalt roads they are very quite and exact but they have… big problems on wet surface and they are definitely not for use in offroad as I expect. Thank you for watching me, I have to get my baby on feet again, like me, send me some comments, subscribe me and… see you next time!

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  1. i like all your videos. i learn things thanks to you. i have an xt660r and i do 100s of km off road with it and your videos help me keep it in good shape. thank you!!!

  2. Hey Man

    Great video again 👍🏼

    I really need to chance my Fork Boots. Is there any chance for you to make a video about changing the fork boots.


  3. Nice job !!! I have tkc80 on my ten now. Before I had karoo 2 front/rear and … after karoo 2 front / karoo 3 rear. Best was full karoo2. I found the karoo 3 less precise on the rear off road. I dislike tkc80. Need very low pressure.

  4. Vaclav, as always thanks for the great content, theres not many guys out there making vidoes about the XT660.

    I had the karoo 3's on my XT660X & hated them, breaking sharply even at low speeds the tyres would slide very easily on asphalt when breaking, I switched back to road tyres a few weeks later.
    I did go off roading with them once and agree with your summary, they provide more grip than standard road tyres but are not suitable for proper off roading.

  5. Also ich suchte nach einem Besonders langlebigen Reifen, wollte aber auch manchmal neben die Straße. Da ich die Z mit ABS hab ist das ganze sehr eingeschränkt. Ich hatte Pirelli Scorpion Trail, die waren schnell runter und grauenhaft bei Nässe, dann hatte ich die Heidenau K60 Scout – ein top Reifen, doch leider hatten die eine kurze Lebensdauer (6000kms) und laut wie ein LKW ab 80 – Jetzt bin ich auf Metzeler Tourance Next umgestiegen, ein guter Reifen für die Straße, unglaublich gut bei Nässe – jetzt muss ich nur mal schauen wie lang der hält.

    Wobei mich der Scout (für einen solchen Reifen) doch sehr überrascht hat, da war ich in den Alpen und hörte das Kratzen der Raste auf dem Boden O.o

  6. Zdar, prosímtě nevíš co zanmená že se mi ted ráno když je zima při prvním startu rozsvítí kontrolka teploty? po startu asi po vteřině zhasne.

  7. Thanks for your videos Vaclav, very useful for us owners of xt660Z. Do you have any video changing tires or fixing them when traveling? like with tools and tips… Greetings form Mexico

  8. supr napad. Tyhle tri druhy zajimaji asi velkou skupinu lidi. Heidenau K60 scout jsem take jezdil. Tam je potřeba zminit, ze jsem mel zadni rozmer 140/80 r18. Protože vzorek ostatnich rozmeru se docela liší. A byla to maximalni spokojenost s tim, na co jsou ty pneumatiky urcene. Tesim se na další. Skvela práce pro komunitu. Jen tak dal 😉

  9. Nice shooting and editing. I purchased the Karoo 3 tires but I haven't installed them yet. I wish someone would get some good slow motion action of the tire grabbing in different terrain. Powering through mud, grass, rocks and maybe a little power sliding in turns give a good idea of where the limits are. Not just flopping over on a log and saying "I've found the limits". You have a good channel, stay with it!!!

  10. Thanks for the video. Good filming and okai sound, next time please elaborate why you think it's not a good tire off road just for a more conclusive summary. Thank you.

    Liked and Subscribed. 🙂

  11. What a great video. Thank you for sharing your views, looking forward to seeing new tire reviews as your channels evolves.

  12. http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x312/i4004/route2017-05-24_222421_zpsxkuvl40y.png

    xtz 750: after sahara3, karoo 3 falls into curve, is harder to steer, and worse on the dirt…
    what's the best tyre you teied on that bike?

  13. Hi Vaclav. I am thinking to get a tenere. If i would get it, i will ride it on asphalt mostly. Is tenere stable at 150-160 km/s while riding on it ? Also, does it be affected lateral winds?
    Have a good riding

  14. I think.
    Metzeler Karoo 3 is more comparable to the Continental Conti Escape tire.

    Conti Escape:


    Metzeler Karoo 3:


    Not really comparable to Continental TCK80:


    But you guys.

    This is a video from nov 2016, and a whole year has gone.

    Anything new and better?
    Most Enduro bikers (BMW GS, Yamaha Tenere, African Twin etc…)
    will drive more or less equal on off road as on offroad. So most tires will be around 50/50 tires.
    Of cause not this Vaclav guy that drives much more offroad.
    So clearly Conti TCK80 is the better choise for him.

     Metzeler give you info on their Karoo 3 tire here:


    Here is a enduro guy that is satisfied with Metzeler Karoo 3:


  15. l agree Karoo 3 is slippery on water soaked grass/mud. They are perfect in every other way. l have them mounted on my DR650SE. 3rd set.  Keep in mind your style and terrain riding. Weight has much to do with how tires handle also. Springs around the corner. Safe riding and have fun everyone…

  16. Hi just doing my homework on tyres now for 660, 2010, watched all your videos. Thank you but have you tried a more aggressive tyre on the front, and a bit more road on the rear, like a trials thre, As l do more trails/off road than on road, ( Remote camping) So was wondering if you had tried this combination yet.
    Regards Andrew.

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