Street Tires vs Track Tires: Oooooh That Sticky Icky! – The Racing Line Ep. 7

street tires they’re like a Swiss Army
knife there’s a tool for any situation like any tool that’s meant to do so many things it usually ends up being less than the
best at all of them on the other hand competition tires only
have one job like a shotgun kickin ass and taking names so if you’re going to be a racer a
competition tire is what you need but what makes a competition tire faster
than a straight tire and by how much stay tuned because that’s what we’re
talking about today on the racing line let’s get right into it here we have a
competition tire the shotgun here we have a street tire the Swiss
Army knife and here we have a tire expert BF Goodrich pro driver kyle tucker immediately we noticed a
distinct difference between the competition tire and the street tire the street tire like the BF Goodrich G4 sport comp two has groups like a Swiss Army knife it is made for every
situation you may encounter but the only reason entire has grooves is for the wet
or snowy conditions in this example the tread channels water out from under the
tire so that the rubber can maintain contact with the road in conditions that
are not optimal now let’s take a look at a competition
tire this is the BF Goodrich g force R1S
and as you can see it has minimal tread now a tire with minimal tread can turn
into an uncontrollable water ski on wet roads it’s called hydroplaning this happens
with the tire cannot disperse water out from under itself fast enough for the
rubber to maintain contact with the road so what makes a competition tire faster
let’s take a minute and talk about contact patch for maximum dry grip you want a large and stable contact
patch with even pressure distribution by minimizing the size and number of
grooves you increase the amount of rubber on the road and maximize dry grip
and we didn’t even get to the fact that competition tires are usually made from
a stickier are compound rubber which also helps increase grip remember the first time I was on a real
race tire Kyle it was at Watkins Glen back in the mid-nineties in a porsche 911
turbo it’s a lot of cars right I come out of
the pits up that turn two get on the power and almost spun it I didn’t realize how little grip a cold
race tire can have and once I got you a little bit of
heating them was a whole new world it really is i remember that force
myself to drive up to the tire you know lap after lap the tire just was there
and kept giving more kind of having all your prayers answer is not there really
is let’s stop talking and start driving
let’s do this street tires or race tires first how about street tires you drive oh yeah here we go mustang run it does this is a powerful car you know it’s comfortable to drive you
think about a street tire and all the jobs that the street tire has to do and here we are on the racetrack and
it’s still has the competent feeling to the driver the mustangs powerful heavy and that tire is sliding most of
the time around course it’s got a big job street tires are pretty good Randy let’s
see what you think I find the sport comp 2 has
impressive grip nice predictable behavior at the limit
to a point if you it push it too far really starts to slide but again what we’re doing on the track
with a tire that you can drive every day in the summer it’s really impressive tires
just going to be treated with a little bit of respect on the race track and they deliver terrific
performance all right Randy let’s try some race
tires Kyle you know what I think maybe do as I say not necessarily as I do but
for street tires man they were great they were I think these race tires are
going to make make us both better drivers all right we’re driving a shotgun now we
got the BF Goodrich R1S you can feel the grip as we get into the
corner that turn in on the street tires the standard seat and seat belts were
enough to hold me in place on the race tires now I think I want to race seat and a six
point harness because there’s so much more grip now
that was fun wow what a difference Kyle these tires
made a hero out of you on track look at that this Mustang’s got over 400 horsepower I just put my foot down and no spin no slide no drama it’s just grips yeah
we’re going forward it’s leaning more it’s actually bouncing
more then there’s just more force in the chassis from the grip of the tire you’re just
using the car a lot more the suspension or spring rate more bar
to keep the car flat because of the group level in the tire this tire is
more fun as you can see from the results the
track tires are over five seconds a lap faster than the street tires in
professional racing five seconds can mean the difference between first and
last place that’s a big difference on track I mean
the street tires they felt so good so quick but then when I got in to the
mustang that has the BF Goodrich R 1 S on it wow I mean it was a big difference again
you think about the job of a street tire and all the things that a street tire
has to do versus the one dedicated job that a race tire has to do it’s a one trick pony racetrack it is
and that’s why we’ve always said you know the biggest performance enhancement
you can have to a car is the tire and there’s nothing faster than a good set
of track tires so get yourself some driving enthusiasts and we’ll see you
next time on the Racing Line so Randy I am a bit of a history buff especially in a car related racing and
bfg and i have a tell you i love your vintage race suit tell me a little bit about it
you know anything I really like it what do you mean vintage it looks vintage Randy but I’m good with it you know what that was 23 years ago when
I’m proud of this I was wearing this very suit when I won two national champion ships on bfg tires in SECA club race
really awesome

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