STEEL Vs. ALLOY WHEELS Which One Is Stronger? Hydraulic Press Test!

STEEL Vs. ALLOY WHEELS Which One Is Stronger? Hydraulic Press Test!

Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel Today we have very really interesting video We are going to test which is stronger Aluminium rim, or steel rim and the idea is pretty simple, We are going to just put the rim and the tire in the press and then we will crush them and see how much pressure it takes and then we can calculate the force the we needed to crush the rims and this video is done in cooperation with with Valtavalo They gave new LED tubes for our workshop, and I also have couple of as in filming lights They should be really good filming lights because they have good color rendering index and, they don’t flicker at all. If you want to learn more about the lights, I have video on BeyondThePress Channel where we change the lights to our workshop and do some tests with high speed camera at the lights and, they don’t really flicker at all on any frame rate and we are also going to use our Chronos 1.4 high speed camera today And I really like my new setup where the lights are attached to the blast screen They give really soft light because they are so large compared to my old spotlights… so Nice to see how the picture is going to look today Yea! But, uh let’s start with the aluminium rim I think this is going to be harder than the steel rim, but Let’s find out. And this is really dangerous, don’t ever try anything like this at home *Press noises* And here we go! *Air escapes and tire pops* Yeah it broke from the back And from the front, so I think that’s finished And I don’t know what was the big pressure But, it was this amount of force I see to the edit Yup, and I don’t know how strong it was, but I think it wasn’t like stupid strong Aaand I’m bit disappointed it first broke in the back But I have more of these So I’m going to switch new one there And then we are going to crush it again So you can see how it breaks from the behind But, eh, let’s check the damage from this one And I think we are going to use this one as in like reference on the force, so here is the end result It’s pretty broken

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  1. Thanks for new lights to Valtavalo! They are really good and really well suited to for our filming use thanks to good CRI and absence of any flickering! For more information about G4 LED tubes or our video
    And here is video about Valtavalo as an company and some footage of their ultra modern factory

  2. 8:44 do you have steel wheels on your car? do you want cool offset wheels but don't have money to buy them? then worry no more! hydraulic press can turn your old, boring steel wheels into cool offset wheels!

  3. You need to do this on a rim with a 0 offset so the mounting flange/ face of the rim is in the center of the rim, not right at the front. There’s no support directly under where the press is pushing down. Try it on a 3/4 or 1 ton truck rim that has a load rating of 2500-3000 lbs, not some flimsy old car rim…

  4. Mentally retarded guy wasting fresh and quite new tyres for an experiment which cud have been used by someone else who cant afford new tyres. May be u ppl r getting things free of cost or without much hard work or efforts thats y u dont value them….

  5. Ow ho ho ho ho how até que enfim útil que aborda a questão do peso e da escolha final na compra do produto

  6. Is the alloy rim is made out of steel or aluminum? Well I’m assuming steel but idk honestly 🤷‍♂️

  7. Меня одного напрягает его жуткий акцент?)) Притом что я плохо знаю язык))

  8. Interesting but I would like to flag that there are many material performance properties important for a wheel, like impact strength and ductility. Areas where the steel wheel is superior.

  9. There's a reason why cop cars use steel wheels. Aluminum wheels would shatter if they had to drive the car over a curb.

  10. Cast aluminum just breaks, and steel just keeps on bending. Pretty much consistent with what i've found with doing basic metal work. Can't say i've ever put anything in a hydraulic press and tried to break it tho 😆

  11. This doesnt show anything i drove big rigs 42 yrs ive actualy had more steel wheels crack over the years than aluminum

  12. I freaking love you guys. Your channel is so educational. Thank you, and when your girl makes comment in background I smile every time. You are super couple! 🙂

  13. Hydraulic press guy: don’t try this at home!

    Me: Yeah cause I totally have a hydraulic press and tires to spare

  14. BTW … steel is an alloy too! Note that adding an element to another metal will immediately make the resulting material an alloy.

  15. In a wheel , strong is important but the weight is important too. The lighter your car wheels can be , the better it is for the engine , the need of fuel etc….

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