Stretched Tires Are Silly

Hello everyone and welcome! In this video we are going to be talking about why stretched tires may not be such a great idea. and you know there is probably a lot of reasons out there. why people may do this maybe for looks, uh maybe to save money to put a narrower tire on a same size wheel. Uh perhaps they may think you know maybe theres performance benefit to it but lets kind of talk about why there aren’t performance benefits and talk about the drawbacks of doing this So there’s really are two ways you’re going to be doing a stretched tire uh on a wheel your either going to put narrower tires uh on the same size wheels or you could put uh wider wheels and use the stock tires or slightly wider tire the point is you’re going to stretch them out. so very simple process to do this bead the tire and inflate it so it matches the wheel and so the drawbacks of doing a narrower tire on the same size wheel well you’re going to be decreasing your contact patch beneath the tire what you are of course sitting on thats where it gets all of its grip from So you’re going to have less grip And also uh if you’ve watched my video on tire load sensitivity you know that if you increase the load the pressure on a smaller area like that you are going to be decreasing your coefficient of friction so you are going to be losing some grip Also under heavy cornering when you have a wheel like this Uh you’re going to be running onto the side walls and so obviously those side walls aren’t meant for you to ride the car on thats what thee uh the tread is for So thats not a benefit and you are going to lose serious grip once you get on that side wall and you could damage the tire. So using wide wheels with stock tires or slightly wider tires where you are stretching out You may be able to get the same contact patch it’s possible but there is a lot of drawbacks to doing this as well You are going to be increasing the wheels weight so you are increasing the weight of your vehicle But additionally because this wheel rotates it has rotational inertia and so you are increasing that rotational inertia so your acceleration is going to be worse essentially your at wheel horsepower and you are also going to need more horsepower to stop your vehicle so because there’s more energy in that spinning wheel at speed it takes more energy which means that you are putting more energy into your brakes you can have brake fade earlier and Its not going to be a huge difference but you know it is a difference its a performance difference so if you get a significantly heavier wheel it could make a big difference Also depending on you know on how the wheel sits and if its sticking out of the car at all Or if you can say you know, beneath it you can also increase the aerodynamic drag of your vehicle and then of course the same thing with the side walls if you stretch it out you can run onto the sidewalls with heavy cornering So thank you guys for watching and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave those below

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