Tesla Keeps Giving Me FREE Tires!

Tesla Keeps Giving Me FREE Tires!

(thumping music) – Today’s video is about something that I never thought would
be so important in my life and be a common thread that would go over the last three years. Tesla tires, Tesla wheels. In a few minutes, I have the
Tesla Mobile Service guys that are coming to my house
with a special delivery of brand new 22 inch Tesla
tires and wheels for free. But if you’re new to my channel and you’re wondering why I say it’s a common thread throughout
the last three years, let me give you a brief
rundown of the history. First, we sold our Tesla Model S and one of the big
reasons that we did it is because it was rear-wheel drive. And then I published a video that said the reasons why
I’m getting rid of my Tesla. They’re in good shape,
they’re pretty good. Now if you look at the back
tires, not quite the same. We continuously had to replace our tires because the traction control
was not working properly and it was two wheel drive. And it was dangerous to
be driving in the snow and the rain in a two wheel drive Tesla. But unfortunately, there
was this auto website that I guess is pretty
big, it’s called Jablinski or Ja, Jab Lop, Japolick? I always mess it up,
Jalopnik or something, We’ll put it right here. They published an article that said, “Youtuber sells Tesla due to bald tires.” That is not the reason why. After that was published the
number one post on the Reddit, on the sub Reddit of cars, was about Youtuber selling
his Tesla due to bald tires. That was me, I was the
dummy doing it for that. Let it be what it is, that video took off and it kind of actually
grew our family channel, based off of that article. A few years later, I had a
run-in with Discount Tire where they would not
fix the flat in my tire, because they said that
Tesla had some special, run-flat foam inside of the tire. So I made the video of what’s
inside of a Tesla tire. I kinda debunked why
Discount Tire was wrong. There’s a giant section. – [Son] You can see foam
go around the entire tire. – Use that as an opportunity for all tire service
companies in the entire world to be able to watch and go, “Okay, “actually a Tesla is not “that hard to fix the flat in the tire.” That video I think got 10 million views, it got like 20 or 30 million on Facebook and it went viral and now
I have people come up to me and they’re like, “You’re
the guy who took the knife “to the tire.” Kinda funny. The next tire thing is when
we bought the black Tesla, or now it’s the gray Tesla
and the tires were bald. It was a brand new car, we
did get 35,000 off of it because it was the demo model. But they ran the tire so bald from doing all their drag races and testing the car out
with all these customers, but yet, they refused to put new rims and new wheels on there, even though the rims
had the curb rash on it and the tires were somewhat bald. Then a couple weeks ago,
we did the service video where everything was
free except in my car, that was only a few months old, we had to replace the back two tires because they were too bald. Well those are the ones Tesla gave us with the brand new car. So now fast forward to today. This is all of a bunch of stuff that’s gonna go into our
new house when we build it and in this giant heap of garbage, or stuff, is this is right here, oh, cut in half Tesla
surfboard, that’s awesome. These are two Tesla rims
right here, really nice. We have four of ’em. All four of ’em are somewhere
in that heap of garbage and the cool thing about that is right before we filmed the, “What’s inside of a Tesla tire,” video, due to the number of
referrals that we had, Tesla gave us the brand new
set of 22 inch rims and wheels. And we ended up cutting open
one of them for the video. That was really nice of Tesla
to give us those free ones. They look just like this and I think they’re around
$5000 for the entire set. The Tesla mobile guy is still not here, so I’ll tell you the last
part of this saga of tires and why we always are
talking about Tesla tires. I showed you the free ones
that I got, maybe a year ago. Well a few months ago when Tesla did away with the original referral program that gave you things, like a mini toy car and, like, new tires, they’re going through their system and trying to make sure
they get all the rewards out so that it’s off of
the books, financially. They gave me a call and said,
“Hey Dan, congratulations. “We’ve got your new 22
inch rims and wheels. “They’re here in the
shop, come pick ’em up. “They’re free for your Tesla.” For a brief moment I said in my head, “Oh my gosh, this is
like five to 7000 dollars “of free stuff that Tesla is giving me. “But I’ve already earned it. “Do I just tell ’em, “Okay that sounds great
I’ll come pick them up.” But I chose to have a
little bit of integrity and I said, “Thank you so much, “but I’ve already earned it. “Go ahead and keep those. “Give ’em to somebody else. “Sell ’em to somebody.” Oh they’re here. They’re here, Tesla service. Boom Tesla service. So when I talked to the
Las Vegas service center, I told them, “I’ve already
earned the Tesla tires, “I’ve got them.” And they said, “No, no,
no, these are specifically “for your VIN. “You have earned them. “I appreciate your honesty
but they are your tires.” So now Tesla Mobile
Service was nice enough to bring them the two
hour drive up to our house and drop them off in my garage. Here we are guys. This is the wheel. This is wheel number
one, isn’t it beautiful? Brand new. Wow. Fancy. They don’t even get your hands dirty, that’s how new they are, they’ve never even driven on the road and there’s no brake dust on them. Just clean as can be. Tesla, thank you for sending
me free wheels and rims. All of you guys that have
used my referral code and bought Teslas off of my referral code, thanks to you. It wouldn’t have been
possible without this, so I really, really appreciate it. There goes Tesla Service,
they do an awesome job. I didn’t have to pay for them to come up. He fixed a few things that
are wrong with my car. We’ve got something so weird going on with my screen right now. It’s actually kinda dangerous that he didn’t know how to fix so he’s reached out to
the people back there and they’re going to look into it. But, basically, the short end of it, now let me show you this,
let me show you this, this is crazy. Every time that I get into the car, it goes to 67 degrees and seven strength for that, when I like it on auto and 70 degrees. Okay, that doesn’t sound like a big deal, here’s where it is a big deal. If you go up here to driving mode, there’s two types of regenerative
braking, low or standard. I like it on standard and I
like driving with ludicrous. Well, every 20 minutes while
you’re driving this car, every 20 minutes, the
entire screen hard resets. It goes black, the air turns off and then it turns back on and it goes back to these
settings every time. Think about this, if you’ve ever driven
with regenerative braking, as soon as you let off
the pedal with your foot, it’s like a brake is going on and it’s stopping the car. I don’t even use the actual brake that often when I’m driving because I use regenerative braking. Well when you have your settings on regenerative braking for low, then it’s just like any other normal car. When you let off the pedal, the gas pedal as people call
it, there’s no gas in here, then the car doesn’t
brake, it just coasts. So imagine me driving this car and I’m totally used to
regenerative braking. I’m coming to a stop light. The car had just reset again. I didn’t pay attention to it resetting. I let off the pedal and I keep coasting toward
the car in front of us. They did a bunch of things
in here while he was here, like testing it out. Called headquarters in Las Vegas. They don’t really know
what the problem is. They maybe have some ideas, they’ve not seen this issue before and they’re going to go through and get back to me within
the next few days, hopefully, and have a fix for this
that they can push out. They completely replaced this today because it was having some issues and put a new one on there. And that was free. And they gave me the four new tires, so Tesla service is awesome. Didn’t even have to pay for it. So now there we go, we have four brand new
Tesla tires, 22 inch. If one of you needs them and wants to buy them off of
me, you have a Tesla Model X and you’d like some new ones, heck I’ll sell ’em for a discount to you, or I’ll just hold on to ’em and when we go sell this
car, we’ll put ’em on. Tesla tires. If you buy this, I’ll
even throw in a unicorn. How about that, if you want these? Just let me know. I don’t know, send me
an email or something. So yeah, there’s a Tesla update for ya. The tire saga continues. Today’s video is all about
Tesla, whoa, whoa, whoa.

