Storm Truck Project Episode 5 – Moto Metal Wheels and Nitto Tires

Storm Truck Project Episode 5 – Moto Metal Wheels and Nitto Tires

[music] Hi everybody, it’s Sarah with RealTruck-dot-com. Today I’m out at The Foss Shop where the
guys are working on the Storm Truck. They are going to be putting on our twenty-two-inch
Moto Metal Wheels with the Nitto Mud Grappler tires today. So let’s wheel them over to Shane and let
him get to work. [music] They’re getting lighter I feel, the first
one was a lot heavier. [music] [laughs] It doesn’t even, like, show up
on the camera. Seriously. I don’t think the bolt pattern is going
to match up. This is supposed to be a big wheel. [music]

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  1. I couldn't help but notice the license plate is North Dakota in the link provided below. How is this beautiful truck connected to ND? Also what size tires are these? 37's, 38's or 40's?

  2. GM trucks are such garbage.. Look at it when you pull off the fender.. Nothing behind the fender.. No structure whatsoever.. Complete and total shit engineering.
    Nice tires on a a really junky truck. The whole GM chassis is shit. Their engines are crap too.
    Get a Ford or RAM.

  3. I saw you switch the tires to 37s. how did you manage that with only a 6" pro comp lift. what else did you have to do to clear the tires?

  4. Im thinking to put tires 37" R 22 on a wheel offset -12 and I have a 6" lift kit . what do you think ? will I have any issues with them ?

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