Student Driver—Head2Head Tire Rack Preview Episode 108

Student Driver—Head2Head Tire Rack Preview Episode 108

(upbeat music) -[Jethro Bovingdon] So, we’ve got a simple course, we’ve got one circle over here, you drift around that to
start, that’s how you learn. Easy, just one big circle, you’ll master that in
like two minutes flat. Once you have, we’re
going to link two circles. So a figure eight. You’re going to do fully
crossed up around one and then flick it the
other way around the other. So if you nail this
one, 50 points, maximum, if your style is perfect. If you link the two, 100 point maximum. (engine roaring) So we need to start small. -[Jonny Lieberman] The BRZ, it’s literally a
quarter of the horsepower. Like 200 horsepower. – Mate, you are about to discover, it’s not what you’ve got,
it’s about how you use it. – I feel like you’ve said that line many, many times in your life. (upbeat music) – Yes, yes, yes, where are you going? – I’m looking, I’m looking! – Okay, stop, stop, stop. (tires screeching) – You know, I’m a terrible student and I’m going to screw this up. Let me ask you this, though. Initiate it from the rear, or
initiate it by flicking it? – Turn the thing, start
to feel the understeer and then sharply lift the throttle. And all that does is take
the weight off the rear, puts the weight on the front and then you’ve got the
power to move the car, okay? – [Jonny] Okay let’s do this. (tires screeching) (laughing) – Whoa! I’m just doing everything wrong. (tires screeching) That was not it at all. – Close, close, close. (tires screeching) – I’m not really enjoying
this, but you seem (screeching tires drown out driver) – Power, power, power,
power, power, power, power. – Do you know how much I
hate driving instructors? – I remember, it was so easy. – I had a few nice moments. If we were scoring this part,
I’d give myself an easy 45. Maybe a smidge higher. – [Jethro Bovingdon] Or more like
a 40, but who’s counting? Well, actually, we are now,
because it’s red-eye time. Four times the power and all that torque, this should be easy. Hey Jonny, so think of it as a burn-out, but go faster and more sideways. Manual gearbox, third
gear, this should be easy. – Do you think it would help if I pre-heated the tires a little bit? – [Jethro Bovingdon] No, but I know
you’re going to do it anyway. (engine revving) – Yes, yes! Oh my god! Jonny Lieberman! Where have you been hiding? Oh, I love it. – All right, now, I
think that was 50 points, but I got to do that other circle, right? – So when you go from one
flick to the other way, you need to be quick with
the steering, just let it go and it will find its position. – Okay, I’m going over it in my head, and it sounded like you’re
saying, do the drift, roll the car on its roof a few times, then just make sure my life
insurance is paid up, right? – Just do it well but not so well that you no longer need me. (tires screeching, engine roaring) Not bad, you just need
to maintain that slide for longer than you think
on the first circle. Keep it running out there, then flick it. Hands off the wheel, off
the pedals and then go on. I can’t believe it! I love it! Okay, you got it up
there, I’d give that a 60. – [Jonny] So it turns out that
essentially 800 horsepower is no big deal. In fact, it’s an enabler. It’s just what the doctor ordered. Hey ma, look at me! I’m drifting! Maybe we don’t need ‘Deathro’ anymore. – Hey Jonny, we know this car has every incredibly sophisticated
piece of equipment known to mankind to allow you
to slide in complete control. – Right.
– Just turn all that off. – No more slip-slide. – Bumpy road mode, soft
suspension, second gear, give it death. – Okay, ready? Here we go.

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  1. Total bullshit. Look how late he is counter steering once the car is sliding . Even a beginner would be better than that.

  2. Torque is not proportional to the tire width in the brz and red eye and the clear advantage goes to the red eye; still, I like the brz even though it is a momentum car.

  3. This channel sucks so much now, I thought we were supposed to see all of the shows but one month after their release. I will never ever subscribe Motor Trend on demand

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