Testing ASB Parts Tubeless Tires Sealant

Testing ASB Parts Tubeless Tires Sealant

welcome back to the JF Rides rides YouTube
channel I’m James and today we’re gonna be destroying a brand-new pair of Maxiss
minion tires in the name of science guys last season I had a ton of issues with
flat tires and I was running a tubeless tire setup so I did some research and I
came across a company called ASB parts and they sent me out some of their ASB
tire sealant and i’m ready to try it out now I don’t want to be trying this new
tire sealant out on the trails so we’re gonna be trying this tire sealant out
right here now I just happen to have a brand new set of Maxis minion tires that
we’re gonna be testing this out on it’s super easy to set up a ASP Parts sends out a fluid injector so all you have to do is remove the valve core inject the
fluid put the valve core back in and pump up your tires I wanted to put this
tire sealant through the ultimate test so I looked around the house grabbed up
some wood screws and some wood and I built a gauntlet of screws to run these
tires so here’s the final product now it’s time to torture these tires in the
sealant stick around to the end to see if these tires actually survive I start
off the test by just letting the bike roll across the screws using only my
body weight so after about ten runs across the board
you could really start to see a lot of pinholes and gouges in the tire the tire
sealant was absolutely doing its job it was bubbling up through all the holes
plugging them up and holding air I couldn’t believe it so the last ten runs
I wanted to go as hard as I could and cause as much damage as I could to those
tires so after 20 laps of running these tires
across that board of screws I cannot believe how well that tire sealant
really worked that ASB Parts sealant got into all the tiny little pin holes and
huge gouges on both the front and the rear tire and totally stopped it from
leaking so outside of just being a little light on air and having a bunch
of little pinholes and gouges in the tire I think these things would be
perfectly fine to take out on the trail I’d probably just need to refresh the
sealant put some more air in it and hit the trail if you guys haven’t I’ll put a
link below to ASB parts go ahead and check out their website they’ve got a
lot of great cycling products and I know you guys would love them and if you guys
haven’t done it already please hit that like button and click subscribe and
we’ll see you guys on the next ride you

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  1. Tubeless is the real deal! I've been thinking of testing out pinch flats….. I just need a pair of wheels I can completely destroy!

  2. Nice vid. Out of interest….if you pumped them up to say 60psi and left them overnight, what would they get to (eg. slow leak). Also, is it latex based so dries out in 3-4mo or other chemistry?

  3. This video does one thing… proves that your epic flat run was more impressive than how effective sealant is…

  4. OMG! Not the minions! You monster! 😳Who can i call to report abuse?? Experimenting with Live tires!. child protective Services, PD, ASPCA, FDA, FBI, GMBN??? πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ½but youve convinced me i need to order some of that. Good work.

  5. there are other important things to consider:
    how long the sealant last. so far Orange seal seems to be the leader. which is what I use, but I haven't tried ASB Parts.
    the size of holes it can seal, there are many types of holes you can get, long slices, thorns, glass cuts from jam jars or bottles, bulletin board nails, metal debris, or just sharp rocks, some sealants won't seal the bigger & longer holes, ass well, but some times plugging the tyre is the only solution, so having plugs is a must for every cyclist, I haven't needed it yet.
    how long it takes for it to seal.
    what's the temperature range it works well in, for me that's a important, I ride in low sub zero temps and high temps.

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