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Today we’re going to take a look at the Taskmaster Contender ST235ADR16, Radial Trailer Tire
in a Load Range E, mounted on this 16 inch silver modular steel wheel with the 8 on 6
1/2 inch hole pattern 00:00:30.00,00:00:60.00
This tire and wheel assembly is ideal for boat trailers, stock trailers, utility trailers,
and even campers 00:00:60.00,00:01:30.00
The steel wheel is a modular design and when we say modular design, that’s the design that
has the round holes all the way around the wheel 00:01:30.00,00:01:60.00
It’s very study and corrosion resistant 00:01:60.00,00:02:30.00
The wheel, they actually use a 3-step finishing process on, which first includes a phosphate
zinc bath, then an eco-primer, and then the silver powder coat finish on the front of
the wheel, as you can see right here 00:02:30.00,00:02:60.00
Then if we turn around to the back of the wheel you can see it’s lightly e-coated to
reduce friction and provide rust resistance with less flaking 00:02:60.00,00:03:30.00
The wheel also uses the ITR technology which is improved torque
retention 00:03:30.00,00:03:60.00

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