Test Ride Review: Suzuki SV650X (subs)

Test Ride Review: Suzuki SV650X (subs)

Hello today we introduce you the new Suzuki SV650 in X version. Suzuki’s naked, classic model, which has a long history, in the case X after the name means it is a bit more retro and a slightly more classic look. The X version is expresses with this here and with the slightly more gripped handlebars. So this naked bike wants to match the styling of legendary cafe racers and it really does. You see the round classic front light, these micro mica here, which has a purely decorative effect, does not keep out of the wind at all. And there’s a pretty nice riding position, thanks to these more gripped handlebars. The motorcycle is powered by a 650-cc, 2-cylinder engine its cylinders being positioned at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. Very much loved construction by Suzuki. Its power resources are not bad for this workload horsepower is 76, Newtons are 64, bearing in mind that the mass of the motorcycle is relatively low, less than 200 kg – 198, it gets a pretty nice agility. The power and torque comes in over 8,000 revolutions, so this motorcycle makes you to push it in high rev’s and enjoy the agility. The gearbox is 6-speed, the gears are very pleasantly changed, the clutch’s distinct feel and shifting. A ride-on motorcycle, which you seem to be accustomed to. Predictable and enjoyable for riding. What I like about this motorcycle is how nice it is and how easy it is to maneuver, how slightly it tilts in the turns. Although not powerful, it creates a very dynamic feeling when you’re riding it. Definitely fun to ride. The bike is very thrifty, very light, very pleasant jump with it in the bend. It’s tilts very well. In fact, the feeling is really dynamic. The naked bikes have their own advantages but also their disadvantages. One of them is the weaker wind protection, not to say that there is none. This decorative mica does not do anything but look great. Therefore, the comfort zone with this motorcycle is about 150 km/h maximum, then the wind begins to play with you more sensitively and you have to go to lay down more. The good thing is that thanks to these handlebars, laying is so to say even advisable with this motorcycle, it itself makes you do it. Of course, this little worsens its convenience a long way, but that’s not its purpose. You see, there’s nothing in it. Nothing superfluous. Tires, tank, chassis, a headlamp. There are no spoilers, no extra electronics. There is ABS, there is a starting assist and that’s it. No other superfluous things. To enjoy pure riding. Now as a V-shaped engine with 650 cc, they are not many, but they are not so small, maybe I would like the sound to be a bit more powerful. It kind of sounds a bit tense. Being a little trainer, giving gas and starting a buzzing. But it is quite agile, which is commendable. Modern technologies are mostly reflected in this new screen, which is digital. Quite informative. What is very nice is that the motorcycle is very economical, 5.1 l writing on the on-board computer. I have passed over 200 km, and we are half the tank left, so you can travel about 400 km at once. I would just like it brakes to be more powerful, you see, they’re not that big. The disc is double, perforated, ventilated, but it’s a sport-oriented machine, and some better brakes would not be superfluous. A real machine, a real motorcycle, is not an electronic game. Mechanical, classic and what I like about Suzuki is their relatively affordable price. This brand new is worth 14,400 leva (7700 euros), which makes for such a good looking motorcycle and quite pleasing to ride is a pretty good price. See more test drives of great machines on skorost.info, do not forget to like the facebook page, do not forget to subscribe to the skorost.info channel on Youtube, you can follow us in Instagram, the most interesting is yet to come.

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