Super Swamper TSL & Pro Comp 32 Series Wheels Overview | JKU50 Overland

Super Swamper TSL & Pro Comp 32 Series Wheels Overview | JKU50 Overland

Hey guys, Ken here with 4WheelOnline. Today we’re checking out the wheels and
tires we used on our JKU50 Overland build. For the wheels we went with 16 inch Procomp
32 series in flat black, but as you can see, they aren’t flat black anymore. That’s because we got them powder coated
to match the build. A custom colored wheel is just one piece in
the final look of a build, but it’s one that helps set you apart from everyone else
running chrome or black. Procomp mak es these wheels out of Aerospace
alloys and state of the art Counter Pressure Casting Technology for unsurpassed wheel strength
and value. But you can’t drive on wheels alone so we
put on 35 inch Super Swamper TSL Bias tires. These tires feature a Three Stage Lug design,
that’s the TSL in the name, with massive short, intermediate and long lugs. They’re uniquely arranged to allow them
to bite quickly and self clean rapidly. The bias ply provides unmatched traction under
the toughest conditions. How does it do that? The read and sidewall of a bias ply tire are
on piece, making them very puncture resistant even when running when at low pressure. While it’s designed for off-road abuse,
they’re D.O.T approved and provide a smooth on-road ride with moderate road noise. The tires come in 35 different wheel size
and width variations so you’ll be able to find the right fit no matter what size tire
you need from 28×8.5 to 44×18.5 You can get these wheels and tires for the
lowest price at 4WheelOnline and be sure to check out the rest of the gear we put on the
JKU50 Overland build on our YouTube channel.

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  1. Can you remove the faux bead nuts , I want to copper metalize my flat black wheels but want to keep the nuts black

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