Sprint Car Racing Tips : How a Sprint Car Trailer Supports the Race

In this clip I’m just going to talk about
the inside of the trailer. This is our shock wall. You know, we keep all of our shocks,
and we keep everything organized. These are bars. You know the torsion bars that broke,
this is one of those. Tire rack, just so we can keep everything organized in the tires.
You fuel up the car with a funnel. You stick this in a fuel cell and it has a filter in
it so that there is nothing junky that gets in your fuel. We run methanol and they go
in these big jugs. We put anywhere, depending on the heat range, you know you run eight
to ten gallons. Whereas in the main you know you want to fill up the tank, you know, to
the maximum height. Some tanks are 15. Some are 18. You know they even have bigger tanks
than that. And on this side of the trailer we have a rack of extra spare rear axles;
cupboards full of gears and other things. We have our toolbox and our radius rods over
here- that we just keep all of our tools in and our radius rods up there. Just keep everything

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