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  1. I love Teslas and I think they are really cool, but I wonder what all these small one car only problems are…

  2. That is why Tesla is in red numbers. If they service cars for free… 😀
    Any other car brand profits on the service mostly.

  3. "Telsa" and "Free" don't belong in the same sentence…. at least not anymore, hence the ending of the referral program

  4. I did a factory reset on my Model X, this allowed me to fix all the weird settings issues I was having. Caveat, you loose ALL customisations.

  5. The service can be awesome but questionable if they cannot build a single unit without many issues what I heard or long waiting times – they have to improve first before i buy one

  6. 95% of normal shops are not even allowed to ATTEMPT to repair run flat tires. You are suppose to have a tire cage to work on runflats. OSHA would throw a fit if they found out about somewhere working on runflat tires. Not just tesla runflats, any runflats. Only those bridgestone runflats that come on nissans can be fixed.

  7. That reset reminds me of display phones in stores resetting to default settings at the end of every day. Maybe that’s it?

  8. Why do you have to sell them?? Why can’t you pay it forward and give them to someone in need or maybe donate them to a charity auction. I mean you did get new ones for free and you’re clearly very wealthy.

  9. Lol Tesla service is awesome for all these free fixes for problems that a normal car doesn’t see for thousands of miles typically

  10. I had a tire with the sound absorbing foam repaired. The repair service had no issue about making the repair but it was flat the next day. They said they had cleaned the foam residue as much as possible so I replaced the tire. Has anyone had a successful repair in the area foam is applied?

  11. Why do I always get the impression that for TESLA owners, a car is just an iPhone on wheels and the whole idea of saving the planet means nothing to them.

  12. You have more issues with your tesla's than most people do with there truck or cars that didn't even spend as much money as you do for a vehicle….

  13. I had the same problem happen with my Tesla, the issue is there are a couple of fuses that are burned in you system and that is causing the constant rebooting

  14. Love the vid but Can you please post something to raise awareness about the amazon rainforest!!!😰 the amazon also known as the lungs of the earth has been burning for 3 weeks now!! And no one has been covering it use your platform to raise awareness!!! The amazon gives us 20% of the worlds oxygen supply!! And it’s burning up!! To all of y’all who read this please share this message to your favorite creators to share awareness this is very important and we need to take action!

  15. Love the vid but Can you please post something to raise awareness about the amazon rainforest!!!😰 the amazon also known as the lungs of the earth has been burning for 3 weeks now!! And no one has been covering it use your platform to raise awareness!!! The amazon gives us 20% of the worlds oxygen supply!! And it’s burning up!! To all of y’all who read this please share this message to your favorite creators to share awareness this is very important and we need to take action!

  16. I had a similar problem with the settings reverting back after every reboot or long power-off. I deleted every user profile (including the current one) and then recreated them, and it fixed it.

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