Tayo S1 EP3 Tayo’s First Drive l Tayo the Little Bus

[♪♪♪] NARRATOR:Early in the morning,the little buses are gathered
What are they up to?Wanna see something funny? [grunts]
[toots] [laughing]
Oh, my! Huh? Oh, anyone can do that. Really? Let’s see you do it. Okay, watch me.
[grunts] [passes gas] [giggling] I think you need
more practice, Rogi. Huh? Why isn’t it working? [sighs] [grunting] And you thought it was easy.
Push harder, like this. [toots a song, humming along] [giggling] That’s hilarious! Ah, what’s the big deal? Hey, kids! ALL: Huh? HANA: Oh, phew. Cito! What brings you here, Hana? Well, Cito asked me
to play the passenger during today’s practice. Practice? What practice? Well, today
we’re gonna teach Tayo how to board passengers
at the bus stop. Oh! Yay, I can’t wait! [giggles] Well, I’ll give you
a demonstration. Okay, let’s see you do it, Rogi! [giggles] Yes, sir! CITO: All right, let’s begin! Okay. Is it okay if I stand here?
[giggles] CITO: Mm-hmm! Now watch
how the great Rogi does it. It’s way cooler than
your farting demonstrations. Sheesh. [chuckles] [brakes squeak] Welcome aboard! Off we go! [giggles] [brakes squeak]
And here we are! [door opens] [giggles]
That was fantastic, Rogi! [chuckles] As always! Ahh… See that?
Now that’s how you do it. I can do that!
There’s nothing to it. Okay, Tayo!
You give it a go. Sure!
Okay, watch carefully! [giggling] ALL: Tayo!
TAYO: Uh-oh! You missed the bus stop! CITO: No, Tayo!
– Oh! CITO: You might hit another car
if you back up. Now, open the door. This should be easy.
[grunts] Oh! Oh, my. [sighs] This is harder
than I thought! [grunting] I did it! [laughs] I’m getting on! Tayo, you have to say welcome
to the passenger! [exaggerated]
We-e-elcome abo-o-oard! [giggles] What was that? You don’t have to mimic her
exactly. I don’t sound like that! [giggles] Okay, now look around carefully
and start off. Off we go! Whoa! Tayo! You have to
look around carefully and start off slowly. Looking around,
and slowly… Oh, for heaven’s sake… So, Cito, what did you think? Well, uh…
I think you need more practice. Really? Oh… Tayo has a long way to go
before he’s as good as me. You used to be just like that. – What? Really?
– Yeah. Oh! Where’s Tayo? He said he was going to practice
until he gets better. Wow! I’m impressed. BUS: Hana!
ALL: Huh? CITO: What’s that? [grunting] Something’s wrong
with me, Hana! [rattling and clanking]
I have to go to work, – but my engine’s acting weird!
– Really? Can you check it out? Okay. All right, drive onto the ramp. Uh-oh. This doesn’t look good. What’s wrong? I think he’ll have to
take the day off. Hmm… Then we need a bus
that can take his place. Oh, no! I have to leave soon! And you, Rogi? Me, too. What should we do? Hmm… TAYO: I’m done practicing! [together] Huh? That’s it! Tayo! Huh? What about me? That’s right! We have Tayo! Hmm…
But Tayo isn’t ready yet. He’s new to it,
but I know he can do a good job. [sighs]
I guess there’s no choice. The bus who has to work today
broke down, so you’ll have to
take his place. What? Me? Break a leg! We’re counting on you, Tayo! Ohh… [♪♪♪] NARRATOR:
Tayo ends up driving the shift.Who knew I would be
out on the streets this quickly? The important thing is
to be considerate of passengers. Don’t forget to be careful. Oh… This isn’t gonna be easy Huh? A bus stop.
Slow and careful… Careful… Careful… What a slowpoke!
Come on, move it! Aaah! Uhhh! PASSENGERS: Oh! Oh, no! Passed it again! [knocks] Open the door, please! Oh, right! The door! Okay. [grunting] – Huh?
– Oh! What’s wrong with the door? Aah! Oh, no! – What’s going on?
– Something’s wrong. I’ll try that again.
[grunting] There! [sighs] Can we get on now, please? Yes! Oh! I have to great them. Uh… Welcome abo-o-oard! How clumsy.
He must be new at this. Huh? Yes… [sadly] Okay, let’s go… [sighs] I wanted to do so well. [sighs] [sighs] [sighs] Oh, dear.
Maybe it was too soon. NARRATOR:
Concerned about Tayo,Cito has been following him
[sighs] He must be here
somewhere. Oh! There he is. [sighs] Oh, he seems sad.
I should go talk to him. Huh? Cito!
What are you doing here? Shhh. We can’t get caught. Oh! You’re worried about Tayo! Uh-huh. [giggles] Oh, Tayo looks discouraged! Lani, why don’t you talk to him? – Sure thing!
– [chuckles] I hope I do better
at the next stop… [sigh] – Tayo!
– Huh? Oh, Lani! How’s your first day on the job? I made a bunch of mistakes… Hey, everybody makes mistakes.
It’s okay. But I passed right by
the bus stop and then I couldn’t even
open the door. [giggles]
What, that’s it? I was worse!I didn’t know which way to go,so I kept going around
in circles!
Huh? Is it this way? Umm… LANI:And I even let people off
at the wrong bus stop.
[giggling] – Huh? Where are we?
– What? Oh no! It’s the wrong bus stop! [giggles] I was a disaster
on my first day. You were really like that, Lani? Oh, you’re doing way better
than I did. Are you sure? Of course! Everybody’s nervous
their first time out. Uh-huh. Cheer up, Tayo!
I’ll see you later. Good luck! [giggling] Thanks, Lani. Okay! You can do it! Oh! I see a bus stop. Careful… careful… slowly.
[brakes squeak] [giggles] That wasn’t bad. Next! [grunts] Oh! I did it! Okay, on you go. I don’t want to ride the bus.
It’s scary. [cries] TOGETHER: Oh… [crying] There’s no need to be scared,
sweetie. – Come on, let’s get on.
– What should I do? [sigh] Tayo.
I hope he’ll be all right. ROGI: Cito! Huh? Oh, Rogi! What are you doing here? Shhh. You’re right on time.
Look over there. It’s Tayo! – Shhh…
– Huh? Oh… I have to do something!
[child crying]How do I show him
there’s nothing to be afraid of?
Oh! I know![crying] TAYO: Hey, kid! Wanna see something funny?
[grunts] [passes gas]
[gasps] [cries harder] Oh, no!
What should I do? Maybe a bit louder. [grunts]
[passes gas] [passengers gasp] [laughing] Hey, kid. Watch this! [grunting] [toots a song, humming along] [giggles] [chuckles] He laughed! [giggling] [laughing] Hooray, it worked!
[passes gas] [overlapping] Huh? [nervous laugh]
Oops. That was a mistake. [laughing]
This bus is hilarious, Mom! [overlapping] Huh?
[laughing] Mom! I want to get on
this funny bus! Oh, okay! [laughing] That was great! Toot toot! Awesome! [giggling] Okay! Off we go! PASSENGERS: We’re off! That was a bit off the wall,
but it did work. [sighs, then chuckles] NARRATOR:Tayo had
a difficult first day,
but he learned that
a little bit of courage
will take you a long way.[giggles] [passes gas]
[passengers laughing] NARRATOR:You’ll do even better
next time, Tayo!

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