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  1. Notice you didn't show an Outback in this test. Consumer Reports has said the Outback was sluggish in this kind of avoidance/maneuvering testing.

  2. This test was performed by an independent third party to compare vehicles that directly compete with each other in terms of size and options. The Outback is a larger vehicle and thus was not included. Not fair to compare to these, however we would love to see a similar video comparing the Outback to the competition!

  3. The XC70 is a bit longer vehicle, more like a wagon. It would compete more with the Subaru Outback in this type of test so it wasn't included. However, if this independent company ever does another that compares newer models or the Outback and it's competition, I would love to see the XC70 in the competition!

  4. 0:38 nice edit. at least 2 runs edited together to make it look like 1st run look like the crv failed. 2nd view of that 1st the crv rotated nicely cutting that scene short before it misses all the cones.

  5. ,Deception at it best hear how they added audio… and half the road is wet and the other is not for some cars

  6. yeah, this is BS, my 2016 forester is like a hog on ice on slick roads, not much better on dry ones, its the worst vehicle I ever owned, would not buy another, and yeah told the dealer, they said every thing was working and I had it set to the right positions, its a dangerous vehicle

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