Take a kid mountain biking day

Take a kid mountain biking day

This is Sebastian, and mountain biking has
already taught him the most important lesson a kid could learn. When you fall, you need
to brush yourself off and get back up. Consequently, this has happened quite a few times today. We’re here in Miami for Take a Kid Mountain
Biking Day. Any local trail that wants to hold this event can get a starter kit from
IMBA, the International Mountain Biking Association. It’s up the local community to do the rest. As it turns out, it’s quite feasible to
get support for an event when it involves kids. Bike Tech, Big Wheel Cycle, and even
the Parks Department came through to make this event all sorts of awesome. Diamondback
sent me a whole box of stuff, as well as two ridiculous kids bikes. At 7 years old, I don’t think my brain could
have processed either of these. This 24 inch Line hardtail is like a mini version of my
bike, and the 20 inch El Oso Niño would make most kids wreck their diaper. I only wish
stuff like this existed when I was a kid. Being relatively small people, my sister and
I decided to take these out on the trails for a proper test. I’ll do a more extensive
review on both bikes next time, but I’m not gonna lie when I say I really enjoyed
myself—maybe a little too much. I don’t care if you have the most violent and demonic
kid in the world, they’re gonna have a hard time breaking either of these bikes. This
is good because I brought these for everyone to ride. As expected the Line 24 was a huge hit, since
it’s like a perfectly scaled down version of a full sized hardtail. Still it was the
fat bike that was the life of the party. Sebastian and his father already do a ton of volunteer
work at Virginia Key Park, so he’s no stranger to riding trails. I think the El Oso actually
increased his confidence, since the tires provide so much traction and stability. Even
when everyone else was eating or waiting for another activity, Sebastian was getting in
another turn on the fat bike. Indeed, a fat tire bike might be the perfect
configuration for Oleta River State Park; Its location along the river means that loose
sand, puddles, and mud are likely to pop up almost anywhere. For a kid especially, the
big tires can be a lot more beneficial than suspension. I think all of the parents at the event were
pretty sold on mountain biking as a great activity for their kids. Although my opinion
is heavily biased, I can’t think of an activity that teaches so many life lessons for such
a low cost. Compared to the cost of summer camp, or a self defense class, a $500 kids
bike seems pretty reasonable. Mountain biking can teach a kid about self improvement, and
give them a huge confidence boost. Getting through a patch of roots or a rock garden
means choosing your own line, an important lesson in decisiveness and self reliance.
Participating in trail maintenance teaches kids about community, and how great things
can be built through teamwork. Let’s also not forget about exercise. We
tend to blame society or tablets for kids being inactive, but I think it’s just them
emulating their parents. All of the kids here seem very active, and that’s made possible
by their parents involvement. It might take dedication and a little money, you can’t
expect a little kid to buy a bike and get themselves to the trails. By starting these
kids young, they’ll grow up with a healthy outlet for their energy, and a group of lifelong
friends who share the same values. At the end of the day we had a huge raffle
to give away water bottles, shirts, and of course, bikes. Our Diamondback Line 24 found
a great home, as well as the bikes that the local shops provided. By contributing to the
communities they serve, these shops can expect a healthy mountain biking scene for years
to come. The organizers of the event wanted to give
someone the title of “trail ambassador”. This is a kid who represents everything a
local trail stands for. We chose Sebastian, for his volunteer work, persistence, and high
degree of enthusiasm for mountain biking. As happy as he seemed to have this title,
we were pretty sure of what Sebastian really wanted. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. I’m 10 and I have a 2011 Diamondback Outlook and you can throw it around so much. The only thing I have against it are the original tires

  2. Im a kid from the Philippines im a 9 year old when I was 5 I started biking the when I was 7 I rided an easy trail I rided an 24 size mtb, im tall for a kid. Then I was 8 my bike was broken but today im gonna ride an 27 mtb

  3. I’ve been riding for 2 years now! Saved up all my money (I’m 13) and I’m buying a Trek roscoe 6 tomorrow 😅 I was riding a £100 Halfords bike

  4. IN RUSSIA KID TAKES ADULT MOUNTAIN BIKING. No seriously, I'm a kid and I used to live in Russia and one day I was gonna gonna ride up a mountain and I felt like going with someone else rather than just myself (I usually just go by myself) so I asked my dad if he wanted to come and he did. Finally this kind of joke comes true

  5. My ferst Motocross bike cost the same as a kid's bike be resanable do you want to have an engine between your legs or a set of pedals under your feet

  6. Very nice video I starting with my small son pls. IM SUBBING TO EVERYONE WHO SUB AND LIKE THIS COMMENT👈🔥💯 IM FAST

  7. Im 12 years old and i have a specialized stumpjunper hardtail carbon beacuse of seth beacuse he introduce me to mountain biking and my dad saw the video and bought me that

  8. I am 10 and own 50000€+ Bikes.
    Many Upgrades.
    Fav. Bike.
    I own 5 S-Works.
    And my Rate is 10/10.

    And? These kids Bikes are stupid.

  9. I started mountain biking with 3 years old and now i have 12 years and i started making jumps and drops and im the youngest profesional mountanbiker in Serbia/Belgrade

  10. I searched every 735 other frecking comment and what do you did it?Deleted ooohhhhh i forgot that i also have 3 Enduros……AND NO DB THEN SPECIALIZED!!!!!I HATE YOU

  11. I don’t have any mountain bike parks near me and I want to start and I am interested in jumps and I have little experience I have hit some pretty big tables and a few double

  12. Top stuff for the kids on you guys should be more for the little buggers ! Times are not easy life costs . Good to see !

  13. That’s hilarious when I was 9 I had to buy my own bike and get myself to the trail now I’m 11 and love riding. My bike was a giant atx 2017

  14. “I can’t think of another thing that teaches so many life lessons for such a low cost”. The he goes and get not one but two 4000$ bikes. Even my heavily used 5 year old hardtail that I bought from a local bike shop was around 400$ by the time it was in condition that I would take it on the trails. And hats before I even got a helmet and other stuff.

  15. Great video I've been trying to figure out how to get my kids into mountain biking and even though this video wasn't exactly geared directly toward that it did help and I'm excited to get my boys out on a bike with me thanx for the vid and all ur videos they help alot and are very entertaining

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