Tai Rubber Εντοπίζοντας Τα Λάθη Μέρος 1ο Καλάμι & Ψάρεμα με Τσαούσι 10Kg

Tai Rubber Εντοπίζοντας Τα Λάθη Μέρος 1ο Καλάμι & Ψάρεμα με Τσαούσι 10Kg

Good morning to all the friends of our chanel We will make one new serie of videos, to analyze, step by step, the Tai Rubber technique and we will focus on possible mistakes so to avoid them and have a good fishing equipment. The fact that the parts we have to analyze are too many and a video like this will be very big and tiring, i will separate it in four or five parts. In each part we will analyze the equipment and the Tai Rubber technique seperated. I mean the rod, the reel even about artificial bates and skirts. The whole set with rod, reel, yarn, fluoro line our knots, the brakes, the artificial bate, our hooks, it’s like a chain and each ring of it must be balanced and united correctly. Good or bad the more specialized the technique becomes, the more specialized it becomes the equipment Many of the things we are going to talk about in this video, on the occasion of Tai Rubber, are also related with other techniques and they will help other fishers too for example, how they are going to choose their yarn for their rod. This is something that doesn’t only concerns the Tai Rubber technique, but it concerns the whole way we are going to choose yarn and then the fluoro line. Now, let’s start with the main topic and analyze the rod of this technique The most common and maybe the biggest mistake is the use of wrong rod for this technique. The most common question we hear is: Can i use a rod for Slow Pich Jigging to make the technique? Unfortunately the answer is no. The Tai Rubber rods are special rods with soft tip for giving us the necessary sensitivity and for not being perceived from the fish. These are rods that let us use light equipment. Slow Pich Jigging rods can not work with thin yards and fluoro lines. As a result we have many cuts. I mean yards with 0.12, 0.13mm till 0.16, 0.17mm. On the contrary, Slow Pich Jigging rods have tips with more quicly and more reactive reset. Let me show you the difference. Look at the tip of a Slow Pich Jigging rod and the tip of Tai Rubber rod to understand the differences. How thinner is the one tip from the other. The Slow Pich Jigging rod’s job is to give movement to the jig bate. We want the Tai Rubber rod to have soft tip, and dive into the water as the fish is getting caught. Tai Rubber is a slow technique. We make slow retrieval without many jigging movements. As a result, fishes have plenty of time to prowl the bate before they decide to put it in their mouth. That’s why we sometimes feel canny bites, even from big fishes, that make us feel like they are small fishes. But the fact is that they have time to surround the bate before they choose to put it in their mouth That means that as the fish touches the tip of a Slow Jigging Rod, they will leave it and don’t even come back again. Durring fishing, I have noticed that the Tai Rubber rods have also got the benefit of not losing fishes, because they make bites near the mouth and in the lateral points of the body. That proves that fishes are hesitantly going to taste the bate These fishes, with a very hard rod, would be torned very easilly and they would get lost. This is the benefit of the soft Tai Rubber rod. Even if the fish is caught by a very thin skin piece it’s difficult to lose it. The rod retrievement is tiring for the sifhes We sometimes say, how is it possible to take out a fish like these with such a soft rod. Sometimes, it’s difficult, for two or three kilos fishes, to get distance and pull the yard That happens because until the fish puts up resistance, it loses a lot of its power. Only someone that will use a rod like this will understand the difference with other rods. And ofcourse the benefits that offers to this fishing technique We could say that it’s an athletic fishing type which has to do, with how we handle the brakes, the bending tips. We don’t make abrupt movements to take the fish out immediately. It’s an athletic type fishing, it needs patience, but is very pleasant and easy for someone to do. For this reason, because the fishes are getting tired you will see that most of the times especially from deeper waters are coming out almost dead and they don’t have the strengh to move. That’s the reason. Because they are fighting for enough time. Let’s see one more fishing with Tai Rubber and continue with the other details. One more try and we leave. They are high.Do you think they are hunting? They are hunting. Aren’t they going to make the mistake? It’s their time. Here it is! But i don’t feel it very well. It goes from below. Do you see it? Yes. in how many metres is it? About 8 metres. I thought 8cm. It’s not a 10 kilos fish. 40 metres. 30 metres. They are getting crazy, as they see the light up here Here is the monster. In terms of your rod choice, based on the action, there is no rule which says that if we go fishing till 80metres depth we will take o rod with max 100gr action. They way we choose depends on firstly with the depth we fish and secondly with the weather conditions Many time, here where we fish one day may not have any streams the other day may have plenty. So for someone that has to choose a rod and it’s action, of course we have to say that there are many differences between the companies, it can’t be the same action for each brand, so when someone has to choose a rod he has to decide how much money he is going to spend, and then according to the depth he fishes and the streams of the specific area. This must be the way he will choose correctly. With action max100, max120 or max150. To be continued To our next episode… No one says that our reel must be Baitcasting type

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  2. Μπράβο Γιώργο πολύ καλό και κατατοπιστικό φτιαγμένο με υπομονή σαν ψαράς.

  3. Μπραβο, ωραιο βιντεο και ψαρι. Απο τη μια λες πως τα καλαμια του σλοου δεν κανουν, και απο την αλλη χρησιμοποιεις ενα καλαμι το οποιο κανει και για slow jigging, εστω και ultra light …

  4. Γιώργο καλησπέρα. Εξαιρετικό όπως και όλα τα βιντεάκια σου. Απλά έχοντας master στο tai rubber θα ήθελα να μας πεις αν υπάρχουν διαφορές ανάμεσα σε καλάμια εταιριών. Για παράδειγμα εγώ έχω 2 καλάμια , το b rounder tai rubber 662 MH 150 gr max και το tailwalk salty dash tai rubber 69M/SL max 120 gr. Kαι τα δυο συνοδεύονται από μηχανισμό tailwalk elan 71 B . Ποιες οι διαφορές τους, υπάρχουν λιγότερο αποτελεσματικά; Ευχαριστώ………………

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