SRX Tyre Tread Design

You wouldn’t wear hiking boots to the
office and you wouldn’t wear high heels to the beach. A tyre’s tread pattern
works in the same way, so it makes sense understand whether a tyre will be safe,
stable and represent value for money. Let’s take a closer look at the
technology in the SRX. And then there’s this, the Cooper Wear Square. A tread
life gauge built right into the tyre that everyone can see. The square changes
shape as the tyres wear, making it easy to identify alignment issues or when you
need new tyres. It means you decide when it’s time to
realign, rotate or replace your tyres. It’s confidence and safety you can see,
as well as value because when you take a closer look at how far your dollar takes
you on Cooper Tires, you’ll see how many extra kilometers you get for free. Ever wonder what these tiny cuts are?
They’re called ‘sipes’ and they reduce slipping in the wet. As tread contacts the
bitumen, the sipes expand and pump the water out from under the tyre to get
more grip and a firm contact between the tread and the road. Cooper’s latest generation sipes are thinner and have an interlocking
mechanism. It’s called ‘Micro Gauge 3D Sipe’. The
benefit of the thinner sight is that it can be cut deeper into the tread block,
giving grip all the way through its life, not just the first twenty or thirty
thousand kilometers. This locking mechanism prevents a tread block from
twisting and helps keep the sipe open, increasing stability and performance. The
3D Micro Gauge Sipe. Another Cooper SUV innovation is ‘Stabiledge’. With today’s SUVs requiring high ride stability, Cooper strategically
placed these bumpers in the tread locks to keep the tread open and stable for
maximum traction and precise handling. And that’s what makes Cooper, Tyres Worth
Owning. Next take a closer look at the carcass.

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