Stuck in Your Ruts—Head 2 Head Preview Episode 111

Stuck in Your Ruts—Head 2 Head Preview Episode 111

(engines revving) (funky banjo country music) – We’re at about 8,300 feet, and then those mountains
just off to our 11 there, those look to be 13, 14,000 feet. So in Commie metric numbers probably 35, 3,600 meters,
something like that. And we’re not going to
be going quite over them, but this shortcut is supposedly going to take us around them. – Yeah, we’re doomed. Completely and utterly doomed. – So you’re saying you’re not
getting a massage right now? – I am getting a massage,
but not from a massage seat, but just because the chassis
wobbles around so much. (Jonny laughs)
But hey, equally pleasant. – Okay, good, because I’ve
gone from a activating massage to a classic massage, and if the temperature drops, I’ll get a hot Swedish massage (Jethro laughs)
or a hot stone massage, whatever it is. (electric guitar country music) – I’m liking the shortcut so far. It’s good. – But we’re going to walk
into 20 feet of snow, get stuck (Jethro laughs), lose a toe to hypothermia, and then have to turn around and extend our day by several hours. (easy guitar only country music) – Starting to hate this snow. I think the trail that they
want to take is down here. – This is where we’re supposed to go? – Tin Cup Pass. Quite serious. Road closed (laughs). Okay. We might struggle with this one. – Pretty treacherous.
You better at least be in four wheel drive. – Yeah, what do you want to do? Should I just go straight
here into full mode, diff locks and do it? – No, you go until you
can’t go forward anymore, then you start using your toys. But if bet if you’re just four high, snow doesn’t get any
deeper, you should be okay. (engine revving) (Jethro laughs) (acoustic guitar and
harmonica country music) – Boy, this shortcut looks like it can take seven years to get across. (Jethro laughs) – [Jethro] Got a bag of
half-eaten grapes in the back so we should be all right
for at least ten minutes. (engine revving high) How’s your cruiser doing, Jonny? How’s your Beverly Hills
cruiser doing? (laughs) – Pretty bad. I got stuck in your ruts. (Jethro laughs) – Yeah, we haven’t got
a hope in hell, have we? – This is not good. Oh, boy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I love that the
G-wagon’s stuck (laughs). He’s totally doomed. – It’s just dug in. One thing I probably
should have told Dethro before we started, I have a pretty lousy track record when it comes to G-wagons and snow. Hey man, I’m from Los Anga-lese. And we’re going to have to pull
this thing forward a little bit to get out of here,
because it’s pretty stuck. Try to avoid your own
ruts, because it’s deep. So this snow, it’s just melted. – Whoooooooa, that’s deep. – It was like, the second I was like, “Oh man, he’s making ruts”, tried to get out and just
(makes mouth raspberry). Worse case scenario, maybe
the jeep could get around it and pull it backwards.
– Pull it backwards. Let’s try it. Let’s try uphill, see what it does. I’ll lock my diffs, or maybe I’ll put it in
four wheel drive now. – Shut up. (Jethro laughs) – Okay, so right now we’re just
going to get tension, okay? – Safety first, guys. And then I’m just going to get a bit… – Keep going, keep going, keep going. Stop. – Okay, I’m going to go nice and slow. Here we go. Oh my God. Jeep to the rescue. Hang on, hang on. Hang on, hang on. I don’t want to bury
myself up to the axles. Hold on. – Well, hang on. Let me see
if I can reverse right now. – Yeah, okay (laughs). Look how deep it is. (Jason revs engine high) – (laughs) It literally,
it literally doesn’t move. Oh, mate it’s so deep. Look it, look. It’s got to
go up an ice wall, basically. No, you are well wedged, mate. Jesus. – You have a shovel? – Does anyone know if
– Anybody with a camera – [Jethro] we have a shovel?
– know if we have a shovel? – We have no shovel. But if you did have to
stay in it overnight, it’s got massage seats. – It’s really comfy, yeah. – You’ll have a lovely,
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, – [Jethro] lovely…
– yeah, yeah. (Old West country music)

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  1. Since I refuse to pay for “Motor Trend Premium” I guess I’ll never know how this ends but if they blame the G-Wagen getting stuck on anything but the incompetence of the driver and/or lack of the correct tires; they’re idiots.

  2. Your streaming service is too expensive.. You are obviously losing money. Your YouTube channel could have been much more profitable. One dollar a month might be reasonable enough for you to gain sufficient amount of viewers and subscribers on your streaming service. I'm not subscribed yet to your service for only one reason which is the price. Fix it

  3. G-Wagen used by over 40 militaries around the world from sub sahara to artic conditions, 4 metres off the road in snow and he gets stuck. If you know anyone else who suffers from "losangelez syndrome" donate now to aid in ridding the world of this terrible debilitating disease…

  4. Johnny just gives G-Wagon a bad name….*USER ERROR* The G-Wagon is very cable. Just had to put it snow mode and diffs locked.

  5. Heavy cars in snow are at a natural disadvantage but it also doesn’t look like the G wagon has proper snow tires. You can have all the best off-road capabilities in the world, in the snow without winter tyres you’re gonna have problems.

  6. Motortrend. please educate your drivers on proper recovery technique and equipment. that strap they used with metal hooks is huge no no. Never use straps with hooks!! Especially on something as heavy as a G wagon. That could have ended pretty badly. Use RATED recovery gear. not cheap walmart straps.

  7. “Commie metric numbers” says resident of one of the 3 countries in the world that cling to the imperial system. I love this channel but seriously-trashing the metric system and those who use it, isn’t a good look.

  8. Well that is exactly how NOT to drive in the snow 🤣
    It’s not mud, you don’t want to spin
    If you start spinning you just dig yourself into a hole 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Maybe not have city drivers try to test how good things are off road haha
    It is comical though

  9. Spoilers! The G wagon won. And it won with the most ridiculous reason. Because the Jeep can’t go fast on a off-road race track. Outside of that, G wagon got stuck in snow. The Jeep didn’t. The G wagon bottomed out on rock crawling. Jeep didn’t.

  10. I'm a Jeep owner and fan but I believe that GWagon is extremely capable when driven correctly. BTW that Brit sure knows how to drive a Jeep properly😎.

  11. Hey, to combat this in the future, tie off a thick towel through the wheel spokes. Should give the tire traction.

  12. Iam a huuuuuuuuuuge G63 amg fan…but no stock car can beat a Rubicon when it comes to off roading…when its lifted with 35" tyres, its on another level….

  13. Poor 4wd skills the car was not to blame, you can’t go slowly on soft sand knowing that your car has a lowride suspension…

  14. Poor 4wd skills the car was not to blame, you can’t go slowly on soft sand knowing that your car has a lowride suspension…

  15. Take a minute to air down to 8psi easy on the skinny pedal this is the key to snow wheeling. No matter what tires you run low air psi is number one.

  16. As it turns out he was wrong, you should put it in 4×4 or lock center diff, and lock the rear diff at least. And lower tire pressure to ~10psi

  17. Wrong driving technic plus wrong tires, they wanted the G-wagon to get stuck, to make a video. I won't pay too watch the whole thing, but oh well. Just like roadkill, used to watch it all the time. It's all about the MONEY!

  18. The Jeep will win the Head2Head, no doubts. It beat the G-wagen at SUV of the year, so what are the odds of it losing now?

  19. The new G seems to be very capable offroad but it´s lacking one important thing- ground clearance. I hope MB will come with a factory lift kit/heavy duty suspension soon and until then aftermarket lift kits or portal adapters (yes, there are even portal adapters available for the W463A) are the only solution.

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